Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The TMI Files. Introduction.

This will be a sort of occasional series. As the brief bio on the side says, I am a Single Mother. gasp! Therefore, there will be postings referring to this and also to the hilarity that often ensues with child-rearing.

If you have children yourself, you'll no doubt relate to this. If you haven't, consider this blog a bit of an object lesson.

Raising children is hard work. It doesn't matter whether you are singe, a couple or a whole bloody city, the responsibility for what this young animal will develop into is something that is never far from your mind. I've been asked if I miss having a partner. Wouldn't know. Parenthood was something I didn't see in my life. I didn't rule it out, as such. Just didn't rule it in, either.

For myself, I consider privacy an illusion that I like to preserve. Some of the readers here know me personally, some don't. For this reason, names and some other stuff will be changed to protect the innocent (and provide a false sense of security for those who should know better!).

My rugrat is now 3. This is a highly interactive age, with toilet training, talking and learning about the impact she has on her world. Namely me. Let's call her Magilla. When she hits about 15 and realises exactly what I've been doing on the blogs all this time, if she's lost her sense of humour, I will be moving to the States.


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