Friday, July 20, 2007

The TMI Files.Today's New Word.

Magilla has discovered the word "hate," and uses it with abandon.

I don't know where she picked it up from, as it's one I rarely use, but I'm not particularly fussed. There are a lot of things she'll becoming across as she gets older and more sophisticated in her communication abilities.

She hates going to bed, she hates sleeping, she hates going to daycare (at least until I tell her that I'll go without her!) and she hates curry.

She hates tomato.... the list is endless.

The other day driving home, the sun was in her eyes and she hated that, too.

I told her that I was impressed with the list of things that she hates lately, but with respect to the sun, I couldn't do anything about it. Neither could she, so she needed to get used to it and stop whingeing.

Her response was a sotto voce, "I bet Jesus could fix that."

I nearly choked on my laughter and replied that I bet He could too, but I reckoned He is pretty cool with leaving the situation as it is.

The TMI Files. The Killing Of "Why?"

Well, we've been incapacitated for the last couple of weeks with the dreaded lurgi, so there's not been a lot to report.

I do wish to advise you that I've found a way to combat the nightmare of every parent:

"But why?"

Last night, at tub time, Magilla started.

Magilla: Why do you always have a really hot shower, mummy?

Me: Because I like my water hot.

Magilla: Buy why do you like hot water?

Me: Because it makes me feel good.

Magilla: But why?

Me: Because it relaxes my muscles.

Magilla: Why does it relax your muscles?

Me: It's called vasodilation, and that's when the heat makes the veins in your body expand......

Magilla: (Points at something on the vanity)What does that spell?