Sunday, March 21, 2010

Will Life Imitate Art Again?

Via Big Government, we learn that Joe Biden has taken his foot out of his mouth so he can put the other one in while being interviewed by Jake Tapper.

Basically, as far as Joe is concerned, there's nothing to worry about because he's from the Government, as is Barry Obama.

Barry appears to be all in favour of taking over not just the banks, the health care industry (or at least the money involved in it), but particularly the insurance industry.

Joe supports this.

There are those wondering if it's actually legal for the government to dictate who can have what insurance.

I'm all for free will, myself, so I'd suggest that it's not a good path to be heading down.

For the same reason the Prohibition failed, you won't be able to completely control such an intangible as insurance. People vote with their conscience and their wallets, not always in that order.

I suspect we might see a few companies going rogue a la the Crimson Permanent Assurance, particularly with the excess bureaucracy in an already congested industry.


At 12:02 AM, Anonymous wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

Where are you Nilk, you have'nt posted for a while.
I read your blog often but your missing is everthing OK, Wayne

At 8:13 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

There's a lot going on in the real world, Wayne, particularly with respect to Magilla and a few issues that need to be dealt with.

Thanks for your care, though. :) It is appreciated.

At 11:37 AM, Blogger MK said...

Hope everything is ok Nilk.

As for zero's plan for health insurance, it's going to fail, but not because of prohibition's failure, but because he wants it to fail. It's designed to fail so that when it does, the left can offer their single-payer system as the solution.

Progressives hate private healthcare, always have, always will. The way obamacare is designed, insurance companies cannot deny you care because of a preexisting condition. Doesn't mean that the treatment for cancer suddenly drops by 90% or something, just means that you can wait until you're stuffed to get health insurance and the company cannot deny you, they are forced to cover you. So they'll jack up the premiums of existing members.

This will mean, either the company goes broke, or the members go broke. Either way you won't get healthcare, then the leftist scum will come running in to tell everyone, oh look private health care isn't working, it can't cover the illness, we tried but they screwed it up anyway, what we need is single-payer, ala NHS or the Cuban healthcare system that fat michael crows about.

It was never about healthcare or affordability, that's just the facade thrown around to get stupid and retarded liberals to fall into line parroting the same stupid talking points, for the hardcode lefties, it's all about control and subjugation.

The leftist scum pushing for it admitted as much, if obamacare is so wonderful, why is it that obama and his leftist ilk are exempt from it.


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