Monday, October 17, 2005

The TMI Files. I am an Evil Mum.

Well, I'm not, but it feels like it sometimes, and it also cracks me up when I think about it.

So I'm trying to teach Karl and Rove to screech out 'BLACK HELICOPTERS!' Magilla helps out, but her contribution sounds more like "blah hacarpah" Gotta love toddlerspeak.

Somehow, though, I think the birds are more likely to be shouting out something along the lines of:

a)Don't you say 'no' to me
b)What do you take me for? (already got Magilla using that one back at me in the car lol)
c)If I get to 3 you go straight to the corner.
d)Do you want to go to the corner?
e)Don't you move from that corner!
f)One...... two...... if I get to three.......

There are times when it's difficult to do, obviously, and even more times when it's hard keeping a straight face, but you get that.

But it has to be done. There is only room for one tyrant in the household, and that's the Fat Cat. It's bad enough that I live according to the whims of an over-indulged feline, I will not be dictated to by a 3 year old.

I know it's working with her, though, because the other day she had her baby (doll) in the corner for saying 'no' to her. It really was cute and funny, (and somewhat cringe-inducing) and it shows that she's understanding a bit of restraint.

Now to keep practising it.


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