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Ah, Post-Modern Culture. You've Got To Love It.

I've been spending far too much time on facebook lately, and it most definitely interferes with, oh, near everything. It's handy for watching what's going on in the world, as I have an eclectic group of 'friends' consisting of family, workmates, friends, acquaintances, and random people I've come across and like their comments.

Unfortunately, though, there are so many people out there who are truly clueless and have no inclination to find a clue.

(Language alert)

Mr.A What does that have to do with anything?..

You've completely changed the topic, from a pathetic car park spot that FYI. Was never around when you were in nappies, what 14 years ago?

A "Parents with Prams" spot is just ridiculous and pointless, No matter where it is located. They are stupid. Do you even have a proper child harness? That is bolted from the sides aswell as the front and back?

Mothers of this generation are pathetic. Getting money off centrelink because you feel you NEED it. Getting your own "carpark" because you feel you NEED it. Bullshit, You need nothing.

If you can't survive without all the hand outs, you should have kept your legs closed in the first place.

Babies are a beautiful thing, But stop fucking whinging. 30 years ago there was no 'Baby Bonus.' and frankly it shouldn't be around now.

Too many high school drop outs without a high education/skills are having kids. If you can't support a 3rd person (or 2nd in some cases) than don't do it.

You ask your mothers if they struggled when they had you. They didnt get $400 a fortnight, They didn't have there own spot.

You've all got it easy and you STILL feel that you feel the need to whinge about everything? Fuck off. Mothers in the 21st century get life easy.
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Mr.A And thats the truth.
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nilk And [Mr.A] wins today's Awesome Award! Girls u bin pwnd lololol!
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Ms.Y Lol [Mr.A] wins the biggest cunt award n [nilk] whatever mate
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Mr.P What do I win
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Ms.EA Haha I don't even hav the time or energy to justify any of that.. All I'm gonna say is I've worked full time for the last 10 years and get maternity leave none of us are relying on centrelink at all but Keep living in your fairy tale world guys lol oh and [Mr.P] it's called multitasking.. I can hold a bottle and type at the same time.. Can u be working down a hole on fb.. Don't think so! Catch yas I've got way better and more important things to do :) losers lol
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Ms.EA [nilk] no real woman would agree like u hav.. Especially family u piece of shit!
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This exchange was precipitated by a facebook status of Ms.Y consisting merely of:
To the old fart thar parked in a parents wit prams can u not read stupid mole

Ms.Y is indeed known to me personally, and is a young mum in a stable relationship with her child's father.

She's also a prime example of where our post-christian, post-modern world is headed.

This is the next generation, raising the one coming after.

The first exchange is only a snippet of a thread that is currently standing at over 150 comments. I've contributed two. After being called a piece of shit by someone who doesn't know me, but I'll be meeting in person in a couple of weeks (*snicker), I withdrew from the debate.

As the saying goes, you don't want to wrestle with a pig because you get muddy and the pig enjoys it.

So it goes with the young things of today.

In a slightly different direction, over at GoV, Paul Weston has written a series of essays on how to destroy a country. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.

Both are quite timely, particularly Part 2, as it deals with the breaking down of traditions and morality in what we once considered normal society. One of the reasons I got called a piece of shit (excuse the language) by Ms.EA is because a)I agreed with the young men's views that a slightly wider carpark at the shopping centre is ultimately nothing to get up in arms about - it's a carpark! - and b)I suggested that one of the lads might like to visit The Spearhead. I couldn't resist stirring the possum with that one.

The shaming language came out with a vengeance, and the young men were derided as being useless, unworthy and having no right to talk about parents' situations since they weren't parents.

I was tempted to suggest that if that was indeed how they felt, then the girls should have no right to deride the men for the work they did.

The excerpt above is quite interesting to me when you look at the language and grammar used, and the fact that as a female who supported a position against the group (herd?) I wasn't a 'real woman'.

News to me, but what would I know. I mean, I'm only 44.

The better grammar came from the males, too.

Another exchange from a completely different social group on facebook:

Tim Tebow, its great to see the god you hold so dear is spending his "almighty time" helping you play football rather than curing world hunger or cancer. Theres a lord & saviour I can respect! Are you THAT self absorbed & have that little respect for your own god you honestly feel he is focused on your sporting career. Rather than doing something genuine to benefit mankind? You sanctimonious religiotard prick!
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Mr.F lmao he kicked Tebow to the gutter mate lmao Pats 42 Tebow 10 :))wonder what the excuses will be now
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Mr.T ummmm... who the hell is Tim Tebow?
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Mr.GQB for the Denver Broncos in the NFL. He is a complete jesus loony. Home schooled, hate filled, says prayers about 500 times ever game. Does pro-life ads on TV. To coin a phrase "the whole 9 yards". Check him out on Youtube. He is hilarious!!!!!
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Mr.TAh cool. Phone google no workies right now, cheers :)
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Ms.ND Quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and an out-there christian fundie.
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Mr.GThis is ahis dads website. Its as funny as Land over Baptist.

Are we feeling the love yet? Mr.G is quite vocal in his opposition to islam and sharia, but I don't know that he could be considered 'tolerant' of other views. As an atheist, he's also vocal in his opposition to christianity.

Somehow, other religions don't come in for the same sort of bashing as christianity.

Of course, while I appreciate that there are reasons for his dislike of the Church in any denomination, his comments often go what I'd consider the bounds of decency.

Another contender for Champion of Western "Civilisation" goes to the originator of this remarkable comment, Laughing hard as the Muslim convert to Christianity woman's body is found, and Muslims converted to Christianity husband is arrested .... once a Muslim, always a Muslim!

This is in response to the news that a man had confessed to murdering his wife and hiding her body. The family are Iranian, have been in Australia for over a decade, and had converted to christianity.

These atheists, and assorted new agers are supposedly on our side. They supposedly support the ideals of Western Civilisation, but such glee in the face of such an atrocity does not bode well for us.

As usual, christianity is so often accused of being the reason we are in such straits. Comments over at Paul Weston's piece have the usual claims that christians have opened the way for today's problems. As commenter Columnist says,
But Christianity IS a deeply flawed religion.

Christianity commands having a large family, but forbids wars of conquest. This explains the hypocrisy of the West; constantly following a cycle of expansion and guilt. Christianity is inherently unstable.

Christian monogamy means that conquered people are wiped out. Not only men, but also women and children are killed.

So basically all pathologies of the West, both the atrocities AND the guilt about it, are inherited from Christianity.

There is so much wrong with this comment it would take a couple of essays to deconstruct it, but let's just look at one segment. Christian monogamy is Bad according to our commenter. Ohhhhh-kay.

I guess promoting a stable family unit, ensuring that lesser, beta-males, have the opportunity to marry and raise a family (if one man has 4 wives, and the culture also favours things like honour-killing, doesn't that reduce the pool of available females for all men?). Several women competing for the attention of one man leads to jealousy and a lack of trust and respect for all family members.

Yeah, I can see how monogamy is a bad thing.

A closer study of christianity shows that actually it's not that bad a thing to base a society on, and there are serious atheists out there who agree with me. These are rational people like Circe who was a regular contributor to the Australian Islamist Monitor.

Unfortunately, I don't think there are enough non-christians out there who are willing to study the historical foundations and accept that.

Too many years of soft cultural Marxism have blunted the sharpness of our thinking, and on days like today, I honestly don't have any answers.

Youth who have no concept of respect or courtesy for anyone yet demand it for themselves, secular activists who demand respect and want islam out yet demonstrate a wanton, and offensive disregard for the 'other' even if they are members of their own circle but happen to believe in a christian God.

They've sipped enough of the pc-kool aid to shy away from making too many offensive comments about other religions.

This fact saddens me, but also gives me hope. If the enemy, whoever or whatever it is, is so hellbent on wiping out the impact of Christ and His teachings, then maybe there's got to be something to it.

I wonder how long it will take before the likes of Mr.G, and Columnist can recognise that possibility.

I don't expect people to believe like I do, but just do some homework and learn the real, unadulterated history.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Coconutdog said...

Hi Nilk,

Part three is here:

At 8:05 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

Thanks, Coconutdog (great handle by the way!). I saw it this afternoon, but I'd already posted this last night. :)


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