Monday, October 03, 2005

The TMI Files. Feeding Time at the Zoo.

Well, at my house, which is almost the same.

One thing about toddlers: They are notoriously picky.

Take Magilla, for example. She would live on pasta if I allowed her to. I will confess to there being times when it's been easier to just cook that up for a couple of days and thus avoid World War XII or whatever we are up to.


After handballing her over to the Jetson's for the night last friday, I've finally gotten a bit more backbone to stand up to her. Jane Jetson is a lot tougher than I am, but she has a 4yo(Judy) and a 2yo (Elroy), so she's had to be. She has also given me a few more clues than I had previously.

It's taken a couple of days to gird my loins, as they say in the classics, and proceed as I mean to go on.

So I'm very pleased with myself tonight. We ate corn flakes for brekkie, pasta for lunch, and chops and veg for dinner. YAY! Okay, it was only a small amount of lamb, but it was eaten willingly, which is a first. More YAYS! for me. We also had fruit, so it's been a good day.

I've not tackled tomorrow's menu yet, but we'll take it one meal at a time, I think.

The classic thing, of course, is when you offer Magilla food that she's never had before. LOL! If she doesn't like the look of it, she screws her nose up and tells me it's "gross". Two guesses who she gets that from (hint: me). After asking a couple of times, I tell her that I'm asking one more time, then I'll count to 3. If I get to 3, she goes into the corner.

Of course, the corner is pretty much wherever I deem it to be. This is handy for when she throws a wobbly if we're out, but she's also been known to carry on and tell me I've put her in the wrong corner. That would be if I've put her where she can't see the tv or reach her toys.

It's very... challenging, at times. But good. And a lot of fun.

I'm also getting lots of kisses and cuddles lately, which are just the best. Especially when she tells me she likes me. She's just not got the hang of the 'love' idea yet. :) I know this because when I tell her I love her, she gets annoyed and tells me in reply that I don't - I like her.

That's ok. I do like her.

She rocks!


At 6:13 AM, Blogger dag said...

I might be a bit on the heavily armored side, but when you get between the chinks you crack me up.

"Hi" to the kid from me.


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