Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Makes You Want To Buy A Monster Truck And Run Over Baby Seals And Penguins.

This ad is playing all over the teev at the moment. Apparently, according to the person who youtubed it*, this is .... one of the best soundtrack I have ever heard in commercial. You have to seen this video!

Personally, each time I see it I start rummaging around behind the couch and under the fridge trying to find those rusty razor blades.

The comments over at youtube are classic, too:

The whale in this video is Lolita who lives at the Miami Seaquarium. Please help get her a bigger tank as hers is ilegal.{as is your spelling} sign the "free lolita petition" created by me. I am personally taking it in´╗┐ july to Miami when im on holiday there. I have 510 signatures already

"Reeeeleeeasee meee!!!" The way she sings it is more powerful than any 2-litre plus turbo engine..I find myself returning once a while to watch this video..

It is a very sad ad. A butterfly constrained from reaching it's true world by a window, a killer whale choked by a glass of water instead of being free in the ocean; a dog chained to a tether and not allowed to run free. I wonder what happened to each of those creatures, sacrificed for a car manufacturer. The song is amazing to raise those feelings.

*This person is, according to their youtube profile, a 19yo from Poland. For that reason, I hold them no rancour for posting this nauseating piece of dreck. At that age, he or she has been immersed in far too much Eau de PC and may be short a few critical faculties.


At 9:57 AM, Blogger MK said...

Saabs are quirky, and that's about all you can say. Heck, even Volvos have grown a pair recently, oh alright, really small ones but they're safe, i'm told. Anyone looking to be 'released' really should draw the line at opening the convertible top and that's about it really.


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