Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The TMI FIles. More Fun With Food.

Tonight Magilla got sent to bed straight after dinner. Of course, she hadn't quite finished, but the line got crossed, and as lax as I might appear at times, there is a limit.

Tonight we had nutmeat and vegies with rice. It was delicious. Don't get me wrong, I'm a carnivore, but the Godmother is vego and it's easier to cook vego meals for everyone than vego for one and other for one and a half.

The Godmother ate hers, I ate mine. Magilla nibbled hers. And swirled it around on the plate. And dabbled her fingers in it. (Grrr).

While the young one was playing with her food and pretending to eat, I was doing dishes while GM was cooking her lunch for tomorrow. We weren't watching, were we? So I really should have expected a small voice saying "I made a mess" and sounding quite smug.

She got told in no uncertain terms that it wasn't funny, and she had to eat that food up off the table. Yes, fighting irons were used, and no I didn't rub her nose in it like you would a puppy. sotto voce: and yes, that did cross my mind, but I've read The Dead Zone too many times.

I turned back to the dishes so as not to reward her with too much attention while she did eat. (All the while trying to keep a straight face. You've gotta give credit where it's due - Magilla doesn't just know every trick in the book, I reckon she's rewriting it!)

She was still polishing it off when I tried to talk with her about the difference between eating off a plate and eating off the table: the first is good, the other is not.

She looked me in the eye, smirked, and said "ha ha!"

So it was off to the toilet, brush teeth and straight into bed.

I'll tolerate a bit of cheek, but that sort of insolence is too much even for me.

No smacks, no naughty corner, no discussion.

Somehow, I don't think she'll try that again.


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