Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thoughts On Where We're At. Warning: Linkfest Ahead.

Well, I was commenting over at AWH when I finally managed to put some of my thoughts in order. Because I'm strapped for time, I'm just going to paste my comments across and go to town putting in links. Here goes:

My opinion is that the biggest problem we need to overcome is the chasm between Left-wing and Right-wing before we can effectively deal with the islamic menace.

Please note that this is opinion only, based upon far too many hours googling things like the Frankfurt School.

The way I see it, the longrange ideas set in motion by Frankfurt School finally began bearing fruit with the social/sexual/civil revolutions mainly in the US in the 60s, but also carried across to the rest of the Western World.

For a more comprehensive and much better written thesis on this, please take a couple of days out to check The Fjordman Files. Fjordman has put his viewpoint (with which I wholeheartedly concur) across in a fantastic collection pulled together by Klein Verzet.

The socialist imperative to break down the capitalist system from within has been remarkably successful when we look at the amount of government interference in our day to day lives, and the breakdown of human institutions such as marriage and the (judeo-christian) religious traditions.

Because a necessary part of this was to destabilise the freemarket machine, restrictive and discriminatory practices such as affirmative action and antivilification laws, as well as reducing the effectiveness of practical solutions to anarchic activities (hog-tied police, anyone?) it has also left a power vacuum.

As we know, Nature abhors a vacuum, and we have a readymade ideology to leap into the breach - islam.

Because we were being softened up for our new socialist society, we were unprepared for the totalitarian tendencies implicit in islam.

If you read the quran, it is about islam uber alles. There is no tolerance, although there is provision made to pretend tolerance just in case islam is in a position of weakness.

The doctrine and practice of taqiyya ensure that it's okay to lie through your teeth the the foolish, filthy infidel to take their money and weaken them from within.

Our civilisation has been softened up, no doubt about it.

As for the those who espouse leftist principles, many are so enmeshed in their own worldview that they cannot conceive that islam would not come round to their way of operating, so they ignore it.

I've had the discussion before about islam being misunderstood. I point out relevant verses in the quran and get a blank look and a plaintive bleat of 'oh, you must be reading it wrong' or the 'hijacked by a minority' view.

When I suggest a litany of atrocities such as:Beslan, Bali (twice) NYC and the 9/11 attacks, London, Madrid, the carbecues in France, the cartoon riots and every (not so) little incident of seething, aggressive violence, it suddenly becomes too hard and the topic is changed.

We need to deal with those who are so determined to rid the world of our democratic rights and replace them with their idea of what is right for us.

And we need to address this soon.

Otherwise, we will have more idiocy like Hilali being feted on the telly, and Benbrika hailed as a triumph of multiculturalism

And it will get more and more difficult to combat the real enemy, which is the ideology that permits sex with children, polygamy, slavery, mutilation, wife-beating, rape, murder, theft, lying, throwing acid on people in vengeance of some imagined slight.

The ideology that forbids the separation of Church and State, the representation of the human form in art, women's suffrage, the free practise of religion, a level playing field in education and employment (girls in schools, anyone?).

Sure, there are moderate practitioners of islam around, but let's face it, how many of them actually understand the words in the quran and how they apply when they live in a western world?

That's the way I see things. I don't have the solutions, but I can see the problem.

First we need to unify our own world before we can defeat the jihadis.

I hope that all makes sense.

okay, I've run out of time. Still more links to be added, but since I wanted to get at least some of this out, I'll post this as a work in progress.



At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah i'm sure you're onto Gates of Vienna, 910 has apparently taken off. There are some Aussies involved. We should check it out. We need a group over here.

At 9:16 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

We do indeed, and it's something I've thought about for quite a while now.

I've not had the chance to join 910 yet.


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