Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birmingham Blogged Live Pt 2

Part one is here.

The muslims have showed their true colors and has kicked off
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EDL Support Group
Speeches are just about to start and it is estimated that there are around 1200 present
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[12:23AM] @EddBauer Edward Bauer
Fighting starting, drunk #edl kicking off against police.

(I do find it interesting that there is not a whole lot going on. There is the above photo captioned that fighting has begun, but that photo could be of pretty much anything. I've noticed before that EDL demos are relatively non-violent in a remarkably disproportionate way compared to the wailing and gnashing of teeth that precedes them. If we look back to the riots earlier in the year, the EDL weren't party to those, and yet their signatures were written in blood and burning buildings.)

[12:28AM] @MrSimonPowell Simon Powell
"Gary Glitter would love Sharia Law". Can any experts on either Sharia Law or Gary Glitter explain that to me? #EDL #confused
(LOL. Confused is correct.)

[12:33AM]@NemesisRepublic Nemesis Republic
RT @EddBauer: Car turned round to escape #edl demo, because of bottles being thrown, now is blocking road.

(This is another of my new best friend Edd Bauer's photos.)
[12:45AM] @EddBauer Edward Bauer
The police cordon at the #edl demo

(Who is being cordoned???)

@WeAreTheBrits We Are The Brits
I see the rancid ultra violent far left filth of the #uaf are being kettled by the Police as the #EDL patriots hold their peaceful protest

[12:51AM]#EDL members at pub getting tanked up on foreign booze #hypocrites and #racists
(Now Martin did tell me they were meeting at an Australian-themed pub, but for goodness' sake, this makes them racists now? Talk about clutching at straws.)

[12:56AM] @RichardBurdenMP Richard Burden
Been to show support @ #Brum community protest against #edl. Had look @ EDL rally too. Hate filled & stomach churning #brumisbetterthanthat
(Good to see local pollies out amongst the constituents. Of course, considering that there are a lot of people who prefer sharia to the Law of the Land in Birmingham, I guess he can't be seen to have any sympathy with the EDL's message. Not that I suspect he has any.)

[1:06AM]EDL Support Group
Muslims tried to get in to the EDL demo area but were quickly dealt with by the Police. Fireworks were let off by EDL members but again was dealt with by Stewards. Demo is now over and everyone is starting to get bussed out but intelligence has been received by the Police of plans to attack coaches by the Muslims
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[1:10AM] @EddBauer Edward Bauer
This is not 1,200 ppl, #edl demo far lower numbers than #edl report. They spent most of time in pub.

And a couple of screen shots to round it out:

Because nothing says tolerance and compassion like wishing spontaneous human combustion upon someone with whom you disagree.

I'm glad I'm a member of the Evil Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, because none of the dreadful bigots I associate with would ever say anything like that.

I think I'll stick with supporting the EDL.


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recall Gary Glitter was arrested in some asian country, Thailand maybe, for having sex with underage girls.

It may be sharia law would be fine with this sort of thing despite being harsh on so many other things.

At 4:45 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

It most definitely would, Anon, since a girl is considered marriage material when she hits puberty.

Technically, she can be married off at pretty much any age, so yup, Gary Glitter would be fine with it.

If anyone wants references, the Reliance of the Traveller is good for that.

k13.8 Puberty applies to a person after the first wet dream, or upon becoming fifteen (O:lunar) years old, or when a girl has her first menstrual period or pregnancy*.

The Hedaya set of rulings which was quite popular a few decades back lists out when and at what ages sex with a female slave is allowed, and that also does not rule out sex with prepubescent girls.

*bolding added.

At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Merilyn said...

You may find this very interesting Nilk, it was put up on Piers blog today by Black Ball under the heading "Is this were we are heading".

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Gramfan said...

Hi there Nilk. Just popped in to say "hi", and how lovely it was to met you last night:)


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