Monday, August 15, 2005

All quiet on the home front

I'm seriously flat out at the moment, and I'll be away for a few days.

My current pressing problem is what to do with the Fat Cat. She is a bit of a psycho cat (in a nice way), but doesn't like being left alone. Rather than putting her in a cattery, she'll be staying in her own space with another family member coming by to feed her each day.

I will no doubt return to a house that reeks. I told you the cat was psycho. When she's not happy, she lets me know it.

Whoever heard of a female cat that had been done spraying? If there is another cat in the house, well, the Fat Cat sprays.

When Magilla was starting to crawl and got into her space (ie anywhere in the house), she sprayed. It got to the stage where the cat got sent away.

She has been on death row and drugs before. I reckon she's got more than nine lives. More like nineteen!

But she is so affectionate. She is the suckiest, smoochiest cat. Especially to strangers. She sleeps with me, camps on me when I'm trying to chill out and sit down with the rugrat.ets under my feet and nearly trips me up when I'm cooking.

Hang on, isn't that all cats?

She's sprawled in front of the heater at the moment, which is a good place to be.

Hope she doesn't miss me too much.


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