Sunday, December 11, 2005

Aussie newsnviews round up of Cronulla.

Aussie has a nice collection of articles about this, and also some scathing commentary on how it all panned out now that the details of what went on are coming out.
The best light that can be thrown on the "protesters" at Cronulla is that they were all tired and emotional after a few too many beers however If I were a Muslim I would be sending you all free Lotto tickets for providing me with enough propaganda to lobby the pals in the state ALP for even more concessions and freedoms to rape, pillage and plunder "Aussie skips" even more than they already do.

I hate to say it but today the Muslims WON hands down, start THINKING instead on imitating our self declared enemies only then will Australians interest's be represented by our Governments instead of theirs.

Iemma was voted in, he can be voted out,he and his Multicultural worshiping party of "progressive free thinkers" made up of unemployed Union officials and school teachers should be the focus of our attention, not some poor bastard with a suntan walking along Cronulla Beach with his Woman on a Sunday morning. For Gods sake who was the fuc**ng genius who thought it was a good idea to attack them?

While there is a part of me that agrees with Aussie, we are also talking about mob dynamics, and we need to be aware that years of multicultural soft-soaping means a lot of steam is under pressure.

The "middle-eastern" gangs have been around for years, and because they've got their Get Out Of Jail Free card, they've pretty much done whatever they like.

Maybe we should put a different spin on the boorish behaviour of the skips.

The Anglo segment of the population is remarkably disadvantaged. Being born into a successful, democratic, multicultural paradise means that they are automatically discriminated against.

If they belong to Christian churches, then they can't claim discrimination if they are offended by slurs such as 'happy clapper' or Crusader. After all, they are in the majority.

If they are caucasian in appearance, then their very whiteness counts against them. If they raise a complaint about being called a 'white bastard' by someone of another ethnicity, they are dismissed as whiny and racist for recognising the insult intended.

The skip women and girls are encouraged to dress more like those of other cultures so as not to offend or incite assault. Me wearing skimpy dresses would not go down well in a lot of suburbs these days, and the anger I feel at children wearing hijab is considered 'racist' or 'religionist' or 'islamophobic' or whatever the current word is.

We live in a country of freedom and choice. Supposedly. Where is the choice when women have to cover their hair and faces and bodies or else be raped and slandered?

No, the police shouldn't have been on the receiving end.

I will confess, though, it would be great if they just and the ambos sat back and let the boys sort themselves out.

There is a lot of anger out there, and it is building. I think the silent majority are starting to find their voice. It's not pretty, but it's about time.


At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Bozo said...

Even Tim quotes this story where ' a Lebanese girl was pushed over and kicked'. Yeah by who? Looked to me like a middle-aged blonde woman did it.

Half truth is worse than a lie.

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Bozo said...

Yeah, we have a culture too.
When I was growing up in the 50's a woman who dressed in a veil and full cover was a nun, a holy celibate chaste woman. Entitled to special respect.
For every muslim wife to dress like that is like if all our men dressed as Imams. An insult. To Aussie culture. Do they consider how much they have offended us?
Again, the hijab insults other women who don't wear it, as if ordinary women are sluts or something.
The Hijab is an offensive fraud. It should be banned.

At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Bozo said...

THanks for having open comments, RWDB, I have some thoughts on all this and can't be bothered registering on Tim's or other's site. One thing is there are few RW blogs in the heart of Sydney. I'm in Sydney's West myself. And all the good blogs are mostly either in Vic or from Melbourners like Tim. Good on you guys.

Just on the ambulances etc: the daytime violence was no worse than a pub brawl. A few cuts and bruises. The ambos weren't even sure the people were injured. It was unnecessarily provocative on the part of the police to send the ambos in. Political theatre? Think 'Palestinians' with their ever-present 'ambulances'.
Yes, I just saw the attack on a girl on the news again, it WAS only women attacking. Talk to any women from there and you'll hear why- 'Leb' women are rude arrogant pigs to Aussie women. Their wearing burkas just rubs it in.

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Bozo said...

Me again.
Cronulla/Coogee people were killed in the Bali bombings. Did anyone even notice that?
Bruce Baird the local member has some sense:,20281,17538305-5001021,00.html

At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Bozo said...

Might as well make a nuisance of myself.
I was always a multicult supporter, Woodstock generation and all that. I lived in Marrickville 1980's/90's. First time I heard we had a problem was when the GREEKS told me. After describing some indicent, a Greek woman's eyes would glaze over and she would growl, 'Bloody Lebanese'. 'Bbbut', I said, 'Isn't that rrrracist?'.

Older and wiser now.

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

Feel free, Bozo. :) Love the handle.

I never even thought about 'racism' and stuff like that. Maybe that's because I'm white. Who knows?

But you had your wogs and skips and chinks, but people ultimately were just people.

These days, political correctness has gone so far over the line that it's no longer taken seriously.

Everyone is entitled to whinge without taking responsibility for the consequences.

Unless you are anglo. Especially male anglos. then it's all your fault.

I keep the open comments because I do have pals who like to catch up on the TMI files. If they want to give me heaps, there's an open door for them. LOL

Check out Evil Pundit or Bastards Inc. I think they're Sydney based, and you don't have to register to comment. Both are good. And A Western Heart is also good value. They're in the blogroll.

At 6:57 PM, Blogger dag said...

I thank you, for putting up some good sense regarding this situation. From what I'm getting fromthe MSM it seems like a major gang of professional thugs whipped up a frenzied crowd of 5,000 drunken white racists to attack colored people on a beach. Uh. I didn't think that sounded right. A bit of checking, and also the memory of the lady at jihadwatch who wrote that her 12 year old daughter was gang raped by Muslims in Australia kind of made me wonder about the common cliches in the press.

Also, there were some recent gangland shootings that seem to have been due to Islamic killers who more or less, from what I gather, got away.

So thanks to you and pedestrian infidel I'm getting a clearer picture. If you could send some sunshine up here to Canada I'd be really happy.

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

Dag, we're getting the same picture here from the meeja. What they're not telling you is that that this has been going on for years, and it's pretty much been allowed to happen.

Also, it wasn't just a bunch of louts in there. There were plenty of older people around on the day. It was supposed to be a relatively peaceful day according to some accounts, with the addendum that the Lebs better stay away. Unfortunately, while the gangs did (they ran off to harrass other unsuspecting cars and property in Maroubra), others got in the way.

That's my reading of it, from chasing around all the news reports and blogwatchers.

Adrian the cabbie also has a good take on this. He was on the ground in Maroubra.

As for sunshine? Sending some your way. It's hot and humid here. Waiting for a storm to break. I've even delayed watering the garden for 2 days waiting.

got a good thread going on this, also. Lots of condemming of louts, but I will confess, here, that a part of me is cheering.

I would also like to point out the lack of damage to cars by yobbos.

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

Bugger. Forgot to close tags again. PIMF.

At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Deo said...

Yep. The odds get even.

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Yeah, too bad it got violent. I heard it started off nice, but the scenes of the drunken yobs pelting the ambo and cops with bottles ruined it all. Of course that's what the media will show over and over again. The reason behind the protest gets lost in the sensationalist images. I'm sure the pollies like Iemma are breathing a sigh of relief. They love such images. Takes the focus off them unfortunately, where it belongs. They caused it.

It's pretty disgusting what's been revealed to us since the lifeguards were bashed last week. All the stories out of Sydney about what the Lebs have been getting up to for YEARS! This didn't happen all of a sudden, for no reason. People are just fed up. They've had it. They've been abandoned to thugs, by vote-whoring, arse-licking pollies who then dictate to the police to let Leb thugs do what they please. It's disgusting that this has been going on for so long. The bottles should be pelted at pricks like Iemma, who does not represent NSW. He represents Lakemba where likely most of the Leb thugs are from, or at least their supporters. How bizarre that he is the Premier of NSW. What a cruel, sick joke, Bob Carr. I thought you were halfway decent, but now, maybe not so much.

One part of me is ashamed of the actions of the Cronulla riot. Another part of me says "Yeah!". It's quite the dilemma.

At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Bozo said...

Well the 'Lebs' came back to trash Cronulla shops tonite. As well as swarming outside their mosque in Lakemba, attacking police trying to maintain order.
Only come out at night, just like...

Remind me, why are these people here in Australia?

At 12:13 AM, Anonymous Bozo said...

This is just unbelievable:

"MAROUBRA: Rampage of hate


December 13, 2005

TERRIFIED residents told yesterday how they were bashed, threatened with firearms and forced to cower inside their homes after up to 100 youths of Middle Eastern descent rampaged through Maroubra in apparent retaliation for the Cronulla race riots.

As locals counted the cost, more than 60 damaged cars lined two of Maroubra's main streets yesterday.

Residents told how they watched in horror - many cowering inside with their children - as youths descended on Maroubra and Malabar Rds, targeting virtually every car in the street.

One man, Steve, said he was threatened with a handgun and chased inside his home when he went to investigate the commotion.

"I was at the gate and this big guy came rushing towards me," he said.

"I slammed the gate and ... another guy at the car pointed a gun at me and said, 'get back inside'. I ran inside and they chased us up the steps. It was terrifying."

Another resident, Niki Barr, 42, said she was knocked to the ground after being smashed in the head by a thug with a baseball bat.

"He just smashed me and kept running," Ms Barr said.

"As he ran off he said, 'this is our country too' and he was gone."

Residents said the gang appeared to be well organised with some members smashing cars while others followed closely in getaway vehicles.

Weapons including a set of nun-chukkas, steel poles and tree stakes were left behind after the rampage.

New parents Tallis and Oriana, who did not want to reveal their surnames, said they watched in shock as four men attacked their Nissan Pulsar with a baseball bat, planks of wood and a knife.

"It was really scary because we didn't know what was going to happen, whether they would try and attack the house," Oriana said.

Tallis said: "I'm just surprised no one died, with the knives they had.

"There was one guy slashing tyres, another jumping on the bonnet and others smashing windows."

Trouble flared about 9pm when the gang descended on Malabar Rd and went on a rampage towards Maroubra beach.

Residents claimed police were ill-prepared for the violence, with many saying it was only stopped when the gang was chased away by the 'Bra Boys surf gang.

Lyne Sickle, whose Ford Festiva was vandalised, said she watched a police car enter the street and then turn away as a large mob of hooligans congregated.

"I don't know why they (police) didn't do anything," she said.

Randwick councillor Murray Mathson said only four police cars initially responded to calls for help.

"They were outnumbered and from what I understand, it was the 'Bra Boys who saved the police from attack," he said.

"Although I am not a fan of the 'Bra Boys, I think their protection of the police was praiseworthy in this incident.",20281,17546744-5001021,00.html

At 12:57 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

So all that went on in Maroubra and the cops were where? There were a lot of cops at Cronulla yesterday, dozens of them from what I could see, and very happy to use their batons. Why not the same enthusiastic baton use in Maroubra? Are they afraid of the Lebs? 5000 yobs yesterday and lots of cops, 100 Muslims tonight and not many cops. Sorry if I feel like there's a bias. Just like the bias that went on for years while Leb thugs intimidated and assaulted Australians, which is what brought us to this situation today.

Bozo, yes, I ask myself that question often too: why are they here? what purpose? what benefit? None that I can see. They do not fit, and never will.

At 5:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, why to the thugs have to be "Leb" thugs? White Aussies rape and murder and stuff too, you know, but you don't hear everyone else whinge about "white thugs". They're criminals, end of story.

At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Bozo said...

'Leb' is what they call themselves, dude.

We never heard that word before they told us to call them that.

You tell me!

'You don't hear... about 'white thugs''? Ummm hello, just read the news, man. Whites are 'racists', lebs are 'youths'. What planet are you on?

At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Bozo said...

When was the last time you heard about a white, non-aboriginal, rapist? Anybody?

At 7:56 AM, Blogger dag said...

I know as well as anyone else that any group of people will produce some number of rapists regardless of who or what they are. That's a matter of criminality and mental illness. It's a police matter for the most part.

But Islam is a poligion, a political religion, "a total way of life," that legitimizes and sanctions rape. Imagine if the pope got on television and said it's a good thing for Fatholics to rape non-Catholic women because they aren't really Human. Go from there and make up your own examples. But it only happens in Islam. No other group states in its texts sanctioned by law and God that it's a good thing to rape women. There it goes beyond being a legal matter. At that point it becomes a threat to the entire Human race rather than a threat to individual women. Organized gang-rape sanctioned by a major so called religion is more than a crime on the part of this or than particular gang. Then it's a menace to every woman on Earth anywhere all the time forever. It's not this or that criminal scum-bag. It's Islam. The criminals are incidental. Hang a dozen or two and you still have Islam telling the rest that it's a good thing to rape women. All women. Not just non-Muslims. Islam is a rapist religion. It's there in the Quran. Mate, they listen to that crap five times a day from the moment they're born till the time they die. They are rasied to be rapists and thieves and murderers. Islam is a threat to everyone on Earth. It's not just a few thousand Lebs here and there. It's Islam.

Goofy hippies stoned on marijuana might like to blow smoke at it but most of us here know the Quran, Hadiths, and the Sira well enough to quote sura and kos till you heave. It's Islam, no matter what idiot dhimmis say without knowing the first thing about it.

Islam. It is a criminal poligion in itself.

At 8:04 AM, Blogger Nilk said...

Thanks for that, Bozo. It's a pretty sad day when the police are too cautious to do something and have to be helped by a surfer gang.

Anonymous, the difference between white thugs and Leb thugs, is that Leb thugs see raping and murder and theft and vandalism as an okay sort of thing to do - it's all non-muslim, so that's okay. Our women deserve to be assaulted because they don't wear hijab, and their women appear to be happy with the situation because it means they are left alone. The parents seem quite okay with it, too, and in some cases encourage the behaviour. After all, it's not like we're real people.

White thugs, on the other hand, get ostracised by the community, even if they do get a smack on the wrist from some soft magistrate.

Check out this for a miscarriage of justice.

The bloke who assaulted a girl in her own home because it seemed like the thing to do walked away from court, but public opinion made life very difficult for him. If I recall, he lost his job because the women around didn't want to work with him.

He may not have been punished by the court, he may not have done his time, but he's paying.

The Lebs get away with it, and if someone does try to make them accountable, the cries of 'racist' are deafening. Yet these are the fellows bringing race into it.

At 8:06 AM, Blogger Nilk said...

Heh. These days the authorities are so scared of upsetting minorities, they rarely use descriptions other than 'man' or 'youth'.

At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Bozo said...

Its a little confusing for overseas readers when they read things like current Daily Tele 'Night of Retribution'. First it mentions a 'group of Caucasian men' allegedly 'vandalising' outside Lakemba Mosque, who were apparently in fact SMH reporters and cameramen.
Then the article refers to shocking violence comitted by 'youths' 'Men' 'such men' and ends again with the dubious allegation about 'white' vandalism. Nowhere is it clear that the jacboot thuggish acts were all by Lebs.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger dag said...

This has captured my attention. I think most people are well aware of the crap the MSM is flinging at us, but it's in the details we get from you folks Down Under who make it exactly clear what the crap is.

Hey, good luck down there. Wish I could join you.

At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Australian" -
'MOBILE phone text messages calling for people to start "cracking skulls" have surfaced on the Gold Coast.
These grease ball monkeys with their gold chains and fully sick cars need to know that we're not copping any.
"We all have stories about (these groups) raping our sisters or bashing our brothers – it's not on".
"Supt Pointing warned the authors as well as mobile phone users who forwarded the violent texts would be punished under Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Act".
CHA!! Good luck with prosecutions under the "anti-discrimination act" Supt Pointy Pointy!!
It aint gonna happen because there's NO discrimination in the text messages you useless stupid fat piece of shit PIG!
I dare you to go out and arrest a 'middle-eastern male' and bring the charge to court.
It wont happen because you're weak as piss and shit scared of the multi-culti P.C brigade who'd have your guts for garters if you even tried!


At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an Aussie, born here of british and Jewish descent, and if being an Aussie means u get to attack anyone you like and use nationalism as an excuse for anti-social behaviour... FUCK AUSTRALIA.

At 6:47 AM, Blogger dag said...

If nationalism is the motivation for the rioting, then, yes, fuck Australia, go somewhere else. But what leads anyone to think nationalism is the cause of the rioting? My guess is that would be two things: the media protraying the rioting as the work of highly successful neo-Nazi organizers within a racist milieu of ignorant drunken Whites attacking people of Middle Eastern appearence; and the person on the street who is emotionally committed to an ideological position in which he or she cannot deal with anything outside of or contrary to that ideological construct.

There are those who just don't get it: Islam is behind the riots, Islamic triumphalism dunned into Muslims from the moment they are born, Islamic superiority over the kafir population who are seen as najis, that being "filthy" to you, because you, for example, do not ritually shave around your anus five times per day. Yes, you are not just dirty but filthy and stinking, and worse, you have no right in the world of Islam to think of yourself as anything other than a dhimmi at best, a second-rate descendent of a pig or a monkey.

Your man-made laws do not apply to Muslims because they are an affort to Allah and his sharia. With Muslim attitudes like that, coupled with the collosal ignorance of the general public and the hate-fueled bigotry and sanctimony of the naive and self-righteous Leftist there is little left over for the average man on the beach to do when confronted by a hostile and aggressive violent minority than unthinking and uncritical frustrated rampage.

But most people don't get it because they don't understand Islam, not its background, not its tenets, not its purpose and goals. Most people are lazy, stupid, and malignantly uninformed and happily so. Those are the same people who today spout the commonalities of p.c., and they are the ones who will as mindlessly tomorrow spout the mindless cliches of the next wave of public thought.

Not understanding the nature of the Muslim threat to the world of Modernity won't prevent the uninformed and stupid intelligentsia from bandying cliches. That's their job. The public has a duty to become informed, but if they refuse, which most do, you get what you get. That is a punishment I'm not willing to suffer.

If you read the common papers you'll get the common view with no real grasp of the nature of the struggle. Spout anyway. Who cares? For others, those who want to know why Muslims are killing at random, a bit of study of Islam will show clearly that it is a fascist poligion, a collectivist political religion based on a 7th century desert tribal code that appeals to primites the world round. It gives sanction to robbers, killers, and child-molestors. But you have to read these things for yourself rather than wasting you time on the daily paper telling you this is all the result of drunked racists. If you won't study the nature of Islam, if you must continue to read the papers to find the opinions you wish to spout in public, then leave Australia out of it, and fuck you.

At 12:40 PM, Blogger dag said...

Hey, Nilknarf: good to read your blog for news from Down There.

I have opinions on everything, and I'm not shy about expressing them. Lest anyone think I was above making rude suggestions to them in particular, I wasn't. And for more opinions, this time on childrearing: Calvin is at the table having breakfast cereal. Hobbes says: "Why are you putting chocolate milk on your Sugar-frosted Chocalate Bombs/" Calvin replies: "I tried Pepsi but the bubbles kept going up my nose."

I gotta have kids someday.

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

Dag, you're always welcome :)

I can recommend the kid thing. Your life is never the same. Sometimes it makes you cry, and others you laugh until you cry.

And there is a lot of joy in there, too.

At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Bozo said...

France has called for Israeli help to deal with its 'cannaille'. I say Oz looks into adopting an Isaeli approach too.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger dag said...

I've been chatting with my mates here at the fortress where we work in the heart of one of the world's craziest cities filled with drug-gangs and low-lifes of all description, about the joys of raising children and having cats. I happen not to know very much about those things but I got lucky: my mates know a lot, and I figured I'd pass on some valuable feeding tips from them. Breakfast cereal and kittie crunchies are made of the same stuff, they're just different colours. Your kids and kittens won't eat? Well, no problem: get a sling-shot and each time either opens its mouth, let fly. I'd recommend getting a visor for the kids. I'm the responsible one around here, I guess.

Can't believe I don't have any kids. My wife and I used to practice all the time and now I know I just never got it right. I rest releived with her praise ringing in my ears when she told all her friends I'm mechanical. Really, she was being nice. She explained that I'm not good with my hands at all. Her friends said I used my hands all the time. So how could she ever think anyone would believe I'm mechanical?

Much to learn in this life, Nilknarf Sm. Hope it's treating you and your girl well too.

Best wishes, and Christmas greetings too.


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