Thursday, November 20, 2008

The TMI Files. Allergens.

I finally took Magilla to the quack's to get that eternally runny nose looked at, and it appears she's allergic to something. Given that the other end of her particular gene pool has allergies to moggies, dust mites, pollen, and he's not keen on lactose, either.

I had hoped that she'd avoid all those issues, as the only allergies I have are to drugs. Morphine, codeine, valium, all the good ones lol.

Sure, nicotine makes me throw up, but that's because when I was 4 my mum allowed me to try one of hers. At four, you have no idea about how to inhale cigarettes, so I recall something foul-tasting that made me cough like you wouldn't believe. That cured me until my twenties and the extreme stupidity that went with them.

For the record, kids, don't do the drawback when you are drinking double whiskies. Especially if you are a non-smoker with no tolerance for nicotine.

Trust me, it's ugly.

Of course, a few years after that, a few of us were sitting around having a couple of drinks before heading down to the Dan O'Connell for St Paddy's Day, and the girls got out a joint. They wanted me to have some, but I told them if I did I would throw up, regardless of the fact that I was stone cold sober (designated driver here!).

They nagged some more, so I said, be it on your own heads, girls, and took a drag.

And promptly threw up.

Hilarity (and a change of clothes) ensued.

But I digress.....

I've got an appointment with a specialist in January to get Magilla sorted on her nasal front. We need to find a way to give her mucous membranes a bit of a reprieve.

Of course, with three cats in the house it could be somewhat challenging. It's a tough one.. do I get rid of the cats or the kid*?

*nb due to the irrational overexposure to political correctness in these insane times, I find it tiresome to have to point out that this statement is rhetorical and not literal, and I really won't be divesting myself of my child. Or the moggies.


At 4:05 AM, Blogger Ed Mahmoud said...

Cold and flu season here on top of the world, well, a third of the way to the top of the world, right at 30ÂșN.

Two youngest, myself and my wife all have a cold.

I had nasty allergies that came every September-October-November when I lived in Austin, TX. Much better in Houston, but I still notice a bit in October. Not sure what.

I have been drunk in Western Australia, in Perth and Freemantle, back in the '80s. Only Australian port my ship has ever been too, but I can say I have hurled while intoxicated on Africa.


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