Friday, July 30, 2010

Electioneering Begins.

While I'm unable to blog anywhere near as often as I'd like, it doesn't mean my eyes aren't still open.

Case in point my local member's scare tactics:

Now, if you're selling something, you want your message to be front and centre, no? Well the message is there alright in large letters. Tony Abbott coming soon?

Goodness, I certainly hope so.

Let's flip the card over and what do we see?

Ah, more of the old doom and gloom about how the terrible Libs will bring back Work Choices.

The only problem with this card is that it never mentions the ALP.

"Tony Abbott" gets in twice, and "Liberals"/"Liberal Government" scores four times.

That's not bad in 91 words.

Nowhere does it say, "Vote ALP", or "Vote Alan Griffin"

Most people don't read junk mail. The Godmother is an exception, which means that I get to have a look at what lands in the letterbox occasionally. We scan over the big print to see if anything invites us to look further, and sometimes, we get this muzzy little thing with doesn't tell us anything except to pay attention to Tony Abbott.

Now, I understand that the ALP can't really campaign on Julia's credentials, because her specific skillset (playing Brutus, wearing white suits in Women's Weekly spreads, mangling strine - who knew that was possible?) aren't what you want to be highlighting in a nasty electoral race.

However, you need to tell us who to vote for, Alan. At the moment, all I can see is TONY!!