Sunday, April 22, 2007

Islam Means Peace?

Look everyone, this islamic jihad has been going on for a while now and frankly we should all be convinced of at least one thing - that is the semantics of the west and the orient (the muhammadian realm) are completely different.

An example:

The Western version of peace means essentially the promotion of harmony through the application of self-control so that relations are settled in a way where mutual respect and equality between different groups or individuals is the rule - stemming from “The Golden Rule” as espoused by Jesus Christ - “Treat others in the manner in which you would like to be treated” (paraphrased).

The Muhammedian (islamic) version of peace means essentially the promotion of harmony through the application of any and all means necessary to bring all societies under the umbrella of Sharia law where mutual respect and equality is only guaranteed for islamic men. Women are second rate citizens in the islamic context and non-muslims become Dhimmis (protected people) who live their lives as unequal to the muslims in society with few rights. (Don’t give me any bullshit about the so-called golden age of islamic tolerance in Spain - it never happened)

My point is that Muslims still believe that they are peaceful because following a “succesful” jihad, harmony is delivered through the islamic legal system. Even if good harmony existed before the advent of the sharia. Let’s get this straight: Islam says “harmony can only occur after a period of warfare”. It’s murky and a bit dull but here is the key: Muslims are not permitted to live in harmony with non believers. The twisted logic plays out like this:

I (a muslim) am dwelling in the presence of non-muslims
I (a muslim) am not permitted by my god to live in harmony with non-believers
I (a muslim) am urged by my religion to only live in harmony with non-believers when I (a muslim) am legally recognized as superior to the non-believer
I (a muslim) will never be legally recognized as superior unless Islamic Shariah Law is implemented throughout the land in which I dwell
I (a muslim) realize that Shariah Law will be rejected by those who risk losing equal recognition before the non-Sharia law that currently prevails

Therefore peace and harmony is not possible between myself (a muslim) and the non-believers because I (a muslim) must struggle in all ways possible to realize my legally sanctioned superiority in the eyes of my god.

This is not my fault (as a muslim) because the non-believer will not submit to losing their rights.

Thus I (a muslim) am forced by the non-believers to subjugate them.

I (a muslim) cannot be held responsible for any violence that the non-believers suffer in my struggles to introduce harmony to the land because I can only live in harmony when I am your master. The non-believer will not accept me as his master so I am free to subjugate him.

Andrew keep writing but there are peaceful muslims only because they are ignorant of orthodox islamic teachings or they are simply practicing al taquiyyah (religious deception). There is no moderate Islam at all.

I am convinced that the only way this worsening situation in the West and in Europe will be settled is for muslims to have their faith in their systems completely shattered. Some say this is not possible but in fact it is. We shattered the Nazis and Imperial Japan’s faith in their systems by the application of egocentric warfare.

This type of warfare places the highest priority on defending ourselves from external and internal threats using overwhelming force. Once the ability to threaten us has been permanently shattered do we then talk about rebuilding, integrating and harmonization. Until then we must prepare our hearts for the day when everyone realizes that nothing but a total war footing will suffice.

From one of the posters over at Bolta's blog in the comments about Yvonne Ridley.

As all the best blogs say, read it all.


At 8:37 PM, Blogger Bill Cooper said...

Hi Nilk

John Derbyshire wrote an article about the 'Peaceful Benefits of Total Destruction'( It's well worth a read and is especially relevant to the current situation. Personally I can't see how any devout muslim cannot do anything but work towards the implementation of sharia law. As long as they believe that the koran is gods final word and is unmediated by man.....well there is nothing else. I believe the only way out is to essentially destroy the religion. Religions have been destroyed before and will again. Read the article,it shows what sort of action is required, whether it can be done is another matter. If it was implemented you can bet that there would be only moderate muslims left.and they would be prepared to interpret the koran rather than take it at face value.

At 9:36 PM, Blogger Renate said...


I absolutely agree, but when are our politicians going to truly learn about Islam? Sadly, only Fred Nile has even suggested halting muslim immigration.

At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Ames Tiedeman said...

Iraqi insurgents kill key US ally

President Bush endorsed Abu Risha on a recent visit
A key Sunni ally of the US and Iraqi governments has been killed in a bomb attack in the Iraqi city of Ramadi.

Isam means peace?


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