Friday, February 22, 2013

IREA In Our Showgrounds.

(nb. Circe wrote this a week and a half ago, and I wanted to fill it up with links, as is my wont, before posting it. However, time is short and I can add links later.Please also note that Bolta has a good post on this also.)

IREA Islamic conference: Are Aborigines supporting Islam’s anti-black racist ideology?

The Islamic Research and Education Academy (ie Islamic propaganda and dawah) plans a huge meeting at the Victorian showgrounds on 15th/16th/17th March. According to their meeting in Sydney Rd on the 9th December, to plan this event some very unpleasant people are being invited to speak (eg AbdulRahman Al-Sudais, the imam of Mecca who called on allah to annihilate the Jews whom he said were ‘the grandsons of monkeys and pigs…and they also intend to use gullible Australians to promote their frightening ideology.

The claim is made the ‘we’ve got brothers and sisters from aboriginal backgrounds who have become muslim in the past 2 years ….. there are constant numbers who become muslims’

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Friday, February 08, 2013

The Last Free Man In Captivity

That would be Geert Wilders.

Here is a man who spends his life under armed guard. He has done so for years, and if you do a google image search of his name, there are very, very few candid snaps of this man who has managed to single-handedly demolish the idea that Australia is a free country.

It’s not.

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