Monday, August 02, 2010

Meet Vickie.

Vickie is standing for the Senate in the current election, and has only recently stood up to be counted.

Since she's a Christian who is happy to tell people that she disagrees with sharia law, I suspect we'll be hearing quite a bit about her. She's already made the Australian Network News because of this:
A Victorian Senate candidate for the Christian Democratic Party says she wants to counter what she sees as the 'Islamisation' of Australia.

Senate candidate Vickie Janson says she supports religious freedom but Muslims need to integrate, and should not insist on exclusive facilities such as prayer rooms and toilets.

Ms Janson was speaking at the Christian Democratic Party campaign launch in the Victorian city of Bendigo.

She says the Federal Government is endorsing the Islamisation of the country.

"It's something that we can see in these government funded brochures, we see a presentation of Islam in our schools that just defies historical reality. You've got to question why would we be teaching these things in our school anyway, why would we be insisting upon a Muslim perspective."

This will no doubt upset a few of the luvvies because that doesn't sound very inclusive. She's got a point, though.

The Australian Islamist Monitor has done some investigation into the current push to include appreciation of islam in school curricula.

As I told my daughter's teacher, if they are going to include islamic studies, then I expect them to also include christianity, buddhism, hinduism, atheism and every other religion. It's about time the pagans got a shout out also, don't you think?

It was annoying enough when my girl came home in the lead up to Christmas back in Preps and asked me about Eid. Apparently they also talked about Hannukah, so I didn't make a fuss.

When it comes to sharia in Australia, Vickie has a handle on the topic, having spent years researching it in an effort to understand her muslim friends. What she learned also led to her writing a book about it, and obviously talking about it.

She's definitely someone to keep an eye on, and she's a lot nicer and more optimistic than I am - she's not even got a bodyguard!

(full disclosure: I have a copy of her book, and have started reading it, but am only a couple of chapters in.)