Friday, May 12, 2006

When Death Beasts Attack.

One of the biggest challenges today is not just getting the political rainbow to communicate meaningfully, but also getting the different religious schools of thought to also communicate meaningfully.

This is especially so when we are talking about the So-Called-War-On-Terror.

If we read sites like JihadWatch or LGF we get a lot of the rightwing rhetoric from a judeo-christian standpoint. With a few additions from hindus, the occasional buddhist and the avowed atheists.

If we read Larvatus Prodeo or Daily Kos you get another perspective altogether, which is practically a polar opposite.

As a card-carrying Right Wing Death Beast, I like to read sites that provide me with opposing views. I may not comment, but that doesn't mean I don't take discount other opinions.

An interesting trait I've noted over the last year is that in general 'right-wing' blogs tend to be more fact-driven, with demands to back up arguments and reduce emotionalism. The 'left-wing' blogs seem to be more unbalanced with more appeals to emotion and with less call for reason.

On both sides of the fence, comments can get very insulting at times, and my mind boggles to read such vitriol towards other posters.

I generally don't take umbrage, though, because it is my choice to participate in a discussion or not, and there have been times when I've felt like sinking the boot into a poster I strenuously disagree with.

Regular readers will notice that I try to keep my blog nice. The only time I've ever removed a comment is when it was spam trying to seel me a business idea or some drivel. I'm too lazy to moderate, and I don't think it's my role to tell people what they should be thinking.

Those I email with would be aware that I am more than capable of launching rabid attacks; I just choose not too here.

There is no excuse for bad manners.

So where is all this leading?

My regular morning reading list consists of Tim Blair, the aforementioned JihadWatch, Gates of Vienna, Mike Jericho and AWH.

From there, I like to see where the links lead me, and I've found some good blogs to learn more from. The Religious Policeman is a Saudi muslim living in Britain (I think), and he is always an informative and often entertaining read.

From Gates of Vienna, I have been introduced to Eteraz.

Eteraz is a moderate and modest muslim voice crying out in the cacophany of our turmoil.

I have not read much of his work, due to all sorts of things, but mainly time and not prioritising him. When I finally update my blogroll, he will be the first new addition.

I read this morning that he has removed himself from the Infidel Bloggers Alliance. This is a dreadful shame, because he has received much abuse from so-called 'christians' and rational people. He has posted his own reasons here on his blog.

With all of our (rightwing, judeo-christian tradition et al ) smug superiority about how we are better than the lefties, the moonbats, the muslims/jihadis/pick your insulting nomenclature, it looks like we can be just as shallow and immature.

Not to mention downright bloody rude.

When people blog about their lives or their opinions or knowledge, they are leaving themselves naked in the eyes of the world.

We can't see the person, but their words often tell us more about them than a photograph can in any case. Especially when you read enough of a person's words; then you can look beneath the surface and get a fuller picture.

(This does not discount blogs or websites set up for fictional characters, of course. We can still get an idea of how someone's mind works from those, too.)

There are many times that RWDBs label the 'moderate muslim' a unicorn.

With the vitriol directed at Eteraz, are we ensuing that they really do become a figment of our imagination?


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Bill Cooper said...

I have had a quick look at Eteraz and over the next few days will read more, however I cannot understand how any genuine muslim can be a 'moderate' if it is believed that the Koran is Allahs word direct without out any human interpretation then a true muslim must have no choice, he/she must accept it all without question. Even a short reading of the Koran will provide the reader with a litany of violence, and how to, and not to live. Therefore the true believers have no choice other than 'jihad'. I understand that Indonesia and a few other countries have developed a 'moderate' Islam , but all these are under threat from the true believers, they really have no ther choice if they truly believe. I suggest you read 'The Force of Reason' by Oriana Fallaci, the author has had some peculiar happenings in her past, but that does not detract from her message. I could not get the book in Melbourne and got it through Amazon. Love your blog Nilk.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

Thanks, Bill :)

Regarding the moderate form of islam, I'm with you. The more I read from muslim sites, and in the news (which may or may not be controlled by the Joooooos - except for Fox, which is controlled by the Arabs), the less I feel we have in common.

That doesn't mean we should start kicking them out of the country or any other drastic steps - just that we need to keep in mind that a muslim's idea of 'democracy' or 'peace' is a long way from a christian's, or a buddhist's.

That is something that should never be far from mind.

There is a growing divide between 'us' and 'them' which is a sad necessity, and the sooner the population at large realises it the better.

I've not got ORianna Fallaci yet - when I get my first real pay cheque, I'll be paying off the visa and then adding to the library.

I've only got a small collection (2x Spencer, 1xTrifkovic and a jawdropping piece of dawa The Everything Koran Book!) but it's growing.

I've also got Stuart Robinson's Mosques and Miracles on order. That is a fantastic work, although only available through Christian sites, I think. He's a Melbourne evangelist who has spent a lot of time in the ME and he knows his stuff. While he's writing from an evangelical perspective, there is a lot in there for the non-religiously minded, too.

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Bill Cooper said...

I'll check those books out


At 2:16 PM, Anonymous eteraz said...

to the first ocmmentator: it is generally not believed that interpretation is not allowed. the fourth caliph of islam, ali, for example, stated that 'the quran is but ink and paper, and it is we who speak.' interpretation has always been a part of islam. today, the wrong interpretation is winning. the ones with the guns. this happened once before in the history of islam and it led to a massive civil war, and then, a tyranny. (bad precedent).

At 7:14 PM, Blogger Bill Cooper said...

Thanks eteraz, I wish I could take some comfort from your words however virtually any search I do regarding the Koran and Islam makes the point that the Koran is gods word direct without modification. There are many sites that call it a living miracle as it supposedly predicts many modern scientific discoveries, in fact it predicts about as much as Nostradamus in language just as obscure. If you accept that it is gods word direct then surely it must be taken literally by devout muslims. The only way out for those who wish to interprete the koran would seem to be in accepting that there was human agency involved the writing. In the latest Quadrant there is an article which refers to work by scholar who has made an excellent case that the original language of the koran was Syriac and did not assume written form until 150 years after Muhammad's death. He argues that the arabic is a mistranslation of the original Syriac there are examples given in the article. If the followers of Islam can accept human agency in the writing of the Koran there is room to move. If not I feel we are in for a long bloody multi generational conflict.

At 5:16 AM, Blogger dag said...

I am one of those who is happy to see Ersatz go at his daily routine of lying to himself in the hope others will buy his baloney. I have no regard for him, and I've made that too plain in public. He left after being publicly challenged on a number of occasions for factually errors, and finally departed in a drama-queen huff after dragging out some vicious lying trash for the public's purview. I and many others were so disgusted by him we let it be known; and like a good Muslim he blamed us for his behaviour, and quit.

He's a bright guy, writes nicely, and is a slimy little lying prick. I have no problem with that so long as he stands up and accepts it as it is. He couldn't. I say it's a good thing he slimed his way back into the hole he came from.

Having written that, I would be happy to see him return for repeat performances at IBA. I defended his evil presence at IBA for some long time on the principle of free speech. I despise that little weasel but that's my opinion and has nothing to do with anything relevant.

It might come as something of a surprise that though I was one of the first members of IBA I was also one of the first to quit over a matter of free speech. Derk at has produced some of the finest artwork in this struggle to date, and some of the members at IBA objected to his work as I posted it there. I resigned from active membership to prevent a split in the group. I still write there daily and at founder member blogs. There are responsible ways of dealing with issues like these, and then there is Ersatz.

On a personal note, I have some very cool stuff to send to you, video clips, but Bar is extremely ill, and he has the keys to the techno-knowledge and can't do anything as yet. Please stay tuned.

At 2:13 PM, Blogger LYL said...

Hi Nilk,

Just checking out your blog, but I don't have a lot of time right now to really go through it properly. I will though because it looks good!

And you're right about the vitriol and rudeness generally - from all parts of the political and religious spectrums.

I certainly won't claim to be perfect in such matters (!) but I do try to keep civil with those I disagree with.

I think it's also part of cyber-relations; people seem more extreme here than how we relate to others in real life.

Looking forward to reading more and checking out these cool links!




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