Friday, February 17, 2006

Navid Kermani on Cartoon Controversy

Islamic culture has continually transgressed its own taboos. But sustained provocation will put off even the best of wills.

Naive? Perhaps.

At some point in the future, the current caricature controversy will provide experts in media studies with an illustration of how Western and non-Western broadcasters, acting in perfect accord, are capable in just a few days of generating the very mass hysteria about which they are reporting. Anyone who expresses an opinion becomes a part of this scenario, in which each must have his say: the critics of Islam, as well as the representatives of Muslim society, the media critics and the journalists who complain about media critics. This author keenly anticipates learning which corner this text has placed him in.

Dhimmi? Certainly.

According to his article, Mr Kermani is convinced that the rampaging muslims are the fault of the Jylland-Posten provoking them.

True. Everybody can be provoked except muslims, for if many Arabs and Muslims are behaving these days like bulls with limited intellects and powers of comprehension, allowing themselves to lose control over a handful of tasteless cartoons then those providing said provocation are obviously discriminating against them.

It doesn't seem to matter that the cartoons are relatively inoffensive compared with anti-semitic cartoons that abound in Arabic media, or that everyone else seems to be fair game. Just that the time-honoured tradition of pushing the boundaries is appropriate for everyone else.

The muslims are stereotyped and victimised throughout the world. Perhaps if they did not behave in ways that promoted the stereotyping there wouldn't be any need to worry about the picture of the enraged and aggressive muslim declaring death to infidels.


At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Muslims are provoked into behaving badly.

God forbit if British soldiers get provoked by stone throwers and react by smacking naughty boys on the bottom.

But then of course, muslims are allowed to behave bady. the can rape, carry guns, conduct drive by shootings, steal and rebirt cars, deal hard drugs, its all ok.

well its NOT OK.

We are about 5 years off a global war that will remove the unpleasant face of Islam from the entire world. We are rebuilding our armies just liek the run up to 1939. New aircraft, new tanks, new regiments, new weapons. Any guess who is going to be on the sharp end of them? Yep - Islam.

So behave guys, or your time will be up.

At 12:40 PM, Blogger Jai Normosone said...

I would like to agree with you, Anon. but I am inclined to be very worried about it.

Quite simply put, a lot of people think that I am a mindless redneck (the last bit is true :) because I believe that one should not shut their eyes to the unpleasantness of the world. I don't mean that we should bury guns in the backyard and wear cammo gear and be wannabe-A.J.'s, but we shouldn't have this idea that civility will begat civility. There is still plenty of trash people in this world that are totally disinterested in being civil to anyone from any other 'tribe'. End of story.

Western civilisation is going to be hit hard and badly if it comes down to a serious battle with the Hordes of the Paedophile by sheer numbers and a belief that there are "rules" in battle. The only thing that will tip in favour is armaments.

Frankly, this constant rioting over some pictures just proves that they are not really rioting over some pictures. If these zealots *were* really civilised and advanced thinkers, then it would have been old news weeks ago. The cartoons are nothing more than an excuse - NOT a reason. Weeks of rioting and looting and destruction from mob violence is NOT the mark of a people with anything resembling an intellect or a peaceful nature.

If any of the advancements in the world were left to the followers of Islam, I doubt that humanity would even have progressed past the 'discovery' of the wheel.
There would be no medical discoveries.
There would be no industrial advancement.
They would have to throw rocks in the air instead of shooting guns upwards when they have a party/riot (same thing?)

All I want to see now every time I happen to turn the news on and there is yet another riot "...because of the cartoons" is a low flying bomber go overhead and drop a quantity of napalm.
You lot want something to complain about - how about you get something WORTHY of the complaint?


At 7:38 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

I'm with both of you.

IT's going to get worse a lot faster than anyone anticipates, I think.

And Victoria will be pretty close to being the first to go, I reckon. With new legislation on it's way here, then watch out.

I'm going to be doing some serious linkwhoring for this blog: Bill of Rights blog by QC Peter Faris.

I'd heard bits and pieces about it, but if what' I'm seeing is correct, it will be even worse than that piece of shite Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

Welcome to Melbournistan.

Time to move, I think.


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