Friday, December 04, 2009

Bring On The Republic.

Over here in Oz, we don't pay a whole lot of attention to the ongoing machinations of the EU. There's enough happening here and in the Middle East without adding Europe to the mix.

That is, of course, a generalisation, but one that might need addressing.

I regularly read His Grace, the (formerly corporeal) Archbishop Cranmer. While I'm not anglican, Church of England or anything recognisable as a christian denomination (sort of lapsed catholic/baptist/becoming evangelical mongrel), he is an excellent source of news in Britain.

He noted on Dec 1, 2009 how the Lisbon Treaty came into effect, and one of its effects is to subjugate British Law to European Law.

What does that do for the Commonwealth? I've always been more than happy to be a part of our constitutional monarchy. With the Queen as our head of state allowing us a free rein in general, rubber-stamping even the most idiotic decisions by the parliament of the day, we still manage to keep a few checks and balances in there.

This includes Quentin Bryce and her junketing around Africa.

Where does our legal system fit in with EU law? As a member of a Commonwealth presided over by a Queen who is now presided over by the President in Brussels, does that make me subject to the EU?

I'm sure Rob Hulls would say yes, to which my response would be to tell him to stick it in his ear.

Not that he'd pay any attention as his agenda is more important than my thoughts. He's still got his Charter of Rights to push.

I've never been a fan of Prince Charles, I must confess, but I still never saw the need for an Australian republic.

Now, though, I'm seeing things rather more differently.

Can I have a republic, please?


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