Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Reply Too Long.

I wrote this in reply to one of the comments over at Bolta's blog, and it was a bit too long. I decided to keep the response here, as I believe it's worth keeping.

I've linked to the original post by Bolta in the title, and here is my response to one of the commenters.

First of all, for Michael Taleb who got bullied at school. I also got bullied through school, as did my sister. We're skips, and I think you'll find that plenty of other people, irrespective of religion or appearance or language also have been bullied over the years. It happens. You have appeared to survive to adulthood, so deal with your issues and move on.

Now, Jacob, you've got a few issues of your own.

LOL. The paranoia is bloody humourous. So we’re all out to get you are we? Us bad Muslims.. let me play some scary music to highten the moment.

Muslims have disliked Jews and vice versa since the dawn of time. Christians have disliked Muslims since the dawn of time. In fact, Muslims have been on the recieving end for most of history.

I won't address the history bit, as Hilly has done that already, and much more succinctly than I could.

The only reason we are what we are today, is because the Muslim world was left behind with the rubble that the empires caused. Is this the rubble caused by the destruction of churches, for example?

We were once the most sophisticated, most advanced of all cultures. Unfortunately our love for Allah wasn’t good enough for Christianity, so raping our women and burning our children making the Holocaust look like a picnic, was your way of saying ‘No’.

Surely, if I had to live under the terms of the Pact of Umar I might be a touch resentful. In any case, apart from the Crusades and the appalling actions of the crusaders, there appears to be little in the way of the raping and murdering of muslim women and children by christians. There are plenty of reports throughout history and up to today of muslims raping and murdering of infidel women and children. Beslan would have to be one of the most wellknown examples of this.

And then of course, the daily reminders of war torn and poverty Islamic nations isn’t just enough to make the average Arab cringe with anger. No, no.. Now a whole new era has taken face.. the dawn of Terrorism.
Hmmm. Poverty in Islamic nations. Considering that the UN have been supplying aid to the Palestine, for example, since the 1950s, I'd be asking where all that money over all those years, and from other countries, also, has gone.

Defending our morals, land and people.. to you, is terrorism. How do we get around it? There is no chance in hell we will surrender the word of the Kuran for the word of Bush, but how do we please the world and the after-life? With the Western system thats currently in place, we can’t. Every Muslim on this world, and no Andrew it’s 1.8 billion instead of 1.3, has now been given the option.. Allah or Dollar.

You don't surrender the word of Allah. That is because you have the freedom of religion in this country, and in the US, and UK, and plenty of other countries around the world.

What about the freedom to practise christianity or buddhism or paganism in Islamic countries? Where are the churches in Saudi Arabia?

Mind you, the hidden Christianity and even more hidden Judaism makes extreme Islam look like a Wiggles movie, but thats not whats reaching your screens. They won’t discuss how experienced Jewish doctors are prohibited from performing on gentiles. No blowing up stuff is alot more fun and exciting to report.. or is it?

Hidden christianity and Judaism. Hmmm. Someone's been watching the Da Vinci Code and reading the Protocols again. Both are fiction, and in the case of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, an extremely dangerous hoax.

I've never heard of jewish doctors refusing to accept gentile patients, but I have heard of muslim patients refusing to attend infidel doctors. Does that count in the discrimination stakes?

Israel goes back into Europe, I suggest Germany gives it some land. U.S leave Middle Eastern policies. Everyone of you forget the world Islam, and I will put my life on the line, that the only terrorism you will hear of is between Shiite and Sunni Muslims in another world, far, far away.

You asked to play the game.. Now stop bitching about the rules.

So Israel should go back to Germany? And do what? Climb aboard cattletrucks once again?

I think not, Jacob. Once was one time too many for that exercise, and if you think that infidels of the world will let it happen again, you would be advised to think again.

The jews were in the Middle East for centuries before the christians, who were there for centuries before the muslims. Who should be giving land back to whom?

As for the rules of the game, well, I live in Victoria, so am subject to the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act of 2001, so I will refrain from quoting the relevant passages from the quran.

I will say, however, that while I believe the bible is the Word of God, I also believe that the quran is the Word of Allah.

I am also more than happy to suggest that Jacob read the New Testament. Perhaps if you see what Jesus actually said and did as opposed to what he is purported to have said and done, you may gain a greater appreciation and respect for both jews and christians. Jesus was, after all, a jew.

(apologies for the long post)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The TMI Files. The Things You Think About When You Might Be Dying.

Magilla is now four years old, and every year I think back to how small she was when she was born. Well, small when you consider how tall she is now, but at nearly 4.5kg (9lb 12& 1/2) she was a big baby.

It amazes me that I was able to create such a remarkable creature, and that so far I am raising her well. So far. I'll revisit that thought when she hits 12.

Anyway, the labour was long and while not exactly difficult, it wasn't going anywhere. The gory details: I didn't dilate and she didn't drop. Didn't stop the contractions, though, and after 22 hours it was decided to go for a caesar (yay!).

While there was, obviously, a very happy result to all this drama, there were also a few times when I was lucid enough to consider the possibility of not surviving. This is one of the things that modern medicine tends to inure us to - giving birth can kill you. We are not, after all immortal, even if we think so at times.

When thinking back on this earlier this weekend, I remembered what went through my head.

I saw my reflection in the mirror and remarked to myself that I looked just like my mum not long before she died. That haggard, drawn, look that extended pain can bring on.

I also remembered a song, based ripped-off an homage to Chubby Checker's eternal hit Let's Twist Again.

For your viewing and listening pleasure, I give you: Let's Fist Again!

Finding that again also reminded me of the Top 10 Cutest Kittens which I am happy to share with you.
(you need speakers, and be careful who is watching with you. There are plenty of people who don't like kittens.)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Moonbat Pornography. Just Like Islamic Porn

For the record, I am against the creation of human embryos purely for their stem cells. If you are going for stem cells, use adult ones. Don't commodify humans even more than they currently are.

I found this lovely little article equates the current veto on embryonic stem cell creation with racism, bigotry and all the usual lefty squeals that come with them getting a knockback.

If you want to see moonbat equivalency in action, check out the wonderful juxtaposition of a clump of cells with pictures of dead children courtesy of the current war over in the ME.

It's late, I'm tired, and I am suffering from compassion fatigue. Especially where the left-minded (nb. I use "-minded" very loosely.) are concerned. I may not be as blunt as Tiberius, but I am all out of warm fuzzies for these wankers who use photos of injured and dead children to attempt to score points.

FOAD biotches.

Greater Love Hath No Man......

AN Australian man who fell almost 30m down a ravine in Canada was found by rescuers still clutching his stubby of beer.
The man, who had been drinking heavily, climbed up on to a railing over the ravine near Vancouver's Commercial Drive SkyTrain station, apparently looking for somewhere to relieve himself.

"It just so happens he had a beer with him when he was brought up," fire department Captain Rick Matsen said.

"He held on to it pretty tight."

A witness told a Canadian news service that the man appeared very drunk but maintained a firm grip on to his beer as he tumbled.

I'll bet he wasn't drinking VB or Fosters.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Letter To John Howard.

Dear Mr. Howard,

Thank you for your stance on the current hostilities in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas/Hezbollah.

I am not Jewish, and have no links with Israel apart from the ties of our shared Judeo-Christian heritage, and the lack of support for Israel's sovereignty on the world stage has been appalling.

There are many Australians who support the Israeli actions in defense of their country, and I for one would be happy if we provided more support for a small democratic state in a sea of totalitarian regimes.

Please keep up the good work, and feel free to not retire any time soon.

Warm regards,


Sunday, July 09, 2006

The TMI Files. Plenty Of Dust, But No Bunnies.

I've not forgotten to post lately; just been busy with work and child and pretending to do housework.

For the amusement of any readers who haven't deserted me, a selection of gems from Magilla.

So I'm trying to catch up on my email, when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spot: A half naked child bouncing around the hallway. She's very good at taking herself to the loo these days, although I get called to ensure the wiping has gotten everything. Rather than being paged this time, though, I was greeted with said bouncy child and the words: "I've got a bunny tail! I've got paper in my bottom!"

I think it's one of those things that you had to be there for, but if you've got your own rugrats you've no doubt been priviliged to hear words like that.

Then there was the time when she was on the telephone. I only heard her side of the conversation:
Magilla: I didn't pick my nose today.
Pause (I think I caught muffled laughter from the phone).
Magilla: I didn't pick my nose and eat it today.
Pause (for more choking on the other end).
Magilla: Ooh, I just farted. Silly me!
(definitely laughter on the other end!)

So what do people expect from (nearly) 4 year olds on the telephone?

Speech Impediment.

Over the last few years, I've been doing a lot more reading on matters religious. I'm noticing that there have been a few changes going on inside me, and it's been intriguing to watch the developments.

One change that is particularly fascinating to me is my self-talk and how I am expressing myself verbally these days.

I've been reading the bible - New Testament and Old - as well as the quran and ahadith. I am a voracious reader of the anti-jihad sites, which some might label anti-islamic. I also read islamic sites, and christian sites. Along with a smattering of jewish blogs.

Add to that regular church services and being able to discuss beliefs without fear of ridicule or mockery, and it's been leading to no small enlightenment.

What I've found is that my faith is becoming stronger, and with it, so am I.

What I've also found is that my language is changing.

Don't get me wrong, I can still drop some serious words if the situation warrants it, but when it comes to taking the Lord's name in vain, I am less inclined to do so. Rather than an exasperated "For God's sake!" I am using "For goodness' sake!"

I had a top with a picture of Jesus and the caption: "Jesus loves you, but... everyone else thinks you're a dickhead." I never had any difficulty laughing at that, and while I may still snicker every now and then, I can't bring myself to wear it any more.

It feels disrespectful and wrong.

I've always been given to far too much self-analysis, but there is a new dimension to it. Rather than merely considering the physical and emotional pathways I could take, I now factor in the religious side of things.

I don't consider myself a "spiritual" person, although I've taken pathways that could be labelled as such. I just find that my internal view of the world is becoming much richer and more satisfying.

After decades of searching, I think I'm finally finding myself.

Even better, it's not scary at all.

(Well, not to me. Maybe to other people lol!)