Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Howard Wins Again.

According to the Islamic Human Rights Commission, the Islamophobe of the Year Competition is a 'spoof'.

As plenty of infidels have voted in the polls this year, it certainly can't be taken seriously.

However, as a 'spoof', or 'satire', or 'mockery', it falls flat.

The irony meter broke a few years ago, and these people never got around to fixing it.

My irony meter, on the other hand, is in fine form:

Dear Sirs,

As there are non-mulsims voting in your poll, some of whom disagree with your list of islamophobes, how representative of your constituency will the final results be?

If, for instance, it took my fancy to vote for John Howard or George W Bush, would that not damage the truthfulness of the responses?

Why would not someone like Sheikh Al Hilali from Australia with his recent comments likening women to uncovered meat not be on your list? His words have sown dissension between the communities of muslims and others in Australia. Surely, that would not be a favourable outcome for you?

I would prefer it if everyone in our communities could work together to stamp out islamophobia as well as that appalling 'islamofascism'.

Thank you for your time,


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your query. This vote is open to all peoples, and not restricted to Muslims.

If you wish to nominate someone who is not on the list, please scroll to the bottom of the web page and click on the appropriate link. However I believe the window for new nominations is coming to an end.

Thank You


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