Saturday, February 09, 2008

The TMI Files. Surviving Hellweek

Well, we've done it. We made it through our first week of Preps. It took us a long time to get here, but we've survived the hard stuff.

From here it all gets easier.......

*snork, snuffle.... yeah, right!*

Monday was fine. I dropped Magilla off at school, then headed off to work, came back from work in time to collect her.

No worries.

Tuesday, I rocked up to school in the afternoon to collect her, and just as the parents are all filing in to pick up their offspring, what do I hear??

“Would Magilla from Preppies please come to the office? Magilla from Preppies, please come to the office.”

So I marched over to the office to ask what was happening and of course they replied with the obvious: “And who are you??”

Hahhahaha. I explained that my daughter is Magilla and she’s in Preppies with Mrs Teacher.

The lady in the office said that most likely it was nothing unusual – my daughter had probably gotten lost or something.

I figured that with Magilla being Magilla it was indeed a most likely scenario, so I wandered to her classroom. I saw her on the way, too. Playing in the water at the drink fountains. Rather than the water running down the drains, they’ve got buckets under the plughole at the trough and they use the runoff on the gardens.

My girl and another were happily splashing away.

I saw Mrs Teacher and said hi, I heard the announcement for Magilla, and she said that it wasn’t anything too worrying – just that my girl hadn’t come in when the bell had rung, and she wasn’t quite sure where she was.

I pointed to where the ratbag was, just as she spotted me and came running.

Mrs Teacher then got down to Magilla’s level and explained that when the bell rings, she’s supposed to come line up with all the other preps, and not keep playing. (To which the she replied: I wasn’t playing – typical 5yo!)

I did suggest that Mrs Teacher may find it necessary at some stage to put Magilla in the corner and I had no objections, but she replied that that was a bit old fashioned and she has other ways of getting children to behave.

I guess my patented suggestion of organ donations for dsicipline and financial reward wouldn't be appreciated.

On Wednesday I arrive at the school in the afternoon to find that she now has a boyfriend. His mum told me - she found it quite amusing in a disconcerting kind of way.

I do think it's cute the way they walk home from school holding hands, but for goodness' sake! I was 20 when I had my first boyfriend (GD in year 8 for 3 days doesn't count).

Thursday she was off where she shouldn't be come home time, again, and friday she was actually where she should be.

*phew* I'm exhausted after that.

There are parent/teacher meetings next week and I put my name down for that, but I'm wondering if second thoughts might not be in order!

Magilla has strong opinions and no hesitation about voicing them. I hope there aren't too many suffering from delicate sensibilities in her vicinity.

It's going to be an.... interesting..... year.


At 12:25 PM, Blogger 1735099 said...

"There are parent/teacher meetings next week and I put my name down for that, but I'm wondering if second thoughts might not be in order!"

Whatever you do - continue to participate. A lot of the current problems in our education system would be fixed, or at least better understood if parents were more involved. Unfortunately 21st Century lifestyle often gets in the way.

At 10:12 PM, Blogger MK said...

"It's going to be an.... interesting..... year."

Yeah, sounds like you'll have a right battle on your hands Nilk.

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You coming back? We miss you.


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