Friday, July 29, 2005

Prolapsed catholic cooking.

One thing about food, you gotta love it.

I did a stint as a breatharian in my misguided younger days, and one thing I learnt was that breatharians didn't actually live on air alone. The live on basically a liquid diet. No quite vegan, but definitely more substatial than you'll get from your local oxygen bar.

One thing I got from those 10 months or so of not eating much was an ability to cook soup like you wouldn't believe. Just for the hell of it, I'm going to share some of my recipes. Just occasionally.

This first one is not soup. It has nothing to do with breatharianism or any woo-woo rituals. I'm talking the one, the only...

Chicken Chippy Sanga

This is really, really easy. If I can make this, you can too.

First, you need:
1 pkt chicken flavoured chips. aka crisps for those of a more pommy extraction.
2 slices of your favourite bread. I like fresh baked white bread for this.
steak sauce to flavour
butter or margarine.

Apply butter or margarine to one side of each slice of bread.
Open pkt of chips and pile up chips on one slice of bread. On the buttered side.
If you wish, apply sauce to the buttered side of the other slice of bread.
Place the sauced slice of bread to the stack of potato chips et voila!
You have your chicken chippy sanga.

This is a great tv snack.

This recipe is also a way for me to practice my modest html skills.

You can modify this very simple recipe to suit your individual tastes. I am sure that there are plenty of unusual variations out there.

Cheers, and enjoy!


At 9:19 AM, Blogger The Tink said...

You were actually a breatharian at one time???...the little things one finds out...

I am rather partial to your pumpkin soup!!!

At 9:29 AM, Blogger The Tink said...

Salt and Vinegar Chips or Sea Slat and Cracked Pepper are better...but no butter, margarine, or sauce...perhaps a bit of spicy mustard!...Ketchup (tomato Sauce for you OZlanders) is even better...but I'm allergic to mustard!!!

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Nilk said...

Hey there, Tink. I promise I'll put up the pumpkin soup recipe one day.

Or should I do broccoli?

I'm going to cook potato, pumpkin and leek soup this week.

That should be truly yummy!


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