Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Forget Kony, George And The KCM Need Your Help.(updated)

While the adolescent Western World was running around linkwhoring the Get Kony vid and sending it viral, over in Uganda a small Ministry was going about its business of helping children in dire circumstances.

One particular mission of the Kyampisi Childcare Ministry is the battle against child sacrifice, which is an evil plague in Uganda.

It is not something out of a melodramatic pulp novel, but something that is happening as recently as last month:

This past week has been hard. The attrocites committed to children are impossible to comprehend. One 5 year old innocent girl killed, slit by the neck, blood drained and dies in the hands of a witch selfish doctors together with her 70 year old grandmother whose heart, tongue and liver were also taken. They were slaugtered like animals. Then another boy who is 1 and half yrs old who was killed and her legs cut off. Then another who survived narrowly and then a nother whose tongue was cut off and cant talk and needs therapy . These sufferings should concern us all. Those victims who have survived carry scars and their memories are vivid and disturbing! This Must End! (from the facebook page of Peter Michael, director of the KCM)

Peter has been to Australia before and has obviously forged some strong ties with us here as he is currently on his way with a young victim of torture, a 5 year old called George.

George needs reconstructive surgery, which he will undergo shortly in Brisbane, but funding is sparse. As Peter wrote to me last week,
Dear [nilk],
Our passports arrived yesterday and visas affixed accordingly. We will be leaving Uganda on the tuesday.Please pray that we get all the ticket funds. We are still behind on travel funds and hospital stay funds. It will cost 700 dollar per each day George is in hospital. Please if you could help with that for now that would be great. Talk to anyone you can. i can send you the story and the bank account details for that. See you soon.


While I am awaiting further details for specific donations here in Australia, people can still donate at the Ministry donation page here. Unlike that other mob, with a rather large income, the KCM are also running a fundraiser to build a school for the children they support. $20,000 is not a lot for building a couple of rooms with facilities to educate children, and so a one-off donation or a small monthly subscription are welcome, as are prayers.

UPDATE for Australian readers. Donations to assist George can be made directly to the Commonwealth Bank. BSB 064403, ACCT 10676435. Thank you.

This is a story that should be more visible than my small blog, but it's a start. I don't expect that it will be as popular as the Kony rah-rah activists (who are currently advocating for young people to get out and wear a tshirt.) A google search of "Kyampisi" brings up very little at all, so it's a long way from being in the common knowledge.

There are a lot of things I could say about that, but this is not the post for them.

This is to raise some awareness. A child who has survived a terrible mutilation is flying to our shores and needs some help.

You don't need to buy a tshirt, or wear a badge, bracelet or ribbon, or even put up a poster.

Just pray (if you're that way inclined), spread the wor, and if you can, please make a donation.

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