Monday, January 09, 2006

Renovation Retards. The Kitchen.

It has begun....

This morning, the Godmother and I started in on the kitchen.

The House in Bogan Central, as it's come to be known, is an old commission house from the 50s. These buildings are made from slabs of concrete and tend to be rather boxy and not at all beautiful.

However, when they have been looked after, they are wonderfully solid and quite okay in the insulation department. If they haven't been, then rising damp, dodgy stumping and the like can become a nuisance.

This one's been looked after.

BUT.... (there's always one, I know)

A previous owner was a bit too free with the carpet budget. We are talking carpet everywhere apart from the loo, the laundry and the entryway to both at the back door. That means, for those a bit slow on the uptake, that carpet has been applied to other wet areas in the house. Like the kitchen and the bathroom.

Not no more. For the kitchen, at least.

Today, we ripped up the carpet. Under the carpet were vinyl tiles which would have come with the house originally, and they were still in pretty good nick. They might have been a bit faded, but serviceable. The carpet was disgusting, though. I've got pictures to be posted, but they will have to wait until we lay down the new vinyl tiles. That'll be tomorrow.

The carpet was soooo disgusting. It had obviously been there for 30+ years. We are talking dirt and dust filtering through it and piling up underneath so that the floor was uneven. I had thought it must have been something under the vinyl beneath, but I was wrong. The vinyl had been laid to last, and it did.

I don't know what sort of nufnuf would put carpet in a kitchen, but someone should hunt them down and smack them upside of the head.

The cabinets are also original, but we are going to replace those. We need a dishwasher and more bench space. They will come shortly. It's the floor for now. It's not hygienic, especially with a rugrat and a fat cat.

Unfortunately, since we've not had any use for power tools so far, there are no photos of chicks with hot toys. Maybe later.

Even Magilla has been getting in on the fun; stuffing the vacuum cleaner full of half-disintegrated underlay, trying to prise up tiles with her own little screwdriver. It's not been a dull day at all, with more fun tomorrow.

To be continued.....


At 6:10 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Ewww! Carpet in the kitchen. And the loo! Oh my Gawd!! Disgusting! Just imagine all the dried urine in that carpet. How can you stand it? I'd be wearing wellies to go to the loo. Then hose them off outside.

I don't know where the idea to carpet kitchens and toilets came from. There was a certain era where people did that. Late 70's I think. When all tacky, ugly things were spawned.

Is the carpet plain or some groovy but garish pattern? I recently went to an Open House with my daughter (we do that for fun), and we both burst out laughing when we saw the lounge carpeting. The real estate agent heard us from the kitchen, and yelled out "Oh, so you've noticed the carpeting!". It was some psychedelic pattern, that reminded me of the back of a Jimi Hendrix album. It was in perfect condition too. The agent lifted one corner and showed us beautiful jarrah timber flooring underneath. Such a shame to cover that up with such an eyesore, yet it did end up preserving the beautiful wood for the next owners.

Well, have fun. Tool Time for Nilknarf.

At 9:40 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

Luckily, the loo is carpet free. It's separate to the bathroom.

And we've got new vinyl on the floor. YAY!

Pictures coming. Be prepared....


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