Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The TMI Files. Child's Play.

You can learn a lot about what is in a child's life by watching their play-acting.

I have had many hours watching Magilla interacting with her toys as well as other people and animals, and it's eternally fascinating. You get to see socialisation and the development of a person taking place before your eyes.

One of my friends who had been going through challenging times with her other half was on the phone to me quite upset because she'd found her own daughter play-acting with her dolls. Mummy and Daddy shouted at each other, and the baby doll was sad. It was a rude awakening for my friend, and ever since, she and her husband have been a lot more careful about what is said in front of the kids.

She has a very strong marriage which was under a lot of pressure for a lot of reasons which have mainly resolved themselves, so while she got a shock, it's unlikely that the children will suffer from any adverse effects. I think that if anything, the kids will be much stronger, as they would have seen that their parents dealt with their difficulties in a mature manner and resolved their differences.

Unfortunately, not all kids have that luxury, and all they see are adults treating others with disdain and a lack of care. They don't see the resolution of the conflicts, so don't always realise that there are ways to sort things without too much pain.

But back to my own little pitcher with amazingly big ears.

I have yet to see her shout harshly at her toys. Usually it's all cuddles and playing in the park and shopping.

Although, I did cringe when I came across her with her farm animals.

The goat was in the corner with the horse telling it: "That's for giving me altitude. You stay in that corner until you say sorry!"

While Supernanny has a lot of handy hints, getting a toddler to say sorry didn't quite work in this household. Sorry is now a pre-emptive strategy against the threat of discipline for misbehaviour that has now lost its efficacy. I need to find another word for remorse, I think.


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Jai Normosone said...

Unfortunately, too many people in society throw the 'sorry' word around without having the remorse that goes with it or meaning what they say. At least Magilla is still young enough to learn the meaning behind the word.

*heh* I was reading this and thinking that the goat had been bad and had to wait in the corner until he was sorry - or until he was made to feel sorry by the toy representing the community camel-jockey >:)


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