Friday, April 20, 2007

Honouring The Diggers.

Somehow, I don't think that this is quite the way that most of us envision showing respect to our military forces on Anzac Day.

I much prefer something with a lot more class and style.

The 7.30 Report the other night had a story about a group of WW2 veterans, in particular a band of local Rats, who were placing their Hall up for auction, as their numbers were decreasing, and the upkeep in Albert Park wasn't.

The follow up is one of those rare good news stories that seem to be getting fewer in the news.

In a remarkable act of generosity, a fellow called Bill Gibbins bid on the property, won the auction, and has allowed the Rats to remain.

I saw this on the tv last night, and Mr. Gibbins was also on the radio this morning speaking about his action.

Please follow the links and check out the videos.

As Mr. Gibbins says:

These guys all gave their youth and some of them gave their life, you know? I'm just giving money. So you know, pales into insignificance, doesn't it?


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