Sunday, June 22, 2008

The TMI Files. A Short Bedtime Story.

So I was sitting up watching Planet Terror in the large lounge with the Godmother when I hear a plaintive bleat in the distance.

I was a bit grumbly but put a hold on that, because she’d been pretty good about going to bed this evening. Bedtime is generally okay until I’ve left Magilla’s room, with numerous calls and complaints about various things until I get snarky.

Tonight, though, I decided not to fuss. Plus it was around 10pm, so she’d definitely been sacked out.

She was just wanting the toilet, so I gave my permission then got back to the movie.

She did what she had to, then came down to the lounge and I gave her a big hug and sent her on her way.

A minute or so later, I decided to stick my head in her room to see how she was going, and she was just sliding back into sleep; something I’ve not seen for a long time.

So, I sat on the side of her bed, gave her another cuddle, and as she was drifting off I whispered in her ear: I love you lots and lots and lots and lots and monster lots.

She smiled, so I whispered some more: You’re my favourite girl.

More smiles, so once more: Have sweet dreams, chicken…..

And then I left her to it.

Magilla will definitely sleep well tonight, I reckon.

So will I.

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