Sunday, October 30, 2005

Response to DBO regarding freedom and islam.

Dirtbikeoption was commenting over at Tim Blair's. Tim's original post was about the beheading of 3 christian schoolgirls, and while most commentators deccried the act as evil, dirtbike option appeared more concerned that there were other things that Tim could be reporting. To wit:
There were probably thousands of brutal killings around the globe in the past 24 hours: Karenni refugees shot by Burmese miltary, Sudanese families slaughtered while fleeing violence, forced sex workers in Thailand beaten to death by pimps, human rights activists imprisoned and tortured to death in China, striking workers shot by thugs in the Philippines.

My response?

DBO, I care about the other crimes, but those perpetrated in the name of Islam have a direct bearing upon my life when it means that I can no longer be complacent in the idea that my daughter will grow up in blissful ignorance like I did in the 70s and 80s.

Regarding sex workers being beaten to death by their pimps, that happens all over the world, and is also an outrage. However, a pimp is not likely to cut off the heads of either myself or my child.

She will bear the burden of increasing insecurity and loss of freedom. Freedom of dress, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the freedom to be who she wants to be.

The children are ultimately the ones who will pay for this.

I promised a breakdown on this tonight, and here it is.

Luckily for me, Hugh over at JihadWatch has done most of the hard work for me already.
The extraordinary Total Regulation of Life, from what you eat and what you wear to exactly how you wash, makes people into zombies, following rules that often make no sense, that are ludicrous, but must be followed. Shall I give some of the embarrassing details, about the odd number of stones, and so on, or would you prefer that I spared all of us that sort of thing? Just go to any Muslim website where questions are asked as to whether I can do this or can't do that. Why follow these rules? Oh, because Allah Knows Best. Q.E.D. That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

There is plenty more, but for me, this is it in a nutshell.

Before all the screams of islamophobia, racism, discrimination and the like ring out, try trawling through Ask Imam, a South African based site Q & A website.

There is the lady whose husband is infertile and wants to know how she should pray in order to fall pregnant. The response is that: At the outset, you should understand that Duas, wazifas etc. although they are effective, you should seek medical advice. Nowadays with modern technology, there are methods of cure for your ailment. (That is not the complete answer, but it is the most important in my opinion.)

This is one example. There are plenty of others regarding hair dyeing, communication via internet with spouses, menstruation. The list is endless, but these are ones that are of immediate concern to me as a woman.

I am a human first and a woman second. Being a mother is the largest part of that.

My daughter's future is a priceless commodity never to be sacrificed. She has the right to choose her own pathway, as do we all, but in these days of political correctness and over-appeasement, her choice is being eroded before my eyes.

While muslim women in western societies can choose to wear the hijab, those in Iraq are beaten publicly for showing a bit of flesh. Not a lot, just whatever is deemed to be in violation of the local religious laws. Where is the freedom of dress? There is no freedom when your options are the black burkha or the blue burkha.

Where sharia rules over secular precedent, then the rights of women go out of the window.

All women.


At 9:00 PM, Blogger coffee and cigarettes said...

they were probably just trying to sound smart, it's amazing how much you can pick up from google News!

At 9:40 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

You could be onto something there, c&c.

At 1:57 AM, Anonymous Tiberius said...

Bah! Dirtbagoption makes a habit of doing the rounds and taking a shit in the comments section of blogs.

I know AWH has been on the receiving end.

All the same, tired, leftist bullshit trying to defend their Jew and Christian killing allies.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger TimT said...

I saw a woman in what was basically a burkah this morning. I'm doing the early shift at work, and was out on the streets at 6.30 - going to buy a ticket so I could catch the tram.

She was standing on the other side of the street in full burkah, with a baby in a pram and her husband beside her.

There seems to be so many kinds of wrong about that: that she is made (either by her husband or by her religion) to wear a full-body burkah, that she can only come out at 6.30 IN THE MORNING!, that she has to bring her kid out, that she has to be accompanied by her husband.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong about one of those things. Maybe I'm judging too much from appearances.

I bloody well hope so.

At 6:19 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Yeah, you often get the deflection attempt by Islamo-appeasers when the incident is just so horrific and inexcusable, such as the beheading of the 3 Indonesian school girls. It's embarrassing to the Islamo-appeasers when, time after time, one Islam-inspired atrocity after another is reported. When it's grown, armed men against the defenceless innocent, and the act is just so disgusting and evil, there is no excuse, so they scurry to deflect, to take the shameful spotlight off their fellow Jew/US-hating pals. They've jumped into bed with Islam and seek to cover up the fact that their bedmate is a pox-ridden, murderous whore, instead trying to portray her as an innocent victim.

At 7:11 AM, Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Wonder what kind of dirtbiker-option? A foofy spandex-clad pedal-cyclista, or a motorized dirt-shredding knobby enduro-rider? A big poncy four-stroke BMW landyacht or a Gas-Gas stinkwheel? :-) So many options.

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Jai Normosone said...

I can tell you that I am SICK TO DEATH of being told to change my opinions and habits in order to make those who come to this country feel comfortable.

I can understand many muslim women saying that they want to wear the burkah because it makes them feel more religious and it can act as a barrier to a culture (ours) that makes them feel uneasy and is difficult to fit into. I wonder how many of them though wear it out of personal choice?

I can't wait for the day when a bank gets rolled over because 4 individuals walked in using the muslim rags as a disguise. You can't wear a motorcycle helmet into a bank for a damn good reason - why is this different?

The halfwitted, looney left are effectively making one rule for one people and one rule for another.

Simple solution is that when someone starts talking about being comfortable and accommodating people who think your country sucks and is a shithole (but are still quite happy to take your social security money) - punch them in the mouth as hard as you can! They deserve it.

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Wearing the burkha or hijab out of personal choice? Their choice is: don't wear it & be viewed as whores, or wear it and be respected. That's the only "choice". More of a survival mechanism, a subjugation tool - wear it or get raped, or at the very best just viewed as loose, probably ostracized or just treated poorly. Some choice!

I find the hijab and burkha offensive because of the message it sends to all of us: you don't wear one, therefore you are not to be respected, you are to be viewed as loose, a whore, and can be raped. That's what is going through the Muslim man's head. If they want to think that in their own Islamic hellholes, fine, but it's a whole other matter when they view us in that way, here, in our countries. Our daughters, our mothers, our sisters, our wives.

We've seen their way of thinking in action in Sydney. Those pukes were raised with this sick and twisted view of women - that based on the fact that they dress Western (i.e., sluttish to them), they are there to degrade in the worst possible way. Aussie pigs, is how they are raised to view us - our daughters, us, our mums, our wives.

It goes on in the Parisian banlieues where even Muslim girls get the same treatment, if they choose to look "too French" (i.e., not draped in Arab costume). Even burned to death by these scumbags, these religious-police wannabes.

Scandinavia as well, where even non-Muslims are telling women they need to "respect" the Muslim dress custom. Can you believe such crap? Respect some backward, savage belief that says women have to dress like 7th Century Arabs or you're not safe.

On Fjordman's blog he had an article that stated that Muslim girls in Norway accuse non-veiled Muslim girls of being whores. It's not a harmless, cultural thing. It's way more evil and sick than that. How much choice does a Muslim girl have when even her own fellow Muslim friends tell her she's a whore because she doesn't wear the veil. This is not just a quaint Muslim custom, it's a dangerous mentality that affects all of us.

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Jai Normosone said...

I didn't know that the 'choice' came down to that. My point of reference was a woman on TV saying with some conviction that she preferred to wear it. I guess 'brainwashing' may be the term of the moment here.

My only hope is that those muslim pieces of pig-shit that pack raped those girls have been put into general population in prison so that THEY can discover first hand what it is like to be pack raped.

Chances are that this will not be the case though due to some bleeding-heart dickhead minority group demanding that they get special treatment. Seems that these groups who chase 'rights' for criminals forget about the rights of the young women who have had their lives thoroughly destroyed by these individuals (I will NOT call them animals and will not condone anyone else doing it because animals do not do this - only misguided humans that have been brainwashed by the teachings of the confused paedophile!).

At 4:43 AM, Blogger dag said...

Men sit together on the beach in a group sipping fruit juice waiting for their women to finish cooking dinner for them on the hibachi, and when they've eaten they go splash around in the water up to their knees while the women eat what's left over. The kids run back and forth between groups, sometimes going into the water.

If you haven't seen this part it's not so bad: the women, sitting on the beach bundled up like burn victims, looking at the world through their mesh covered eye slits, sometimes shreik, jump up and run into the water. They run into the sea to catch their children who are being swept away, and they, wrapped in clocks and capes and hoods and God knows what, they go down to the sea like ships; and not a man among them bothers to try to save them.

Just once? Uh-uhn. No. They keep going to the beach and the kids keep drowning, and the women keep running in to die trying to save them. The men keep doing nothing.

And for me? I can't go anywhere near them, not near the perfect people, not even to save a women and a child from drowning.

What do you do? It goes on and on, and it's all kinds of variations on that theme, whimmitude.

Half-way through an active life I sort of look like Frankenstein, and the girls aren't so keen on me anymore, but I have had my glory days, and I wish more for all others, for young men to know the greatness of loving girls. Girls loving and being loved. But I see the Muslims living in hell, their own kids kids dying in front of them, and they buy a new woman and have other kids. It doesn't mean anything to them.

And from that you can imagine how Muslims feel about you.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

dag, that's chilling. Yes, imagine what they feel about us - a horrifying thought. We already know what Ayatollah Sistani thinks of us - that we're on the same list as excrement, urine, sweat, pigs, dogs, etc. Check out his website, and look up 'najis' (filthy things). I don't mind being on the same list as dogs. I think dogs are great. They're far more intelligent and useful to society than Sistani could ever be. But the other stuff is offensive. Imagine if the Pope put up a list on his website that said Muslims were filthy, just like excrement and urine, etc. So, if we're the same as feces to Muslims, you can understand why it's so easy for them to kill us.

nilk, the first time I visited that Ask Imam site I thought it was a joke website, a send-up. I could not believe the stuff I was reading. The insane level of regulation, and the fact that people actually go around worrying about their every move, that they need constant advice on the simplest things. It has to dehumanise you. You are not a human in Islam. You are a mindless robot. No wonder it's so easy to blow yourself up, and encourage your sons to do so.

Praying 5 times a day is bad enough, but they have to wash before each time. And the instructions for washing borders on obsessive compulsive. There's different types of pre-prayer washing: wudu and ghusl and tayammum, with conditions for each. Wudu consists of: wash your hands up to the wrists 3 times. Rinse out your mouth with water, 3 times. Cleanse your nostrils with water, 3 times. Face, right arm, left arm, head, ears, neck, feet, etc., etc.

They have "scholars" pondering over the minutae of wiping over your shoes, and for socks that have holes in them. They actually spend time on irrelevant idiocy like that. No wonder Islamic societies are so backward and useless. They waste time on obsessive rituals and arguing the exact rules and regulations of their obsessive rituals. It's insanity.

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Jai Normosone said...

...and that is why if you have ever wanted to see Europe, do it now before it gets any worse as it is becoming an Islamic state. They tried to take it centuries ago (which resulted in the Crusades) but now it is being handed to them on a platter by idiotic left-wing thinking.

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Agustin Marti said...

"Blair has taken an interest in one event. And an appallingly violent one at that. He has said nothing about the motivations of the perpetrators. Predictably, the wise heads in the comments thread have joined the dots together for him.

If Blair was genuinely concerned about victims of violence then there are many stories he could have covered. This one was chosen for it’s usefulness in the tiring game of point scoring that Blair and his readers so often indulge in."

I think DBO was suggesting that Blair had deliberately reported the story to encourage comments like "Islam is evil" so that he doesn't have to say it himself. It's par for the course for Blair. The repsonses to DBO - including your own - miss the point entirely. After all, we all have to rush to Blair's defence when someone takes him to task.


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