Saturday, January 28, 2006

The TMI Files. I Spawned a Coke Fiend.

We had pizza last night as a bit of a treat. None of us are big pizza fanatics, but every once in a blue fit is alright by me.

With the pizza came some dodgy garlic bread - bleh - and a bottle of coke.

You can guess what's coming.

I was silly enough to let Magilla have a small amount of caffeine-in-a-can.

Bear in mind that this is a child who doesn't like tinned food. She likes fresh food, fruit, that sort of thing.

She rarely has anything with many preservatives or additives. I see no need for her to get into the chemicals so early. Plenty of time for that when she gets a bit older - lke 43 or thereabouts.

She spent the next couple of hours bouncing off the walls. Talk about hyper!

LOL! I win the TwoShortPlanks Award for January, 2006, I guess. Not one of my brighter moves.

In the end, it was an early night for me, and a late night for her. I was asleep by 10, and she was still awake. I got a good night's sleep, though, so it wasn't a complete loss.

Won't be doing that again.


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