Friday, August 12, 2005

Holy Moonbattery! Not another lefty having their say!

All citizens should be equal.
by George Zangalis.

Proposals to strip migrants of their citizenship in certain cicumstances strike at the heart of the concept of citizenship.

Former NSW Labor premier Bob Carr has joined Liberal federal backbencher Steve Ciobo in seeking to deprive migrants of their citizenship if found guilty of supporting terrorism.

Such proposals would give Australians born overseas fewer rights than people born here. People convicted of terrorist offences, or other serious crimes, deserve to be punished.

Our organisation condemns all terrorist acts, but the punishment should depend on the crime and not upon where an offender was born.

Australia's success as a multicultural society has been based on tolerance of differences, an insistence that all are equal before the law and that all are equally obliged to obey the law.

Multiculturalism does not imply the ability to opt out of the requirement to obey the law, but it does expect all citizens to enjoy the same rights.

George Zangalis is president, National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council Inc

This was in today's HeraldSun I've not included a link because I've yet to find out where online they stash their letters to the editor.

A message for Mr Zangalis, if you ever get around to reading this. Taking up the citizenship of a foreign country is a choice you make. Part of that choice is deciding to abide by the laws of your adopted country.

As a conscious decision, surely taking up entitlements and responsibilties that go with your new allegiance should hold at least the same loyalty as your former homeland?

It drove me nuts when I was a kid, knowing lads who were born in Carlton proclaiming they were Italian. Excuse me? When you are speaking the same ocker accent that I am? And when the Yugoslavians came over, they took up all the privileges, and still fought their ethnic battles. And the Greeks and Cypriots. The Macedonians? Let's not go there.

The difference between these groups dividing themselves along country/racial lines and the current problems of muslim/every other religion lines, is that the former groups were not out to change our way of life to suit themselves.

When somebody comes to this country and takes up citizenship - I'm looking in your direction, Abu Bakr - and does not respect our laws or cultural differences, then why do they deserve any consideration back?

When we are talking of terrorist activities, these days we are almost always talking of Islamist violence against either moderate muslims, or infidels (any non-muslim). So much for our fair-go way of life.

When somebody goes on national tv, and from there out into the world media talking about how they do not respect our laws or our culture, the don't deserve our respect. If we want to be christian about it and do unto others, well, I'm happy to do back to Mr Bakr. He wants to live under sharia law? He wants women to be covered up to protect his sensibilities. Put him on the first plane back to Algeria.

It's what he's obviously pining for. After 16 years here, he obviously doesn't value our freedoms. So why not take them back? It wsa his choice to swear allegiance to our culture, and it's now his choice to disrespect and denigrate it. Let him go.

It would also be a hell of a lot cheaper to strip his privileges and send him (and his family) back overseas where he wants to be.

Mind you, he might miss our way of life come tax time, what with the maternity bonuses, the family tax benefit part A (he wouldn't be eligible for part B). Not to mention the immunisation bonuses he would get for each child.

Hell, the thought of those bonuses is making me think it might be time to get knocked up again!


At 6:27 AM, Blogger Keith said...

If these bastards are living in a Western society and at the same time working for the downfall of that society, then obviously citizenship has no meaning for them. Other than the benefits it confers.So why is stripping them of something they reject such a big damn deal?
The name for an organism that enjoys benefits without responsiblities is a parasite.

At 7:17 AM, Blogger Nilk said...

Keith, you are pointing out the bleeding obvious. Stop it.

It's not about the practicalities of the situation. It's about perception. It's about doing the right thing.

It's about being sensitive to minorities and their needs at the expense of the wider society.

A very good friend of mine started a law degree years ago and luckily never finished it. She had been so well indocrtinated by the lefty bleeding heard brigade it was scary. It made conversation somewhat stilted to start with, but after a couple of years and a lot of drinks, she learned to laugh at wog jokes.

She got over the idea that they were horrendously demeaning and realised that there is nothing wrong with a good laugh.

My favourinte was always: What do you call a good looking lebanese guy? Asif.

Since that was told to me by a greek girl, I figured there was nothing wrong with it, and I've been telling it ever since. Doesn't matter who the target is.

Besides, I'm pretty sure that they have jokes at our expense. They wouldn't be human otherwise. Why else would we be skips?

At 9:32 AM, Blogger Nick and Nora Charles said...

You are absolutely right.

Multiculturalism as it is being currently practiced is incompatible with a functioning demography.

Without a central set of common precepts, you cannot have a functioning society.


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