Friday, September 08, 2006

The TMI Files. Life's Little Challenges.

The last week or so has been somewhat.... challenging.

Magilla came down with a dose of slapcheek, and the quack at the hospital told me that she needed to be isolated for 7-10 days. That was last saturday.

So I cancelled her gymnstics, daycare, all of my appointments for the week, and made an appointment for our regular gp on the monday.

On the monday, the gp felt that the quack was a bit overenthusiastic (in a nice way) and Magilla could have been in daycare this week anyway, but you get that. Since I'd cancelled everything, we got to hang out, and she was a bit clingy and whiny at times.

Apart from that, there was a bit of a crapfest on the personal front which got quite heated, and has left me alternately livid or frustrated.

You know when you are speaking english to someone and they just. don't. get it? It doesn't matter how many times and how many different ways you say it, it's not sinking in.

Oh, well. It all gets filed away under "Pyrrhic Victories."

So onward we go.

I had one day where I was so wound up I had to go stand under the shower for 45 minutes just to calm down. I've not been that angry for ages, and I like to think it's a testament to me that I didn't throw anything. Or break anything lol. I did think about it, though.

And I've done a lot of praying, too.

Which leads me to today.

I had an appointment this afternoon, and had been quite nervous all day, as I've just not been able to focus on work-related things this week. I'd already decided this morning which path to take: focus on work. Make money and make our lives somewhat easier. (Also buy Robert Spencer books to give away!)

As I was heading for the door, the bell went off. I was most surprised, as we rarely have unannounced visitors.

It was the pastor from where we go to church with a care package for us, and a card wishing Magilla well in her health, and blessings on both of us.

I was floored, and it's a nice reminder that not everyone is an arsehole. In fact, most are lovely people. Particularly the people at church.

And when I talk care package, I mean Care.

It's nice to be reminded of the goodness that is out there - it is just too often hidden behind the dross of day to day living, and usually overlooked.

God bless.

And on a lighter note, Magilla broke me up with her reasoning for why I would not catch her illness: "Mummy has good breasts!"

I wasn't aware that mammaries were capable of fending of infections, but there you go!


At 12:58 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

God bless you both!! Have recently had days like that...feel beset from all quarters.

and the good breasts comment should be something women should say of each other...LOL..."she was a good woman...had 'good breasts.'"



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