Thursday, January 26, 2006

The TMI Files. Wanted. Urgently. Swimming Instructor.

Today was a public holiday and the start of a four day weekend for many around the nation. Australia Day is great for that.

Today, in the Heart of Bogan Central, there was a family fun day at the local swimming hole. It's a really nice pool, with shade sails over the pools for the little tackers, water slides, and today they even had multicultural food, a band, a jumping castle and lots and lots of little aussie flags.

Magilla is a water baby. That child has no fear of water (or anything else for that matter) and is slowly developing caution around it. Snorting the bathwater a few too many times has helped on that front.

We have a good sized paddlepool in the backyard, but that's not the same as the Big Pool with Lots of Friends there.

So we took time out for the Big Pool.

It was a cack!

Magilla has discoverd the joy of water slides. At 3.5 you would think that she's a bit young for those, but remember... this primate swings upside down on the monkey bars at the local park. She climbs the trees in the yard when she can reach the limbs. I'm losing count of how many times I've had to bail her out of the lemon tree!

Water slide? Piece of cake!

And it was, too. Her first time down was a big surprise, but she loved it. Had to go again. The next few times she went down she had me in stitches - sitting very straight, holding her nose with her face screwed up tightly for when she went face first into the pool. Then she tried lying down. She really cracks me up at times like that.

She does need to learn queueing etiquette, though. She uses her size to slease her way ahead of the people in front, and a couple of times I had to haul her back to her place in the line. She wasn't very impressed with me for that, but there is no excuse for bad manners, and queue-jumping is very bad manners.

She also needs to learn how to swim. I learned to swim when I was around 7, but Magilla won't last that long. She's trying to swim now, and that's deadly to watch.

She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and throws herself at and under the water. Then she proceeds to thrash around like a mako in a feeding frenzy. She rolls around underwater, flails like you wouldn't believe. First time I saw it I thought she might be in difficulty.

Nope. Far from it. She's swimming and don't you forget it!

I did offer assistance, as have others, but she won't accept it. She's doing fine as she is and doesn't need any help.

I need help, though - someone to stop me from breathing in the water when I fall about laughing. :)

Happy Australia Day!


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Love your blog I drop in when I can and enjoy it

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