Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The TMI Files. Dead Again.

It doesn't matter how you shelter kids, they still discover the fun in playing with guns and swords and killing each other.

Or me, in this instance.

I keep a close watch on Magilla's viewing habits, but I'm not monitoring her 24/7. She's got a hazy idea of the concept of death, which is to be expected at her age, and occasionally she likes to kill me.

I don't stress on this, because I've got friends with children the same age, and they are even more pedantic about what their ruggies are exposed to than I am, and their son has killed my daughter more times than I can count. C'est la vie.

Today was a bit different, however.

This afternoon, the little green mouse in his rocket (green mouse is one of the cats' toys, the rocket is a toilet roll) killed me with his sword (a straw).

I had to lay down on the floor because I was dead.

If I moved, I got told off. I was, after all, still dead.

And then it got interesting.....

As I lay there being dead, Magilla got one of the cutout dinosaurs she'd make in day care last week, and it proceeded to eat me.

Yes, I became dinosaur dinner.

I (barely) managed to keep a straight face, and I've no idea where that came from - the only real dinosaur show she has seen is Dinotopia, which doesn't really play on humans being chewed up by huge lizards.

Maybe, just maybe, this fun with dinosaurs eating people is genetic.

I wonder where she got that from?


At 1:34 PM, Blogger Jai Normosone said...

I could make some pretty crass comments here but I will not :)

Does she have access to any Calvin & Hobbes books? They're great! Maybe you're one of those big, nasty creatures that hangs around to take Calvin's fun away from him? :D

Just kidding.


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