Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And So It Begins......

Yesterday's news contained this gem:

'Jesus' bashes Islamic school official

December 11, 2006 - 12:55PM

A board member at the Melbourne Islamic school which recently expelled students for desecrating the Bible has been bashed by a man who claims he's Jesus and who police fear is armed.

Samir Mohandis, a member of the board of the East Preston Islamic College, said he suffered head injures during the attack by an unknown assailant who entered the schoolground about 4.45pm on Friday.

Police said the attacker, a man aged in his 30s, appeared to have been holding a firearm.

The assailant was not known to Mr Mohandis nor did he say anything to indicate the attack may have been racially motivated, a police spokeswoman said.

Mr Mohandis told Southern Cross Broadcasting the man claimed to be Jesus.

He said security at the school would be increased.

"I still have scars to my head," he said.

The attacker is described as being about 180cm tall and of muscular build with a tattoo on his right forearm.

He had straight dark brown hair and at the time of the incident was wearing a grey t-shirt and dark trousers.

Anyone who may have seen the man in the vicinity of the school around the time of the incident should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Two Muslim students were expelled from East Preston College earlier this month for urinating and spitting on a Bible and then setting it alight.

At the time, the college head, Shaheem Doutie, said the incident was isolated and the school had done all it could to punish the people involved.

And today we have another incident, albeit in another state

Teacher reprimanded over Muslim comment

December 11, 2006 - 3:10PM

The NSW Education Department is standing by its decision to reprimand rather than sack a Sydney schoolteacher who called a Muslim student a terrorist.

The NSW Teachers Federation praised the school for acting quickly but said it suspected the full circumstances of the case had not been reported.

Wagih Fares, 16, remains angry, however, his legal studies teacher kept his job at Blakehurst High School, in Sydney's south.

Wagih told The Daily Telegraph newspaper that following a classroom incident teacher Michael Seymour said: "I'm not negotiating with a terrorist."

The teenager said Mr Seymour followed him as he ran outraged from the school and tried to apologise.

The Department of Education confirmed it had investigated the incident and reprimanded the teacher, who was also counselled and ordered to attend a multicultural sensitivity course.

"The Department considers the comment unacceptable and insensitive and does not condone it," a spokeswoman said.

"The teacher has been reprimanded for the comment and has offered an apology to the student and his family."

But Wagih is unhappy with the way the department handled the investigation and said he had lodged a complaint with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.

"To come to the school and to be called a terrorist as if I've been... (trails off)," Wagih told the Ten Network.

"I've done nothing wrong and to be called that word it's painful. It is painful, that's a good word to describe it, disgusted, it's still hitting me now, it still gets me now."

The department spokeswoman said the school had tried a number of times to arrange mediation between the student, his family and the teacher.

"The family have to date refused to mediate the matter," she said.

President of the NSW Teachers Federation Maree O'Halloran said it was important the school had responded swiftly, adding the teacher himself had immediately acknowledged his mistake.

"It hasn't been let pass, there's been a recognition that what happened was not right and something was put in place immediately, it wasn't allowed to fester," Ms O'Halloran said.

"It was not condoned and the teacher himself has recognised there was a problem."

Ms O'Halloran said while she did not know the specifics of the case herself, she questioned whether the full details had been reported.

"You have to bear in mind ... that you have to get all the circumstances and all the facts before you can make informed comment," she said.

Chairman of the Anti-Discrimination Board Stepan Kerkyasharian said he could neither confirm nor deny if he had received Wagih's complaint, as all complaints were treated in confidence.

A complainant might be offered cash compensation by the subject of the complaint during the conciliation process, he said.

If conciliation failed, they could be awarded up to $40,000 by the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal.

No doubt this is one occasion where young Wagih should have been living here in Brackistan, but I'm sure they can find a way to hound the teacher out of his livelihood and make an example of him.

As noted above, there has been attempt at mediation, which the family have refused.

Also as noted above, we don't know the complete set of circumstances. That would be something to keep an eye out for.

Of course, being a member of the VRWC and more than a touch cynical after too many hours learning about our so-called War on Terror and the Religion of Peace, I could be accused of suspecting the beginning of a change of tactics.

After Sheikh Hilaly's assertions that women who were not sitting at home or were out and about in Freedom Sacks were responsible if they got raped and the accompanying uproar, it should be obvious a change in direction is required if the requirement for dawa is met.

What better way to raise the profile of islam? Not that it wasn't high enough already, that is.

Anyone familiar with the practices of CAIR (google it, I won't be linking to the Council on American-Islamic Relations) would also be aware of the exhortation to escalate any misdemeanour or slip of the tongue to the status of hate crime or assault or vilification or....... ad infinitum.

Use the laws of the land to push through changes inimical to the native (ie infidel) population.


At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I notice they set fire to the Bible AFTER they had urinated on it.
Tut tut, does that mean they had been drinking alchohol?

At 11:23 PM, Blogger Jai Normosone said...

With any luck, the teacher will be forced to attend that Multicultural Sensitivity Course - specifically, the course offered by Jai Normosone's School of Racial Diversity.

Lesson 1:
Teacher: "Now... time to learn about the complexities of everyday life in the REAL world."
Student: "I don't have to do that! I am Mooslem! I do anything I like and government take your job and give me money! You will all bow down to Allah or die."
Teacher: (sounds of student getting the flogging they deserve)
Teacher: (sounds of student's parents getting the flogging they deserve)
Teacher: (sounds of local Imam getting flogging they deserve)
Teacher: "Do you now understand that life in the world today is hard and that bludging off the system and the taxpayers of this country is wrong and that if you're a filthy, lazy, wannabe-terrorist that you are not welcome here except by those we refer to as 'Moonbats' and 'The Great Unwashed'?"
Student: "You cannot treat us like that - we are better than all you stinking Kaffirs!"
Teacher: (sounds of student getting the flogging they deserve)
Teacher: (sounds of student's parents getting the flogging they deserve)
Teacher: (sounds of local Imam getting flogging they deserve)
Leftie-Student: "Hey! He has the right to be whoever he wants to be!"
Teacher: "That is very correct."
Leftie-Student: "...and we must change everything about us and renounce who we are to make them feel welcome and *...."
Teacher: (sounds of Leftie-student getting the flogging they deserve)
Teacher: (sounds of Leftie-student's parents getting the flogging they deserve for raising such an incredibly stupid child)
(sounds of C130 flying overhead to return non-assimilating Tent-Merchant family to the country they refuse to leave behind. Guests of theirs include several lefties so they can see first hand just how good they have it here).



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