Friday, February 26, 2010

Official Statement Regarding The Abuse Of EDL Prisoners

I've been asked to post a statement from the English Defence League.

For those who know of the EDL, start waving your pitchforks and screaming "RAAAAACIST" now. I'll try to look concerned. As a white person who happens to be rather proud of her culture, I can't be overly bothererd with your delicate sensibilities.

I've been called one of those in the past, but I still reckon my fave insult was when Irfan Yusuf called me a nazi over at AWH a few years back. He's probably forgotten, but I take it as a badge of honour. Godwin's Law invoked in my name - yay me!

Getting back on topic, however, for those who don't know, the EDL is one of the few known organisations in Britain standing up against the islamification of the country.

It's no secret that you shouldn't upset certain segments of the community - whichever Western country you're in. It's considered rude and possibly against the law.

People can and do get arrested over their opinions.

Just not everyone.

Now, to the statement:

To all EDL members

As you may well already be aware members of the English Defence League have been arrested and charged for relatively “minor” offences.

Members who are prepared to stand up against the rising tide of Islamofascism and its adherents are being “hung out to dry” by our weak politicians in the hope they can salvage much needed Muslim votes in order to retain governance. This is just another ploy to use the “Muslim block vote” so other parties are denied potential seats in the houses of parliament.

It has come to our attention that some EDL members who are currently serving short prison time are actually being targeted by imprisoned radicalised jihadist gangs, consequently they have been beaten and will continue to get beaten as prison authorities “turn a blind eye” to events unfolding under their very roof!

We the English Defence League condemn such apathy, such wanton ignorance or, more likely, deliberate targeting of EDL members!

EVERY prison has a “duty of care” for its inmates. Prisoners MUST be afforded protection from harm as that is their right. They cannot be discriminated against by virtue of their race, colour, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or political views.

EVERY human being, be they prisoner, detainee, terrorist or asylum seeker has the basic human right to be treated with dignity and respect. They have the right to food, housing, PROTECTION, education and assistance from the law. They have the right not to be exploited, tortured or intimidated. As a country we have agreed to abide by the European Convention on Human Rights, as a nation we have the Human Rights Act to protect us from those who would seek to harm us or prevent us from enjoying our civil liberties.

If the British prison system fails EDL members in ANY of the above mentioned points then we as a movement will relentlessly pursue EVERY avenue to secure their safety while serving prison time. Failure on the part of prison governors to ensure the safety of EDL members while in their care WILL result in the petitioning of government, liable governors, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, and ANY other authority who are accountable for the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of inmates.

It is also worth noting that Prison service Order Number 1215 clearly states that……

“This PSO supports the delivery of the Performance Standards on Conduct and Discipline and the proper delivery of the Security Standard and all standards relating to the treatment of staff and prisoners.”

If prison staff have been found to be complacent, negligent or wantonly ignorant in the above regard then they themselves are in breach of a “Prison Service Order”


At 3:19 AM, Anonymous The Wizard of WOZ said...

Now I'm far from being converted to Islam, in fact if I did my entire Irish Catholic family would most likely never even speak to me again; But the line:
"It has come to our attention that some EDL members who are currently serving short prison time are actually being targeted by imprisoned radicalised jihadist gangs"

Makes me ask; What did they do to get imprisoned? 'Short' or not.

If there is one thing that I was taught regarding religion and politics and violence growing up its this: If you do the crime, you do the time. Your religion, regardless of your clergy, has nothing to do with that one simple fact:

You. Are. A. Criminal.

My family, and myself by extension have no time for criminals of most ilks. Now I accept that your definition (a generalisation to all your readers Nilk) of a criminal may differ greatly to mine, but the fact remains, if you're in the box, the odds are very good you're there for a reason. Bitching because your 'cell mates' are trying to stab you, to me, is about the same as saying 'the Paddies are trying to blow us up because we keep shooting them'. The care factor is SFA.

Now if some whack job (be he or she Muslim or Christian) tries to blow you up, I fully support your right to extinguish the fire upon his/her person and then proceed to kick their teeth out of their rectum. (I worship that Scot.)

But bitching because your thugs are getting crapped on in prison carries no weight at all with me. **** 'em, they'd be doing that to anyone else (white, yellow, brown or black) if the muslims weren't there to aim for, they're just thugs. And vice versa, the Muslim thugs are no better. Islam has the dirtiest hands in the world. I know several fine Muslims who are aghast with the way their religion is carried out by their contemporaries. But they have no say in the matter.

The day will come when the majority of Brits will stand up and say "No, seriously this has gone way too far, I'll be extraordinarily glad to give you directions to the nearest international airport old boy, but if you dont like that I shall beat you to within an eight of an inch of your life".

This day will not be anytime soon.

However, when that day comes, I pity the fool(s) who'll stand in their way. The English have a long and glorified history of ****ing on people who think they can take them. Excluding America of course.

I'm not here to condone violence, but the way things are going in the UK, violence or the threat there of, will be the mother country's only saving grace.

However, once again, bitching because 'your' (good*) crims are getting shat on by 'their' (bad*) crims, is about the same as saying 'he hit me with a lump of wood because I stabbed him.


* = All crims are bad. I've met a few blokes who've been locked up 'wrongly' in my personal opinion, but the simple fact remains, they committed a crime and they did the time. The circumstances vary, but the outcome of ones actions does not.

Sorry to drop back in with such a downer of a post Nilk, but if we are going to carry on like we are better than them, we may as well act like it.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Nilk said...

No apologies needed, Woz.

Regarding EDL members in the can, they may have been arrested for serious affray, and so they should be.

However, if the people running the jails are standing by while other crims attack them, then the authorities are at fault.

This is the main issue here.

Regarding people in jail being crooks, there are degrees of criminal offences. Traffic infringements are not the same as murder, for example.

I know a lad in jail who has currently had his sentence extended on appeal, and it doesn't matter how much I like him personally, he's a dangerous idiot and deserved a longer sentence in the first place.

Regarding all crims being bad, I tend to agree with that, but would like to agree on a definition of "crim".

I've been spending too much time reading Dr. Stephen Baskerville and sites like The Spearhead, but that takes us away from religion/politics and into the realm of divorce culture and the associated fallout.


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