Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Need A Bigger Filing Cabinet.

Aguayo told IPS he joined the military in November 2002 while he was working the night shift at a bank to support his wife and daughters, while he attended community college during the day.

So far, so good. A few lines later comes this classic:

Aguayo's excitement started to wane, however, once he entered basic training. He said he was disturbed by boot camp chants like "left, right, left, right, KILL" and, although he had enlisted as an Army medic, he realised that he would still have to carry a weapon and fire it at other human beings when necessary.

That feeling of unease intensified after his unit received orders to deploy to Iraq. Before leaving for Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, they ran training exercises in Germany.

"We would drive around in convoys in the woods in Germany in a training area and constantly targets would pop up and we would fire out the window," he said. "We did this day after day [and] at nighttime. I was part of an infantry battalion. At that point it became clear to me that in today's army a medic isn't just someone who helps people. In all fairness, it's an infrantryman, a rifleman, that has some medical skills."

How about I highlight my favourite line?

" today's army a medic isn't just someone who helps people. In all fairness, it's an infrantryman, a rifleman, that has some medical skills."

Somebody give the man a skippy badge for observation skills.

What on earth do people think the armed forces are for? They are for learning how to defend your self, your brothers and sisters in arms and your country. That involves killing people who may be trying to kill you.

Now I know the title of the piece is Latino Soldiers Who Refused Iraq Speak Out, but it could just as easily be titled: Whiny Peaceniks Realise That Yes, You Do Have To Fire Your Guns In The Army.

Or maybe, Conscientous Objectors Never Realised That They Could Go To War.

Why on earth would someone join the armed forces when they have a moral objection to guns and war and killing people?

This attitude gets my back right up, particularly when discussing it with people like my brother-in-law. I'll call him Bill.

Bill doesn't like my stance on the War, or islam or a lot of things, although we do both belive in God. (My sis is an atheist, just to make life interesting).

Anyway, we were all yakking around the table not too long back and the subject of guns and self-defence came up.

I'm all for them. Magilla will be taking up martial arts in the next couple of years, and I'd love for her to learn how to handle a gun. I see no sense in waiting for the police to come and hold your hand after you've already been burgled, and I likewise see no sense in letting someone wander into my home and my life and take what they will.

I'm not interested in dialogue. If you enter my home without my permission, then your intent is harmful.

Anyway, before I start ranting I'll get back on track.

Bill's attitude is that violence is never the answer, and guns especially are Not On.

So sis and I asked him when it was acceptable to take aggressive action in your own defence.

He said never. He would never fight back, nor would he condone it.

So sis and I asked him about someone breaking into the family home and threatening to kill their young daughter. Was that a time when violence was acceptable, or would he prefer to see his child assaulted or murdered?

That was something he really hadn't considered, from his reaction. He sort of fudged around in his answer.

I can't remember his exact words, but the impression I received from his demeanour was that he really just didn't want to even consider the possibility of being in that situation.

I think the fellow in the article is a bit like Bill and a lot of other people: they just don't consider all possible scenarios, and when they find themselves confronted by the (to them) inconceivable, the fight or flight reflex kicks in and they run away.

It would be nice if they could take the time to realise that when you join the Army, or Airforce, or Navy or Marines or the Police, there is a reason for the gun you learn how to use.

It's not just for decoration.

(article found via Fire Witch)

ps. The filing cab I'm referring to is for the No Shit, Sherlock Files.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger MK said...

Well said Nilk. Sometimes i wonder what goes on in the heads of these people. And leftists insist they are the intellectual giants.

Criminals love people like Bill. If i was you i'd be sending your sister and niece along with Magilla to martial arts, because i'm sorry, but Bill doesn't sound like he'll be much use when the odd scumbag comes gate crashing.

At 11:30 PM, Blogger Chief Bastard said...

He'll be first to the phone, dialing for the cops to come and save his own worthless hide. The sort of man that has to be told, 'Women and children first'. The first to look for a uniform when trouble starts. Gutless. Spineless. Worthless. Contributes nothing to society and will not stand to defend it. Deserves to leave it. Make sure you tell him what people think of cowards like him. I'm happy to explain these principles in person as well.

At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Grimmy said...

Well said ma'am.


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