Monday, July 28, 2008

The TMI Files. Punching On.

Magilla was watching Cinderella yesterday while I was printing off some research, and she said how she hated the evil stepmother and wanted to smack her in the face, punch her in the head.

I did a double take and said, what was that? Where on earth did that come from?

She said, I don’t know.

Me: Yes you do, now where did you get an idea like that from? Who’s been talking like that to you, kids at school?

Magilla: I don’t know. I just thought of it.

Me: No you didn’t.

Magilla: I’m not lying, it came from my brain.

Me: I know it didn’t come from your brain, so tell me the truth. I won’t be angry, I just want to know.

Magilla: Nobody, Mummy, I just thought of it myself.

Me: Is that so. Well, anyway, I’m not angry – I know how you feel, sometimes you do want to smack people in the face, or punch them. But you should never do that because it hurts.

Magilla: How much?

Me: I’ve been hit in the face and I can tell you, it hurts a lot. I’ve also been headbutted, and that hurts even more.

Magilla:*cue eyes popping out of head* Wow!

Me: Yes, and I got a huge black eye from it. So you don’t ever hit anyone in the head.

Magilla: You smack me on the bum.

Me: Yes I do.

This led to a discussion on what to do with bullying at school:

Me: Now, what do you do if someone gives you a hard time at school?

Magilla: Tell the teacher.

Me: Okay, but before then, you should walk away. I do understand, though that these days if you do walk away, the kids can follow you, and keep teasing you and giving you a hard time until you cry, and then they call you a sooky baby.

Magilla: Betty doesn’t do that any more.

Me: She doesn’t? Good. But you still shouldn’t tease them back. If they hit you, then by all means hit them back, but you shouldn’t hit anyone first.

Magilla: But I didn’t hit JJ first. Joe did.

Me:*cue me gobsmacked.* huh?

Magilla: Joe hit JJ first and then I hit him.

Me: You hit JJ?

Magilla:Only after Joe did.

Me:(Trying to keep a straight face here and actually succeeding) Well you shouldn’t have done that. Does JJ pick on you any more?

Magilla: I don’t see him around. He’s not there.

Me: Oh, okay. But you shouldn’t have hit him. If he didn’t hit you, then you don’t hit him. Even if someone else hits him first. It’s if YOU who gets hit then you can hit back!

I need to get that child into some sort of training, pronto. Is she too young for the army?


At 7:52 AM, Blogger MK said...

"Only after Joe did."

Damn, she saw an opportunity to get square and took it. :)

Oh yeah, it just came from my brain. lol

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous CB said...

Get her into Guides or something to channel that energy. Or we can sign her up into the cadets as the mascot until she's old enough to fit into boots.


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