Thursday, December 22, 2011

The TMI Files. Magilla's Tale Of The Big Mistake.

I've not commented recently about life with Magilla as she's getting older, and there are the ever-present privacy concerns. She's still marvellous and keeping me on my toes, she's still giving out lots of hugs, and she's developing into a mighty fine writer, as you will see below. (A previous effort of hers is here.)

This is posted with permission, and she's watching me type this. :) Any comments will be forwarded onto the author, who is currently 9 years and 5 months old.

Enjoy. I did.

The Big Mistake.

One blustery night a boy (who was my brother) made a drink that would turn you into a MONSTER!!! He didn’t know that would but it did. It happened to him. He put livers, warts, boggers, eyeball juice and spit. It was HORRIBLE!!! I was about to be sick!!! Then I saw him pick up the yucky drink and I was so close to stopping him drinking it but he did.

He had warts all over him, his spit was green, his eyes were runny also his livers were humongous and his boggers were pink in his left nostril and purple in his right. I screamed out “NO”!!! Then we heard foot-steps. It was Dad. He said “What are to doing down here in the basement all alone in the dark?!” My brother said to me “Go!” I said “What about you?” He said “I’ll go out the window.” So I quickly ran the other way out of the basement. Dad came in and he saw some feet go out the window and he saw a disgusting drink on the table. He was sick and he made a big mess on the floor.

My brother roamed the garden, this way and that thinking of a way to change him back to normal. A few minutes later Mum came running outside because dad told her that there was something out there. She shivered from the coldness of the air, and then she saw a little monster in the front yard. I heard a loud shriek coming from mum. I knew that she saw him.

Mum quickly ran inside to get a knife. He quickly made a new drink. It had nectar, flowers, sugar and intentions. It worked!!! He was normal again!!! When she came back outside she said “Oh!!! It’s you dear!!!” My brother said “I was the little monster you saw. I will tell you all about it inside.” Mum said “Ok then, but have a hot chocolate while you are telling us.” “Us?” said my little brother. Mum said “Yes us. Henry!!! Suzan!!! ” So my little brother told us the whole story. No one in my family made a drink that would turn you into a monster again.

This is, as the kids say, totes awesome!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Austrian Press Agency Doesn't Release Press Release. So We Will.

Excuse me? Media services, paid to release announcements and invitations.... aren't doing their jobs?

In Austria, yes.

Wiener Akademikerbund
(Viennese Association of Academics)
Schlösselgasse 11
1080 Wien

Mohammed and Aisha
Hearing date in Appeal of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff
Invitation to Press Conference

On February 14, 2011, Islam expert Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was sentenced to 120 "daily fines" or two months imprisonment for alleged actualization of the offense described in §
188 StGB (denigration of religious doctrines). She has appealed this verdict because she believes she made only correct statements about the doctrine of Islam, and she never intended to offend the feelings of the adherents of any religious community.

In the course of her introductory seminars on the subject of the "Fundamentals of Islam," referred inter alia to the fact that the founder of the religion, Mohammed, had sexual relations with a child. Among other things, the court supported its verdict by reference to the fact that European ruling dynasties in the Middle Ages also sponsored "child marriages." From the point of view of freedom of expression as well as freedom of inquiry and on the principle that
speaking the truth must never be criminalized, this verdict can be called disastrous. There is in fact no question that Mohammed's sexual intercourse with a nine-year old girl is confirmed in all relevant Islamic sources.

What will succeed--truth or the abuse of justice to further a desire for cultural-political change? The appeals commission will respond in reference to the court-imposed penalty at 9:00 P.M.on December 20,, 2011 in the regional appeals court of Vienna (Justizpalast, Schmerlingplatz 11). This is the reason for our invitation.

Where: Rooms of the Akademikerbund, Schlösselgasse 11, 1080 Wien

When: 11:15 P.M., December 20, 2011

Inquiries: Mag. Christian Zeitz

If you ever met Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff under normal circumstances, you'd probably think she's just a nice, average person and it would be a pleasant enough occasion.

Just don't mention the elephant in the room. We all have one (in my case I have a stack of elephants, but that's just me) and hers is islam, and she's been in trouble with the so-called authorities in Austria now for discussing islam and the example that Mohammed sets for modern muslims with his marriage to the child Aisha.

This is troublesome because as everyone knows in these days of ultra-pc, minorities can't be upset or offended. Some minorities will hold rallies, some will hold vigils, some will go on the rampage.

And some people who hold positions of weight prefer not to upset minorites.

In this last case, opinions that are held to be undesirable can be prosecuted in a breathtaking miscarriage of justice. When the State is used to enforce a political opinion rather than the Law, then you're on the precipice of tyranny.

You've started tumbling over when the organs of the media, those institutions whose purpose was supposed to be the dissemination of information and advertising, refuse to issue your press release in time for your press conference.

Don't want to upset the wrong people, you know.

Nice little country you've got there. Shame if anything were to happen to it.

We can't call it a democracy any more because in Euroland there is no more democracy.

The voice of the people isn't heard, and it doesn't matter where you stand on the Continent or even in the Anglosphere, it seems.

From the demonisation of the EDL in Britain, to Fjordman in Norway being painted as the reason for Anders Behrig Breivik's going on a murderous rampage (conveniently forgetting that Breivik's "manifesto" speaks of wanting to kill people for 9 years. Longer than Fjordman's been writing) and now Mrs. Sabaditsch-Wolff has an appeal before the courts and she can't publicise her own public comments about it.

In case you missed it, she's the lady found guilty of pointing out that Mohammed's marriage to Aisha is the basis for many muslim men marrying girls - some pubescent, some pre-pubescent.

It's the reason the Ayatollah Khomeini lowered the legal marriage age to 9 for girls when he took over Iran 30 years ago, for example and it's no secret.

She has appealed her guilty verdict, because what she said is true.

The appeal hearing is today, from 9-11am CET (Central European Time) which is around 5pm my time. She's having a press conference after it, and was wanting to publicise that event.

However, the Agency that charges for the service of actually advertising your press release and invitations in this case.... didn't.

Well, just not in anything resembling a timely fashion, and therefore missing the so-called news cycle.

But, as has been seen in the recent past, we no longer need these organs of the State Opinion Promulgators. We can make our own news, and publicise our own conferences.

For those in Austria, in Vienna, get yourself down to the room of the Akademikerbund, Schlösselgasse 11, 1080 Wien, and watch the unravelling of democracy in action.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Noes!1!! Teh Evil West Strikes Again!

Actually, us Westerners aren't that evil as a species. People tend to be people, and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and mindsets.

That said, there has been a propensity for Western Civilisation to be rather more prolific in the arts than most other cultures.

The heights to which our architecture, and music for example have soared are - as biased as I probably sound - incomparable.

Read more »

Separated At Birth. Norwegian Edition.

While everyone looks at Anders Behring Breivik and sees either a murdering madman or a caculating psychopath, I see something extra.


Friday, December 02, 2011

The TMI Files. The Betatudes.

Magilla has a few mixed cds of favourite songs, and one fun, perky song is by Guy Sebastian.

He came to prominence a few years back on Australian Idol. I've never watched the show, so can't compare the competition, but he won in 2003. He's been floating around ever since, and has a nice voice, and his subject matter doesn't appear to be smutty.

That last bit is the important bit for me. So many of the latest songs just leave me cold, since I tend to listen to them with my parent ears on. Especially with Magilla now being 9 and, as she tells me constantly, a Big Girl. She's not little any more, so I have to make sure I treat her like the grown up she is.

Of course, if she wants to carry on like a toddler I'm happy to treat her like one. :) She comes good in a hurry when that happens.

In the meantime, though, back to Guy.

According to his bio on wikipedia, he's doing well with his music, he is a christian (from an evangelical AoG church), and has also taught singing at a christian school.

He is famously chaste, which is unheard of in this day and age, and provides great role modelling for young people who so often develop their attitudes via the music videos they watch.

I just have one slight issue, though.

His niceness is just too...well, nice.

Like It Like That lyrics found at

This song is boppy, the lyrics are relatively harmless, but it's pure betadom.

I can cope with it, though, because it's not his other song, "Never Hold You Down."

Now that is Ultimate Betadom.

With lyrics like:
I've listened to sweet love and no need for me love
But some dreams don't come true
Coz I know your kisses are on the wish list
Of another lover who wants to
Believe he is the only one you let drive your car
But we all knew how this would play out,
Long before the game started

I am left gobsmacked.

The music is nice and laidback, I like his voice, but I just want to grab him by the shoulders and shout, "Where's your game, man? Where?" I don't want my daughter mooning about listening to a whiny boy.

There doesn't seem to be much on offer for tweens these days, and when I revisit songs from my youth back in the long distant past (yeah, 1980s!), I can pick the sexual innuendo that I never noticed at the time.

The fact that I didn't pick it up then gives me hope that Magilla won't grasp it now where the songs of today leave nothing to the imagination.

It's just that the modern imagery is so blatant. *sigh*

I think we'll stick with Weird Al.