Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Alas, I Am Hard Done By,"AnzacJihad Jack Bleats Again.

So our favourite aussie son is whining about being hard done by. He doesn't understand why he should be under some sort of a curfew.

Hmm. Let's see.

Muslim male? Check.

Training with the Taliban, getting to know Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden? Check.

Guilty of accepting payola from terrorist agencies? Check.

It's not looking real good so far for the fellow who reckons he was just on a bit of an adventure.

It gets even better, (or is that worse?) for our Jack. According to the story linked to above, his wife's connections to Abu Bakar Bashir, are tenuous at best. If that's the case, then why was Rob Stary using her relationship with Bashir as a family friend as a reason for Jack meeting with Bashir and not swearing any allegiance to Al Qaeda?

You can't have it both ways. It was okay for her to be close enough to Abu Bakar Bashir's wife that she and Jack can visit with them a few years back, but now Maryati doesn't know Bashir and his wife? Sorry, that doesn't wash. It doesn't whitewash, either. Google is not your friend in this case, Jack.

As for the whining about how stressed he is, obviously the saying "Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas" must have slipped his mind. Although, that could just be the Dogs being forbidden and impure according to islam thing.

Dude, here's the way it works. You say you believe in an eye for an eye, and you believe in justice.

Is it justice that you are entitled to beat your wife if you fear disobedience from her? (Quran 4.34)

Is it just that your young daughters be circumcised in order to ensure that they do not feel the full range of sexual sensations? (please note, I am not saying that Jack Thomas has had his daughters circumcised - I would be most surprised if he did. Only note that it is considered a very devout thing to do to your little girls.)

Is it fair that apostates be put to death according to Islam? Why is it that there is no compulsion in religion (2.256) except, of course, for when there is?

Jack, you support Al Qaeda, the Taliban and are comfortable to be associated with Bashir. That tells me all I need to know.

You have declared your allegiance to the ummah over Australia, and that means you would be happy for sharia to be considered law of the land.

I think you might find that there are a lot more people who disagree with that idea than you think.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The TMI Files. Fumbling Fists of Fury.

Magilla Loves Jackie!

So we've got the dvd of Mulan, and it's typical Disney fare. Nice animation, silly sidekick talking/singing/dancing animal, too many songs that can get in the way of a good tale, same old same old.

It's actually quite enjoyable. It took a while for Magilla to tune in to it, but let's face it, Mulan was competing with Muppets From Space.

I love to check out the extras, and on Mulan there is the obligatory Disney singalong to a few of the songs, and some video clips of other songs. One of the songs has Jackie Chan singing in mandarin and doing some of his kung fu stuff.

Magilla looooooves it. For a few weeks all I got was: "I want to watch Jackie." Hell, I'm not going to complain about that. There are much worse role models out there, so I've seen the clip plenty of times.

There's Jackie blocking and elbowing to the song. There he is thrusting and parrying with the staff.

Then there's Magilla, waving around the 1m ruler, attempting a dragon stance, and throwing punches left, right and centre. Usually aiming for my midsection.

So what's a mother to do?

I've been trying to teach her how to make a proper fist. I mean, if you're going to hit someone, might as well do it properly, right?

I've only got about 12 years of martial arts behind me, so I know a few things. Like how to run away. Fast.

I also know how to make a fist that will hurt someone else, rather than myself, so that's what we've been doing.

As I explained to her: you need to fold your fingers in a certain way, or else you will break your hand if you are going to hit someonesomething.

She's not got the hang of it all yet, and she doesn't have the attention span for it. Luckily for me, I'd already decided to put her into kungfu when she's five.

She wants to be like Jackie.

I think that's a much better call than, say, Paris Hilton.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Boycotting Zionist Nobodies.

While I've been out of action courtesy of a nasty bug, interesting things have been happening. Like Nicole Kidman putting her name to a list of others in Hollywood condemning Hamas and HizbAllah.

I wasn't going to bother commenting on this, as plenty of other blogs have done so.

And then, I saw.... This post at my favourite MuslimVillage forum.

A thread entitled "Prepare to Vomit!, What Stupid Fools." was always going to grab my attention. I expected something about Zionist atrocities, perhaps along the lines of the fauxtography debacle being unravelled over at LGF.

I should have known better.

I would suggest you go over and check out what our well-rounded aussie muslims think of Hollywood and its players.

Personally, I was gobsmacked at the ignorance of the Hollywood scene displayed by the commenters.
Honestly, these actors need to get their heads out of their wallets. Then again, all the actors that are on the list are all himbos/bimbos so I guess it's an honour for us that they are supporting Rupert Murder with his utterly predictable pro-Zionist/terrorist stance.

We don't need their approval. We'd rather have the smart ones thanks.

First of all, they aren't all actors on the list. And they are definitely not "himbos/bimbos" either, Mercurial. There are some very canny operators there.

In their defence, I guess that not everyone would be aware that Dick Donner is the same Richard Donner who directed such obsure films as Superman (with Christopher Reeves), the Lethal Weapons films, and The Omen.

There are the usual calls for boycotts, so I guess that Australia's huge muslim population will now be boycotting:

Sony Pictures (Amy Pascal is the chairman for Columbia) and Paramount Pictures (Sumner Redstone is CEO of Viacom, Paramount's parent, while Sherry Lansing is running the show at Paramount.)

Mr Redstone is also the fellow who has just given Tom Cruise the arse and that's not something that would be done lightly. That takes a lot of clout. Not exactly a "dropkick" or a "second class star", but I guess that imdb might be a bit too logical. Or even a spot of googling.

My jaw dropped as I read the comments. I guess, having just read Dawn Steel's autobiography again, more of those names are familiar to me than they would be to all the devout muslims who shouldn't be watching movies.

Movies are, after all, haram.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another Aussie Larrikin.

From the Sunday Hun comes this class effort at justice.

Bomb Boy Let Loose
EXCLUSIVE: Carly Crawford

August 13, 2006 12:00am
Article from: Sunday Herald Sun

A VICTORIAN teenager who made a bomb that maimed a classmate's mother has been allowed to walk free from court.
The 16-year-old (left) adopted the username "Osama31" to search the internet for bomb-making instructions.

And he used the same chemicals that devastated London's transport network last year and that British terrorists have been accused of using in a bid to blow up jet airliners this week.

The Children's Court was told this week that three boys from an outer Melbourne secondary school planned the bombing in September, 2005 -- three months after the London Underground bombings killed 56 and injured 700 -- after a schoolyard dispute with a female classmate.

One of the teenagers has admitted making the explosive, known as Mother of Satan, which two of his friends detonated.

The revelations come as an investigation has discovered alarming holes in Australia's airport security system.

Lax security procedures throughout the country were uncovered as shock waves from the foiled UK terror plot were felt around the world.

The court heard that the girl was not at her Glen Waverley home when the bomb was detonated, but her mother was maimed by the blast.

The woman could have been killed if the security door had not shielded her from the explosion, the court was told.

"Had that person come through the door, she probably would have been killed," the magistrate said.

He was shocked by the bomb's size and the level of planning behind the attack.

"You've obviously spent many, many hours learning how to make bombs," the magistrate said.

"You had trial runs. You don't make bombs in this day and age, particularly bombs of this magnitude."

The teenager, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to possessing and manufacturing explosive material.
The teenager's solicitor conceded that, while the boy had adopted the internet username Osama31, it had been a "throwaway line" and his appreciation of terrorist activity was limited.

The magistrate was not convinced: "That's what they said about the London group that blew up the Underground." The magistrate said he was concerned that the bomb stunt was an "apprenticeship for worse things to come" and hoped he would not regret his decision to spare the student a custodial sentence.

The teenager, who had no prior convictions, attended court wearing dark military-style pants and a khaki jacket.

The magistrate placed him on a 12-month youth attendance order, including counselling. The teen and his family declined to comment.

I love the complete lack of any identifying information in this story.

We have no idea of what sort of upbringing the boy had, or which part of town he lived in, where he went to school. Only a vague reference to Melbourne's outer suburbs. That's not very informative, particularly in this day and age, so here's a site that will give you an idea of how big this city and its suburbs are.

If you don't want to follow the link, well, it takes me nearly an hour to drive into the centre of Melbourne from Bogan Central. (Not using the tollroads - that halves the time). If I were going to visit my folks in the outer western suburbs, it takes 1.5 -2 hours on regular roads and about an hour or so on toll roads.

I wonder what else we aren't being told about? Like his accomplices? Like why on earth someone would see making bombs in suburbia an acceptable pastime?

Let's face it, it's not like he's going to be held accountable for his actions, is it?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The TMI Files. Dear Roy.

I've thought further on your email, and I can appreciate where you are coming from.

To that end, I've also thought further on my original reply and would like to update it.

What I should have said was:


Kind regards,


ps. Feel free to refrain from condescending to me ever again. You can stick your imaginary issues up your arse.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

So You Want To Be An Australian Citizen?

Australian Government Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs Application for Grant of Australian Citizenship

You must answer 75% (28 or more out of 37) of these questions correctly in order to qualify for Australian Citizenship

1. How many slabs can you fit in the back of a Falcon Ute while also allowing room for your cattle dog?

2. When packing an Esky do you put the ice, or the beer, in first?

3. Is the traditional Aussie Christmas dinner:
a) At least two roasted meats with roast vegetables, followed by a pudding you could use as a cannonball. Also ham. In 40C heat.
b) A seafood buffet followed by a barbie, with rather a lot of booze. And ham. In 40C heat.
c) Both of the above, one at lunchtime and one at dinnertime. Weather continues fine.

4. How many beers in a slab?

5. You call that a knife, this is a knife.
True or False?

6. Does "yeah-nah" mean
a) "Yes and no"
b) "Maybe"
c) "Yes I understand but No I don't agree"?

7. The phrases "strewth" and "flamin' dingo" can be attributed to which TV character?
a) Toadie from Neighbours
b) Alf from Home & Away
c) Agro from Agro's Cartoon Connection
d) Sgt. Tom Croydon from Blue Heelers?

8. When cooking a barbecue do you turn the sausages
a) Once or twice
b) As often as necessary to cook
c) After each stubby
d) Until charcoal?

9. Name three of the Daddo brothers.

10. Who was the original lead singer of AC/DC?

11. Which option describes your ideal summer afternoon:
a) Drinking beer at a mate's place
b) Drinking beer at the beach
c) Drinking beer watching the cricket/footy
d) Drinking beer at a mate's place while watching the cricket before going to the beach?

12. Would you eat pineapple on pizza? Would you eat egg on a pizza?

13. How many cans of beer did David Boon consume on a plane trip from Australia to England?

14. How many stubbies is it from Brissy to the Gold Coast in a Torana travelling at 120km/h?

15. Who are Scott and Charlene?

16. How do you apply your tomato sauce to a pie?
a) Squirt and spread with finger
b) Sauce injection straight into the middle?

17. If the police raided your home would you:
a) Allow them to rummage through your personal items
b) Phone up the nearest talkback radio shock jock and complain
c) Put a written complaint in to John Howard and hope that he answers it personally?

18. Which Australian Prime Minister held the world record for drinking a yardie full of beer the fastest?

19. Have you ever had/do you have a mullet?

20. Thongs are:
a) Skimpy underwear
b) Casual footwear
c) They're called jandals, bro?

21. On which Ashes tour did Warney's hair look the best?
a) 1993
b) 1997
c) 2001
d) 2005

22. What is someone more likely to die of:
a) Red Back Spider
b) Great White Shark
c) Victorian Police Officer
d) King Brown Snake
e) Your missus after a big night
f) Dropbear?

23. How many times must a steak be turned on a conventional four-burner barbie?

24. Can you sing along to Cold Chisel's Khe Sanh?

25. Explain both the "follow-on" and "LBW" rules in cricket and discuss the pros and cons for the third umpire decisions in the latter....

26. Name at least 5 items that must be taken to a BBQ.

27. Who is current Australian test cricket captain:
a) Ricky Ponting
b) Don Bradman
c) John Howard
d) Makybe Diva?

28. Is it best to take a sick day on:
a) When the cricket's on
b) When the cricket's on
c) When the cricket’s on?

29. What animal is on the Bundaberg Rum bottle?

30. What is the difference between a pot and a middy of beer?

31. What are Budgie smugglers?

32. What brand and size of Esky will you be purchasing?

33. Did you cry when Molly died on a Country Practice?

34. A "Hoppoate" is:
a) A breed of kangaroo
b) A kind of Australian "wedgie"
c) A disgraced Rugby League player?

35. What does having a 'chunder' mean?

36. When you were young did you prefer the Hills Hoist over any swing set?

37. What does the terminology 'True Blue' mean?

Your Score ………….

Friday, August 04, 2006

New Fave Photo.

I don't know who took it or where. I wish I did.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Turn To Email Behind The News.

Dear Behind The News,

I watch with awe the remarkable propaganda you are peddling as 'education' to the schoolchildren of Australia.

The subtlety of your writers is to be applauded, as is the targetting of your show.

Your latest piece, Lebanon Aid contained this:

"Israel has now agreed to allow humanitarian aid to be flown in, and is working with the UN to allow civilians to leave southern Lebanon. It's also halted bombing in Southern Lebanon for two days after world reaction to an attack, which destroyed a building where 60 people were sheltering.

Israel has also had deaths, injuries and damage to homes and buildings. Hezbollah reportedly says it wants to destroy the state of Israel and has been firing rockets across the border, mainly into the city of Haifa."

Which left me almost breathless at your effrontery.

Hezbollah have not "reportedly" said it wants to destroy Israel, it has "repeatedly" said it intends to destroy Israel.

A cursory surf on the net via google or yahoo will bring up plenty of information about Hezbollah's aims; peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind does not appear to be a part of the plan.

This disinformation is an insult to the parents and children watching, and is becoming tiresome.

Please try to present the issues, particularly with regards to the Middle East, in an impartial, factual manner. The BBC website is not one that I would be recommending for schoolchildren to visit unless it was as an example of rampant bias.

Perhaps you should try suggesting websites like or which has become a great resource for homeschoolers around the world.

Both sites carry news articles and scholarship which go to the heart of the conflict in the Middle East and the ramifications for us in the Western world.

Please try to remove the anti-Israel taint from your program, as I have no wish for my child to be exposed to such poor reporting.

Thank you,