Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pick Your Parody.

In the interests of public interest, here are the original and best Tom Cruise talking to scientologists vid, with a couple of parodies.

Via Defamer and especially Gawker. You especially want to check out some of the stuff Gawker has up there.

Craig Ferguson's take.

And Jerry O'Connell's pisstake.

For the record, I actually saw Craig Ferguson in the late 80s at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and he was a cack! I even have his one and only album around somewhere.

As for the legal team of scientologists out there who are scouring the net even as we speak, I may get a cease and desist notice for posting this stuff, even though it's well and truly in the public domain, and as a highly visible and extremely active scientologist, Tom Cruise is also in the public domain.

It's not illegal to take the mickey out of religions yet, although if the UN gets its way, then that's not far off.

Until then, for the viewing pleasure of people who've not had a humourectomy, I'll leave these up.


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