Friday, August 26, 2005

New Anthem for Aussie Death Beasts the world over

I've not had the opportunity to do a whole lot of self-blogging at the moment, spending far too much time over at Tim's blog and also discovering the amazing time-munching propensity of LGF.

I've also been introduced to the marvel of modern lefty density that is Margo Kingston. I really can't get my head around these people. They profess to be all warm and fuzzy, but they spew out some of the most juvenile crap you will ever see outside of a schoolgirl slapfight.

Try this on for size:
Hicks is an interesting case in this time. I have attended forums when Steve Kenny was still lawyer and the facts are somewhat different to the right wing media's take.

Hicks was captured leaving Afghanistan and didn't know that the US had switched from the alliance with the Taliban to the alliance with the Northern Alliance.

There is no evidence in existence that he ever hurt anyone.

And thinking hate is not a crime. I think hate about this government on a daily basis and one media editor I have spoken to many times has a mantra each day "f..k John Howard" three times before he gets his first coffee.

Should we spend nearly 4 years in prison for our thoughts now?

And let's us not forget the worst hate monger in Australia today. Our own prime rodent who just cannot help himself, he needs some new group of people to vilify every day of the week or he is not happy.

This is our island and not his.

Posted by: Marilyn Shepherd | 24/08/2005 9:03:22 PM

No, Marilyn, hate thought is not a crime, but surely what you are saying is vilification, and if you are in Victoria, you might find yourself in a spot of bother should someone decide to complain about what you are spouting.

Let's have a closer look at this.

Hicks was captured leaving Afghanistan and didn't know that the US had switched from the alliance with the Taliban to the alliance with the Northern Alliance.

As the legal textbook goes, Ignorance Is No Excuse. If you are a lowly footsoldier as some like to purport, then it is irrelevant who the US are aligned with. Especially when you are waging your own private jihad on the West to begin with. If you are higher up the food chain, it is still irrelevant.

You are in a war, and alliances can change at the drop of a hat. Look at WW2 for starters. Italy springs to mind off the top of my head.

In any case, it is all behind the point. He was fighting in a war, and he got caught out. End of story.

Well, it would be if the bleating hadn't started.

David Hicks is not some poor, misguided youth. He is an adult. He is a father. He has well-defined ideas of how he thinks the world should be run. He is ready and willing to use violence to accomplish that ideal. Indeed, he has done so. In Kosovar, in Pakistan and in Afghanistan.

There is no evidence in existence that he ever hurt anyone.

Naivete alert! We are talking about some who fought with the Kosovar Liberation Army, then moved to Pakistan before joining in the party in Afghanistan. Why is there no evidence? He killed the witnesses?

To err on the side of caution, maybe there is no evidence that he ever hurt anyone, but that works the other way, too. There is no evidence that he didn't hurt anyone.

In letters to his father, this young man talked of revolution and spreading a Taliban way of life for everybody. I guess he thinks his mum would look just fine in a black sack and shouldn't have the right to drive, be seen in public unless accompanied by her husband or son, and should no longer work. I have no idea what the lady does, but I'm pretty sure after spending her life in Australia that the Taliban way wouldn't be for her.

Marilyn, if the world does become Talibanised as poor, hard done by David would have it, I can guarantee that you wouldn't have the freedom to be crapping on like this. Quite likely you wouldn't have a pc. You would not be allowed to work where there are males, you would not be able to walk the streets. If your house was on fire, you would most likely have to take time out to ensure you are covered modestly or you might get pushed back into the flames as has already been documented (too lazy to link. Will edit later).

As for hate thought not being a crime, you can think anything you want. You can even say what you like within reason. In the world that Hicks is bucking for, however, you may find yourself hanged for saying the wrong thing.

The minute David Hicks took up arms against our way of life, the one all the lefties are so proud or - tolerant, accepting, inclusive - he gave up his rights to the soft treatment that we so often provide. As bad a Guantanamo Bay apparently is, he is still fed, housed, clothed, provided with a copy of the koran and directions to Mecca so that he can pray 5 times a day facing the right way.

I've never seen any evidence of that coming out of Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or Algeria, or Iran, or Iraq before the Coalition moved in. And what about Sudan? I've never seen anything about their prison system at all, but there are a lot of people starving and dying. Does that count for anything at all?

In my view, David Hicks is a traitor. To his parents, his country, his race and his way of life.

He is an apostate to Western Civilization, and if he gets found guilty in a kangaroo court and sentenced to death, so be it.

There won't be any tears shed in this household.

From TimT over at Tim blair's:

Right-wing Death Beast National Anthem

I love a bloodied country,
Of gore-bestrewn plains
Where fascist zombies wander
And feast on babies brains.

From asylum to asylum,
Hear those wailing refugees!
Yes, this is a land of horror -
The wide brown land for me!

By Marilyn Shepherd


At 6:45 PM, Blogger TimT said...


Your Marilyn Shepherd dactyls were fantastic. I was going to leave a comment saying that - and I find myself quoted!

At 11:31 AM, Blogger EvilPundit said...

Marilyn Shepherd is the Boss Loony of Margo's site. She can't type a sentence without saying something outrageously silly.

I don't think the US ever had an "alliance" with the Taliban. The closest they ever got was the US paying them $48 million to stop opium cultivation. But they were never friends.

At 8:59 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

Thanks, guys.

EP, you could be onto something. I do remember reading about paying to stop opium crops, but nothing about an alliance.

As for Marilyn Shepherd. She and the others over at Margo's blog leave me gobsmacked. Or is that blogsmacked?

I don't understand how these people can be so wilfully blinded to anything resembling critical thinking or logic.

Maybe they were hit with the stupid stick, and not me as I sometimes feel when trying to get my head around where they are coming from.

At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your comment you criticise your opponents for their lack of logic and critical analysis yet your post betrays an ignorance of basic Logic; it is riddled with non-sequiturs, ad hominem attacks, straw man fallacies and simple arguments to ignorance.

If you had an elemetary grasp of Logic would be more likely to understand your own - and your opponents' - arguments better and express/counter them more convincingly.

As it is, reading your and your opponents' posts is unpleasantly like watching cripples fighting, both sides being equally handicapped by an inability to construct arguments properly.

In all seriousness, I suggest you do a bit of background reading - is a good source of information, look under 'Logic' in the Philosophy section ("A Rulebook For Arguments" offers an easy introduction).

If that sounds 'nerdy', might I remind you that self-improvement is considered to be a corner-stone of conservative political philosophy.

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

Thank you for your critique of my logic or lack thereof, anonymous.

I'm always open to a kick in the pants if it's warranted.

Being new to the world of blogging, and having spent the last couple of decades out working rather than constructing logical arguments, I'm a bit slow to get things in a proper order.

Have I used emotive language, yes.
Have I used ad hominem? Yes, again, but this is my opinion.

The fact is that David Hicks was intercepted by the Northern Alliance as a muslim fighting for the Taliban.

I don't know for sure that he believes that the world should suffer a Muslim Revolution, but as a man in his (now) 30s, I consider that he does not deserve the excuses of misguided youth or ignorance.

He studied in Pakistan. I've yet to hear of a moderate Islamic school from there. I could, of course, be barking up the wrong tree and he's yet another tree-hugging moderate who just happened to be in the way when the Northern Alliance came through.

I don't have all the answers, nor do I have every fact on the case. That would be up to the lawyers.

Again, this is merely my opinion on the situation. I am all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, but when people advocate taking up arms against my way of life and the freedoms implicit in our democratic and relatively secular society, I get somewhat unimpressed.

As a cripple seeking self-enlightenment (a path I've been on for too long and no end in sight *g*), I'm happy to check out for books on logic.

Please note, however, that your suggestion didn't sound nerdy. Just a touch condescending.


At 5:27 PM, Blogger Keith said...

Anon, "nerdy"? Not at all--you're not clever enough to be a nerd, son.
"patronising prick" would be more like it. Why not address the substance of the arguments yourself, instead of coming across like some little lefty first-year teacher?

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Keith said...


"Do not be bullied out of your common sense by the specialist; two to one, he is a pedant."
Oliver Wendell Holmes

At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Fluent Idoit said...

Hey Anon,

You seem a great one for making assertions without any attempt to build an argument let alone using logic.
Keith quite correctly labels you as a patronising pedantic prick. My assertion is that you're a mindless wanker.


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