Friday, September 26, 2008

The TMI Files. At Last! A Self Portrait!

Being the evil, neo-con, fascist, bible-thumping, eco-unfriendly platypus eating bogan that I am, I took Magilla on a road trip for a couple of days.

As can be seen, I travel in comfort and not in style.

A good time was had, and a few looks of consternations were also gathered.

This photo was taken (by Magilla) on my motorazor phone, and I just wanted to share with my minute but loyal following how I look. Needless to say, I don't believe the camera does me justice.

I also want to give huge kudos to Minnesotans 4 Global Warming for the tshirt.

When we consider that the Cape Otway lighthouse is in the middle of what a mate of mine calls (pardon the language) Bumfucknowhere, I think that the guys should see their shirt is travelling. There were quizzical glances in Warrnambool, and an approving grin in Apollo Bay, where we stopped at the bakery to grab a bite.

One of the more hypocritical amusing things I noted on the way down to the lighthouse was the Cape Otway Eco Lodge.

The eco lodge is just near the lighthouse, so a long way from anywhere, so I reckon you'd use up a huge amount of carbon just to get there.

Of course, being so conscious of our destructive carbon footprints, we need to make restitution as we worship at the altar of politically, ecologically, (did I say politically?) correct ideology, so if I ever want to get married* in the correct manner, this is the place to go.

*link to pdf with wedding costings here.

The mind boggles. If someone were so enviroconscious, surely they'd be happy enough to sit at home watching a doco about the place rather than spend two days burning up fossil fuels in a little daewoo like we did.

And as you can see, it was another searing day in paradise.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Entertaining Education.

Shamelessly lifted from School Gate:

September 18, 2008
The 25 best exam blunders......

A new book, F in exams: the best test paper blunders give[sic] some great examples of exam answers from the most clueless - and inventive - of students. Some are very nearly right ("What happens to your body when taking a breath? Your chest gets bigger"), but some are very wrong indeed (Is the moon or the sun more important? The moon gives us sight at night when we need it. The sun only provides light in the day when we don't. Therefore the moon is more important). Laugh...and weep for the state of education!

1) Classical Studies
Question: Name one of the early Romans' greatest achievements.
Answer: Learning to speak Latin

2) Biology
Question: What is a fibula?
Answer: A little lie

3) General Studies
Question: Jeff has been asked to collect data about the amount of television his friends watch. Think of an appropriate question he could ask them.
Answer: How much TV do you watch?

4) Classical Studies
Question: What were the circumstances of Julius Caesar's death?
Answer: Suspicious ones

5) Biology
Question: Give an example of a smoking-related disease
Answer: Early death

6) Geography
Question: What are the Pyramids?
Answer: The Pyramids are a large mountain range which splits France and Spain

7) Biology
Question: What is a plasmid?
Answer: A high definition television

8) English
Question: In Pride and Prejudice, at what moment does Elizabeth Bennet realise her true feelings for Mr Darcy?
Answer: When she sees him coming out of the lake.

9) Geography
Question: What do we call a person forced to leave their home perhaps by a natural disaster or war, without having another home to go to.
Answer: Homeless

10) Religious Studies
Question: Christians only have one spouse, what is this called?
Answer: Monotony

11) Biology
Question: In the Hawaiian Islands, there are around 500 different species of fruit fly. Give a reason for this
Answer: There are approximately 500 varieties of fruit

12) Physics
Question: Name an environmental side effect of burning fossil fuels
Answer: Fire

13) Geography
Question: Define the term "intensive farming".
Answer: It is when a farmer never has a day off.

14) Maths
Question: Change 7/8 to a decimal
Answer: 7.8

15) Geography
Question: What does the term "lava" mean?
Answer: A pre-pubescent caterpillar

16) General Studies
Question: Redundancy is often an unpleasant and unexpected event in someone's life. Give two examples of unexpected life events.
Answer: 1) death 2) Reincarnation

17) History
Question: What was introduced in the Children's Charter of 1908?
Answer: Children

18) Business Studies
Question: Explain the word "wholesaler".
Answer: Someone who sells you whole items - eg, a whole cake

19) Geography
Question: The race of people known as Malays come from which country?
Answer: Malaria

20) Geography
Question:What artificial waterway runs between the Mediterranean and Red Seas?
Answer: The Sewage Canal

21) Geography
Question: Name one famous Greek landmark
Answer: The most famous Greek landmark is the Apocalypse

22) Maths
Question: Expand 2 (x + y)
Answer: 2 ( x + y )
2 ( x + y )
2 ( x + y )

23) Business Studies
Question: Assess Fashion House pls's choice to locate its factory near Birmingham. Is Birmingham the right location for this type of business?
Answer: No. People from Birmingham aren't very fashionable.

24) History
Question: Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed?
Answer: At the bottom.

25) History
Question: What did Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan have in common?
Answer: Unusual names.

Monday, September 22, 2008

With Friends Like This, Who Needs Dialogue?

Anonymised for privacy purposes. My mate runs a rather nice blog blog, and likes to keep things nice. Here is a sample of some email received from an admirers. Apart from that, all the grammar and other semantic tricks are intact.

From: "Web Admin"
To: My mate.
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 19:50:49 -0500
Subject: My mate's blog.

Hi :)

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[12:09:37 PM] my mate says: email of the day

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Benbrika With Benefits.

A bit of an update to an interesting topic: How much are we paying terrorists and their supporters?

So one of our local terrorists, one Abdul Nacer Benbrika has been found guilty of terrorism charges, which to me would seem a foregone conclusion given his willingness to declare allah's laws against the Laws of Australia all those years ago.

I wasn't on the jury, so my opinion is only that; an opinion.

In my previous post, I had a quick squiz at what sort of benefits Mrs Benbrika would be getting, since by all reports she was indeed receiving them, and decided it was time to have another look.

Apart from all the money ($25mil* and counting) spent on the trial, with more to come, there are still the day-to-day living expenses of the poor, impoverished families of Benbrika and co to consider.

I'll take Mr Benbrika as my example, since I've been there before.

All my costings come from the Centrelink website, which is publicly available.

Now, in the time that our mate Abdul has been incarcerated, his wife has given birth to another child. She was, by all accounts, pregnant with this child when he was arrested back in Dec '05.

For this example, I'll make an arbitrary guess at the ages of the children. It'll have to be arbitrary because a)I've not got a clue and b)I have neither the time nor the inclination to go stalking through teh interwebz for this sort of detail. Plus, that could also constitute an invasion of the children's privacy, and that's not by bag.

But back to the lesson.

We have a woman on benefits. She has 7 children between the ages of 2 and 16, her husband is in jail.

What does she get under our current system?

First of all comes her parenting payment. She is entitled to this if:
* you are single and have at least one child aged under 8 who is wholly or substantially in your care and who is in Australia (or temporarily outside Australia for less than 13 weeks)
Please Note: You will have part-time participation requirements* from when your youngest child is aged 6
* you are partnered and have at least one child aged under 6 who is wholly or substantially in your care and who is in Australia (or temporarily outside Australia for less than 13 weeks)
* your and/or your partner's (if you have one) income and assets are below a certain amount, and
* you meet residence requirements.

In her case, as her husband is in jail, she gets the extra benefit of $472.80. If he were not in jail, then she would receive $394.40. Apparently parents with a partner in jail need extra money because of the hardship they endure over and above being stuck at home with the kids.

Of course, the extra $78.40 is also payable to people who have partners who are sick and unable to work as well, but this exercise is not for those. I'm looking specifically at people who believe that as catmeat I should be covered up, and blowing up Australia is a Good Thing. I'm really not into supporting those sorts of beliefs.

Let's move onto the Family Tax Benefit Part A. There are different rates for different ages, but I'm going with:

1 child of 16 (min rate $48.30/ft - max $48.30/ft)
2 children between 13-15 (min rate $48.30 - max $196.84)
4 children under 13 (min rate $48.30 - max $151.34)

Since this payment is per child, you can see there is a nice incentive for plenty of children.

In our example, we are looking at FTB A ranging from $338.10/ft minimum rate to $1047.34 maximum rate per fortnight.

Not too shabby there, either.

Then we come to FTB Part B, which is a regular payment but is not predicated upon the number of children one has. It is a flat rate of $128.80/ft.

And one more for good luck, there is also a large family supplement of $10.36 for the 3rd and each subsequent child in a family, which in this case amounts to an extra $51.80/ft.

If this is a bit confusing, here it is again:

$ 472.80 parenting payment.
$ 338.10 FTB A (min rate)
$ 128.80 FTB B
$ 51.80 large family supplement.

$ 991.50 total benefits (so far at minimum rate).

Or we can look at it again with the maximum rate applied.

$ 472.80 parenting payment
$1047.34 FTB A (,ax rate)
$ 128.80 FTB B
$ 51.80 large family supplement

$1700.74 total benefits (so far at max rate)

But wait, as they say in the classics.... there's more....!

Since we know that the seventh child was born whilst Benbrika was in jail, we can have a look at what sort of payments are available to help with that sort of thing.

The Baby Bonus is currently standing at $5000 per child. If you have twins, that means you get $10000. Who wouldn't get knocked up for that?

The Maternity Immunisation Allowance, which is a bit of a misnomer since you don't actually have to get your child immunised, is a $243.30 one-off payment when your child is between 18-24 months and is (supposedly) up to date on all their shots.

You are allowed to have medical reasons or you can conscientiously object and still get this payment. Go figure.

There are also benefits available to offset the cost of childcare, but since Rakia Benbrika prefers niqab to usual dress, and has a toddler at home, it's unlikely she's interested in those benefits.

There are also rent assistance, the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, and all manner of other concessions available.

So just to sum up, before I fry your brains with more figures, Benbrika's wife, if she has no income apart from Centrelink, is potentially receiving between $991.50 - $1700.74 a fortnight. TAX FREE

That is between $25,779.00 - $44,219.24 per annum. Again, TAX FREE, and just from Centrelink.

I've not studied other sources of financial support, although I have no doubt that there would be a few.

I'm just using Centrelink as a baseline.

*$8.1million of that is for Legal Aid, which procured the services of several QCs. Great work if you can get it!

What I Learned Today From Peaceful Muslims' Comments.

i am a muslim and i dnt believe this beast/freak or watever u call him should post videos about religions. He is causing so much hatred and also danger to himself
lets pray to Allah that a brick goes through his window, or even summat worse hopefully
rot in hell

What's wrong with this picture? Apart from the atrocious grammar, of course, which is a given when coming from people who don't respect any culture apart from their own.

Pat Condell is an equal opportunity offender.

He's an atheist, he's white, and an older man most likely in his 60s, from somewhere in England.

To look at, he's a pretty harmless sort.

But......looks can be deceiving.

He's apparently a Jew, an atheist, the devil, and all sorts of appalling if you read the comments he's received.

He's had threats of being beheaded, shot, raped, dismembered, had cancer wished upon him and his family (including his baby granddaughter, if he even has one!), and all for what?

Pat talks.

That's all.

An english bloke putting out little video monologues on all sorts of things, including a fair few on islam, and that's it.

Quite remarkable if you ask me.

One man inspiring such a passionate 'defence' of a 'religion' that shouldn't need any defence.

If an idea is good enough, then it shouldn't need murder and mayhem to survive the test of time.

I'm too tired to get into any sort of theological or cultural comparisons, but it does speak volumes to me that while some christians and jews get upset about their (our) God being mocked, we don't fire up the chainsaw for a little session of group dismemberment.

In general, hindus and buddhists operate along the same lines these days, although with the troubles in Orissa that may be changing for the worse.

Other groups are learning that squeaky wheels do indeed get the oil, and the funding and the multicultural pass, so I suspect things will get a whole lot noisier in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, though, keep up the good work, Pat, and God bless you. (And I mean that without irony!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nick Says: Abort! Abort!

From a lovely piece about how dreadful Sarah Palin is to have *gasp* actually carried to term and birthed a child with an affliction!

Because a person afflicted with Down syndrome is only capable of being marginally productive (if at all) and requires constant care and supervision, unless a parent enjoys the wealth to provide for the lifetime of assistance that their child will require, they are essentially stranding the cost of their child’s life upon others.[emphasis added]

Via Cassy Fiano

My questions... What on earth happened to all that compassion and empathy for those less fortunate? Or are we only supposed to empathise with and be compassionate of those who live on more arid continents. You know, the ones with all the deserts, and civil wars and stuff.

Also, what about all those people bleating about a woman's choice to remain pregnant or abort? Unless, of course, it's all about you can carry any child to term so long as it's physically perfect. (Anybody want a bright blue Model T?)

Sort adding a bit too much coercion to the right to choose, if you ask me.

As someone who is against abortion, my position is that ultimately, abortion is going to happen whether we like it or not.

If we are going to legislate it, then it must be regulated, as it is murder. It is the death of a living being, whether we want to call it an embryo, a baby, a "thing", as some women do to dehumanise their unborn child.

Too many women do use abortion as a post-coital contraception, and no amount of glossing over that will change that.

But enough of being too serious.

Let's have a look at Nick's prating from a slightly different angle.

Here in Australia, we have a rather large community of people who require constant government funding, and contribute little to the commonweal apart from a lot of bleating and whining. Perhaps we can apply these words of wisdom there:

Because a person afflicted with artistic ability is only capable of being marginally productive (if at all) and requires constant care and supervision, unless a parent enjoys the wealth to provide for the lifetime of assistance that their child will require, they are essentially stranding the cost of their child’s life upon others.

Because a person afflicted with socialist tendencies is only capable of being marginally productive (if at all) and requires constant care and supervision, unless a parent enjoys the wealth to provide for the lifetime of assistance that their child will require, they are essentially stranding the cost of their child’s life upon others.

Feel free to try your hand at it. If we're playing with people's lives we may as well have fun!

And one more thing for those who consider that aborting babies who have Down's Syndronme is a Good Thing:

For every three unborn Down's syndrome babies aborted, two healthy babies will be miscarried because of the invasive methods used to confirm a diagnosis.

That's a remarkably high rate of attrition.

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Official. I Have No Life.

Yet another reason why I just love craigslist:

Hi, i am very very loving youth working with official rank. i wish the long term loving relations from very kind and loving lady within the age of 35 to 38 from very cultural family.she should pro- active,and having the good ,kind and loving nature for the peace of mind and life ,
only lady with the very high acedemic background ,very kind, loving, genious and
with the indian/Gujrati culture ,It would better ,if the the lady is with U.S. profile , desire may please sent massage.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Questioning The Inquisition.

Dear Mr. Sullivan,

I am curious about your request for Sarah Palin’s gynaecological records. Would not your accessing them be a breach of confidentiality on the part of those medical practitioners involved?

Also, would not your making these available constitute an invasion of privacy?

As a progressive person, does not this idea abhor you as it does me?

I’m aware that as the potential Vice President there are relevant questions about her health and wellbeing (eg is she likely to have a heart attack due to a history of heart disease in her family?). However, demanding access to obstetric reports is surely not required when we have plenty of pictures on the internet available showing her pregnant.

I guess it would not be unreasonable to expect that you would request Barack Obama make his birth certificate available to the public. After all, there are many people casting doubt upon his status as a citizen and whether he fulfils the requirements with respect to being a Presidential Candidate.

Cheers and kind regards, and hoping to hear from you,


nb I have a confidentiality policy with respect to correspondence. If you would prefer that I keep this email private, please let me know within 7 days. I am more than happy to oblige. After 7 days, I may post it on my blog.

Thanks again,


thanks to Tim Blair for pointing this one out. Another post by Mr Sullivan here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today Is September 11, 2008. I Will Never Forget, Nor Will I Forgive.

While many people died in the atrocities in 2001, we tend to remember most the Twin Towers falling.

Many of us watched it happening in real time, even myself here in Melbournistan, Australia.

Seven years after the event, the enormity of it is something that never leaves; perhaps that really was the end of history as we know it, rather than the year 2000.

For someone with the gift of the gab, this is one that renders me nearly speechless, and so I will just leave you with a comment of the frollicking mole's from Tim Blair's old blog:

I saw people jumping and never considered it suicide. It was a choice between the auto-de-fe of the islamists or the quick death of their own making.
They made a CHOICE not to die by burning, I only hope they closed their eyes and thought back to when they were 5 and could fly....

In the interests of tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism, and for those who think that America (we) deserved 9/11:

I hope you fucking rot in hell.

God bless America and her martyrs.

(crossposted at Tizona's)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Missing All The Fun On Friday.


On friday (saturday in the real world, of course), the American Family Association is webcasting this thing called the Values Voter Summit.

I've not got the foggiest what that is, but list of speakers is rather impressive.

And here I'll be working all weekend.

Of course, it's not like politics here isn't entertaining enough - we've got more than enough going on around this continent without me tuning into America's current polliefest.

I'm Magilla-free this weekend, so I guess I won't be getting much sleep.

I looooove modern technology.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Helping Mates.

I get all sorts of curiosities in my inbox.

I'm on a stack of email lists, so it's never dull and I've got no excuse to bleat about boredom. I don't know what that is, in any case.

Anyway, I was asked to do a bit of begging on behalf of a mate of a mate, so here I am.

Anne's going for a run to raise money for Austcare, one of our humanitarian organisations. She has a personal link to Austcare's current project over in Darfur, so I'm more than happy to help.

Here's what Anne has to say:
I am doing the City to Bay 6k run to support the people of Darfur, Sudan. My son, Mark, will shortly be part of an Australian Army logistics team in Darfur to provide support to the United Nations humanitarian effort. The funds raised will go to Austcare who provide much needed aid to refugees in this war torn area. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

I tend to keep my donations to charities to myself, as I don't see that anyone else needs to know. In this case, however, I think that the more people that know and contribute, the better.

Please visit Anne's little page and make a donation if you can.

Thanks to Kae for the heads up.

Monday, September 08, 2008

My Opinion Was Appreciated. But Not By Feminsts, I Guess!

I was sent a link recently and asked for my opinion.


My opinion? It's spot on.

Basically, it fits with everything I've observed, particularly over the last few years.

It speaks a few harsh truths that need to be spoken, and loudly. The social engineering experiment that was the so-called "sexual revolution" is a complete failure and the data have been coming in for years - it just doesn't fit the prevailing political paradigm (sorry for the alliteration!) for it to be dealt with.

Women have done themselves no favours, and I include myself in that statement, btw, since I do come with all the issues that women in general have compared to men.

I used to believe the feminist dogma for a while there in my late teens and early twenties - a Cosmo reader from way back.

It has gotten worse in the short time since this article was written, and it can be seen over the blogosphere and in the expansion of the divorce industry.

Some required reading on this subject in my mind:

When She Was Bad, by Patricia Pearson, 1995. Out of print but still to be found on amazon and ebay. This book deals with female violence and how it is sanitised and explained away in our legal and social environments, and therefore women are pretty much given a pass, even though there is a near 50/50 ratio of instigation in domestic violence between genders.

This is relevant when we consider how Devlin speaks of the lack of accountability of young women when it comes to "date rape" and their inability to accept responsibility for a situation that wasn't up to their imaginings.

We have a language of motive and intent that has grown up around these occasions that cloud the issue, and as Orwell so aptly put it, if you control the vocabulary, you control the thoughts.

The so-called rightwing think tank that is Civitas has done a bit of research also into our grand social experiment and come up with the same conclusions.

This has links to several articles dealing with families and the breakdown thereof, and the important role that men play in families and society.

The "Experiments In Living: The Fatherless Family" should be on the reading list for any sociology course at uni if you ask me. Unfortunately for me, I didn't find this until I was into single parenthood. It would have changed a lot of things, and hence a lot of outcomes.

Oh well.

The Catholic site, has an ebook called "The Garbage Generation" which is an study into the patriarchy and again, reiterates what we all know. Women basically can't be trusted to keep their legs closed.

Sorry if that's a bit blunt, but human nature is not, I believe, monogamous. We need the checks and balances (and security) that a strong, and socially supported institution of marriage can bring. Currently, we don't have that.

The Garbage Generation.

With the push for homosexual marriages, polygamy and all the rest that goes along with it - that woman over in Europe "marrying" a dolphin? Spare me! - the traditional marriage arrangement of one man, one woman in relatively well-defined roles working to provide for children is under great threat.

Since the success of our society is built upon this unit, then any threat to that is a threat to our whole way of life.

I'm sure that sounds dramatic, but all you have to do is look around at the behaviour of young adults today.

There are the young men at my work, for example.

One broke up with his girlfriend, who he had a lot of respect for, because he had plenty of other girls throwing themselves at him. He'd get text messages and offers of sex day and night, and he decided that he wanted to play the field. He didn’t want to cheat on his girlfriend.

He's the archetypal "alpha male" or bad boy. He's done time for manslaughter, plays sport and is a fine physical specimen to look at. The girls just flock to him.

There's another who is quite comfortable with the idea of cheating on his girlfriend because, "she doesn't want it, so I'll get some elsewhere," said with a shrug.

On the other side, young JD is the gift that keeps on giving. It appears her current boyfriend has a girlfriend and a child (she may have more than one boyfriend).

She is 17 and expresses outrage at x's former partner cheating on her while pregnant, yet sees no parallel in her own behaviour when she had a boyfriend she was trying to get pregnant to, who had a partner with whom he had 3 children. The youngest was a newborn, and all his partner wanted to do was commit to him, raise a family with him, and accept him for all his faults. In the partner's words, "He's the father of my children and I love him."

JD just sees that she's entitled and empowered to do what she wants with whom she wants, and nothing will get in the way of that.

These are a couple of personal, recent examples.

If we want to take it back a few years to the early 90s, there was the woman I knew who was gang-raped. I've had people castigate me because I had no sympathy for her.

Sure, she shouldn't have been gang-raped, and she was traumatised, but what about her own accountability.

She's right when she says that she has the right to walk home alone.


What about accepting responsibility for the consequences when your walking home alone takes place at 2am on a rainy night and you're drunk and you get into a car full of likewise drunken men?

That was a thoroughly avoidable situation and she has nobody to blame but herself.

I've pissed a lot of people off with that example.

Of course, this same woman was upset because I happen to like wearing stiletto heels, which, unbeknownst to me, are an invention by men to stop women from getting away. Some sort of hobble, apparently.

Then you get the women who whine because they're in their 30s and can't find a husband.

Yes, there is a marriage strike on, and men have no reason to get married.

Eternal Bachelor Makes this point in rather strong language, but if you read this and other MRA (Men's Rights Activist) sites, and look beneath the bile, we're in big trouble.

Not just men, but all of us.

Sorry if I'm getting all ranty, but this is something I've been doing a lot of reading on lately. I've got a stack of sites bookmarked, and the latest area of study for me has been in the area of abuse allegations and what happens in case of divorce.

Latest book from amazon? Taken Into Custody, by Dr Stephen Baskerville, which looks into the divorce industry and who gains from it.

Needless to say, I'm preaching to the choir when I say that it's designed to breakdown families. Whether it is deliberate or an unintended consequence of good intentions is ultimately irrelevant.

Okay, just in closing.

My thoughts on marriage?

It's a necessary social contract whereby the man agrees to monogamy and support physical and fiscal for the woman who agrees to monogamy, and thus ensure that the children are his.

Him: Darling I love you, I want to marry you. Will you keep your legs closed for every other guy but me and I'll look after you?

Her: I will.

What could be simpler?

LOL Of course, there are far too many women who have grown up swimming in a miasma of feminist dogma who would be appalled, but if you scratch them, deep down quite a few will agree with this summation.

They just don't want to admit to being wrong all these years.

Now we just have to find a way to educate the youngsters coming up through the ranks.

Ed, you did ask for opinions lol. Hope your eyeballs don't fall out with my diatribe!

And don't even get me started on feminidiots like "Biting Beaver" and the damage she perpetrates in the name of "empowerment!



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From: Ed
Sent: Wednesday, 13 August 2008 7:54 PM
To: [group]
Cc: [yes, you too!]
Subject: Your opinions appreciated