Sunday, January 20, 2008

Silence From The Communication Minister. For Now.

Well, it's been longer than seven days since I emailed Stephen Conroy and I've had no love.

To assuage my feelings of utter emptiness at this lack of a response, here is my email.

Seriously, though, I do believe that this idea of the government deciding what's offensive to me is offensive in the extreme anyway.

Does this mean that all the Fed Government sites will be blocked for me?

Dear Senator,

I am writing to express my deep affront at your proposal to remove the responsibility for my child from myself.

It probably sounds a bit of a stretch, but as a 40-year old parent, I was sure that I was more than capable of deciding what sort of sites were appropriate on my computer.

I currently have a firewall and two anti-virus programs. I also have ad-blockers.

Until now, I was unaware that your department was in charge of what I access.

Foolishly, I believed that since I am paying a hefty amount each month for top level ADSL access, I had the freedom to visit whichever sites I deemed worthy of my attention.

Obviously, I was wrong. Pardon my ignorance.

I am not a viewer of pornography, but that is irrelevant. If I did happen across a site with obscene content, I'm more than able to survive without the mental and emotional scarring that seems to affect so many sheltered people these days.

Is porn offensive? Yes.

Would I like less porn in the world? Absolutely.


Not at the expense of my freedom to roam the world wide web.

I hope your plan is some sort of joke, because I find it difficult to believe that a government elected to serve the people serves up offal such as this.

Australia is supposedly a representative democracy. It is supposedly a free country.

Controlling what access I have to a service that I pay for is not freedom, and certainly does not represent me.

I have yet to see any sort of definition of what constitutes "unacceptable" with respect to this incoming regulation, which does leave me to wonder if this will be an elastic field.

In any case, please refrain from doing more for my child.

She is MY responsibility, not yours, and I am more than certain if she were to get into any sort of difficulty because of yet another nanny-state regulation then I will be the one to be held liable, and not you or your government.

Please allow me to raise my child as I see fit, and that most definitely involves what she sees on the internet.

And I would like to take my place at the head of the "opt-out" list just on principle.

I can introduce you to many other people - some even parents! - who feel the same way as I do.

In any case, please reconsider this regulation, as it makes a mockery of our country and your government.

Please note that like many others, I have a blog. My standard correspondence policy is that I allow a seven-day period for a response.

If you prefer this to remain in confidence, please reply within that timeframe.

After seven days, if I do not receive a reply, then I consider that as an agreement to post and I will post this letter to my blog:

Yours sincerely,



At 11:04 PM, Blogger MK said...

"Well, it's been longer than seven days..."

It'll be a long time before he gets back to you Nilk, the election's over, all that caring, working families and all that BS was to sucker the masses in, Kevin07 was exactly that 07, it's 08 now.

"I hope your plan is some sort of joke..."

That it is Nilk, the brits have already cracked this, trust lefties to give a failed strategy another shot.

At 8:37 AM, Anonymous Peter said...

I agree with your sentiments echoed in that letter.

At 9:35 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

But MK, it's not failed - it just hasn't been implemented correctly yet.

Maybe this time.....


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