Thursday, June 01, 2006

The TMI Files. Food Fight At The Bogan Hotel. (Well, almost)

Today being thursday, I was feeling too lazy to cook, so after collecting Magilla suggested that old standby, Fish And Chips.

After receiving an enthusiastic affirmative, we went to the shop, ordered our cuisine (1 piece grilled flake, 1 piece of fried flake, minimum of chips), then proceeded home for a picnic on the loungeroom floor.

The fun all starts when we unwrap the food.

The Fat Cat has a liking for people food, so of course she gets to eat some of the fish. Of the other cats, they've tended to avoid fish and chips.

Not for much longer.

(Slight digression for you: the boys have nicknames due to their personalities and markings, so rather than just calling them M and P, they will henceforth be referred to as Keanu and Alex. M is good looking and somewhat dopey, just like Keanu's regular roles. P has a patch over his right eye that is eerily reminiscent of Malcolm MacDowell in A Clockwork Orange. He's a bit strange, too, at times.)

On this occasion, Alex was outside, and the FatCat was waiting patiently for the food to get divided. Keanu was camped next to the heater, not quite sure what was going on. He is a bit slow, after all.

When he realised it was all about food, he had to join in the picnic, so around the paper on the floor were myself, the FatCat, Keanu and Magilla in that order.

The FatCat always gets some fish to eat, but she also likes to wait for it to cool down first. Since she wasn't eating her fish straight away, Keanu decided to help himself.

FatCat was fine with that - just don't try it when she's got roo in front her. That's a hanging offence.

Magilla was quite upset with Keanu pilfering the FatCat's food, so she had to supply more fish to the FatCat. I anticipated a blue between the cats, but it didn't eventuate.

I also didn't get much fish. I don't think Magilla did, either, but the cats are pretty happy with the result.

I'm just glad that there weren't three cats in at the time.


At 10:54 PM, Blogger Jai Normosone said...

Yep... it's funny how the cats think that their food is theirs and your food is theirs as well :)

Feline... Female... Maybe it has to do with the prefix.... :)


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