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Standing Against Sharia or, Free Speech in 'Melbun'.

Yesterday was the first demo of the Australian Defence League. We were standing against sharia in Australia,at Federation Square in Melbourne, because it's about time that someone did and we're also rather partial to free speech.

Over the course of the past few months, I've had people ask me why on earth I'd bother being involved with any sort of rally. "It's not time." "It's racist." "You'll look just like those EDL thugs."

And, of course, "You won't accomplish anything."

Needless to say, there are also people who think that the mere idea of speaking out against the islamification of your country is "racist", but we already knew that and were expecting some opposition.

What began as a bit of a facebook group advertising as a "Rally Against Racism And Facism" (using the acronym RAAF, which I find rather offensive to our Air Force, by the way) ended up as a fullblown socialist extravaganza with those twin pillars of democratic Western Civilisation the Socialist Alliance and their fellow travellers the Socialist Alternative shouting into megaphones at us such rhetoric as, "Muslims are welcome, racists are not!" and "Fuck off, nazi scumbags! Fuck off, nazi scum!"

Well, yesterday we had people from other groups standing with us. They were not there as representatives of those groups; just as Australians who are concerned about the imposition of sharia requirements on our country and culture.

We were a small group, too. I've heard of estimates of about 100 people, but I would hesitate to go that high. I'd say 60 max, but I need to check more photos. A quick glance here will give you a comparison, and according to the HeraldSun, 40 was more like it.

I won't argue with that (much), because it was quite fluid with some people arriving later than others, and some leaving early. When it started getting physical, then some did leave.

This is understandable when you consider that the people who came were not professional or serial protesters like the opposition.

We are just ordinary people who are tired of having to pander to a particular minority.

We don't want halal meat(pdf).

We don't want special times at public swimming pools to cater to muslims who don't want to share with the kuffar, or window coverings to protect those precious petals from our evil gaze.

We don't want to have to hear about eid at christmas time, or all about how islam is wonderful. Tell that to the Royal Women's Hospital with its FGM unit. While FGM is not exclusively an islamic practice, the majority of women and girls who have suffered it are muslim.

We just want our Australia back.

The rally was supposed to start at 12pm, while the opposition were advising their start time as 11.30am, and it pretty much started around 11.40. There was jeering and catcalling, and the other side had more megaphones than we did, so we were pretty much shouted down.

Tolerance and rationality are not the strong suits of the socialist, anti-fascist[sic] left.

While most of our group held down the fort against all comers, I wandered around to take some photos and videos, including an aboriginal woman complaining about racism, and the obligatory old commie railing against the evils of capitalism.

What any of this had to do with sharia law is beyond me, but again... check your logic at the door before you enter.

This old Commie rattled on for about 5 minutes and managed digs at everything except the subject at hand.

Sharia law.

They got what they wanted.

They surrounded us. They abused us.

They were starting to get rough and aggressive when Martin called time.

(photo from here*.)

Martin Brennan did an excellent job leading our small group, and he held the line against the pushing and shoving from the socialists, unionists (your dues at work) and uni students.

The enemies of freedom can tell the world that they won, and that's fine.

It doesn't mean that they did.

It just means that they beat up on a bunch of ordinary Australians who were exercising their legislated freedom to say, "We don't want sharia in Australia".

*all other photos taken by nilk.

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At 7:18 AM, Blogger Colonel Robert Neville said...

Hey Nilk:

Yep, Sharia Law sucks! No, really. A nice little round up of the days events and I do believe it is just the beginning of informing the mass of ordinary Australia about the truth of Stealth Jihad.

And thanks to your great efforts, the first seeds are out in the free mediasphere.

Hey, what a great bunch of regular Australian folks our brave little band were and are, to even SPEAK facts in public, and THEN especially against the Marxist union fee sucking parasites of militant leisure such as the MUA, and the radical nihilist and rich leftist creep funded International Socialist Twerp ad nauseum.

I've been thinking of some equipment, organisational, media and tactical ideas to well, destroy the enemies of truth and individual freedom.

Think Bruce Lee, Sun Tzu, Churchill and General Patton!

Hey hey. And jeepers...I'm on the great vlad and the Toob! Thanks, kid. Boy, what a ham!

We shall make more. The wife says get a vid sound camera and create a studio and material etc. No, really. Colonel Neville.

PS. The vladtepes link is not working.

At 9:21 AM, Blogger kae said...

Well done, Nilk. Excellent report!

You're a braver man than I am, Gunda Din!

WV: grate
The thought of an Aus Caliphate certainly does.

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Merilyn said...

You have stood tall nilk, well done.
What Australians must remember that if we were to go to a country that followed the Islamic law, and said as Australians that we would like you tto change your law, for the country we have left, in this case Australian law, we would be laughed out of the country, or maybe arrested as trouble makers.
So why do they think we should change our law to suit them?
Dislike very much when people are called racists for standing up for their rights, by calling people this it is to scare them off, and that is not good.

At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Matt said...

Generally when a person screams racist at someone else's comment what they are doing is taking the high moral ground and saying, "Look at me, I would never dare to think or say such things, I am pure of thought and action". They are trying to subliminally take the heat off themselves and their prejudices.

A very effective tool if you couldn't be bothered winning a debate fairly using fact and carefully crafted argument. Or if you are of the left.

Great article as usual nilk.

At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Julian said...

Colonel Robert..the best tactic.. is the LAW :) which I'm already pushing to use.. (getting the other mob up for riot, affray, offensive behavior and umpteen other charges if possible.

But what would it have been withOUT them eh ???? they kind of made the day for us :) Hope to meet you soon.
Don't forget to write soon please.. I'd like to talk with you. (if u've written I'll check it in a minute)
"GENERAL" Julian (smile)

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone point me to where I can join or donate to the ADL ?

The ADL has a huge future, if it`s kept simple - each time they have a protest, keep saying the same simple message :
-muslims must adopt our way of life
-muslime must accept that women are equal and should be treated that way regardless of what the Koran says
-muslims must accept Christian and Jews are not the offspring of pigs and apes, and are not "the worst of god's creations" as the Koran says
-no halal at KFC, at state funcions, at public schools etc.
-no accommodating sexist practices such as forced segregation
-ban the burka as has been done in some European countries (even though I personally done like bans)

etc etc.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Nilk said...

Anon, feel free to drop me a line at



At 1:33 AM, Blogger Truthiocity said...

Excellent! Next Demo there will be 200! and the Demo after that- 2000!

What's with the socialists acting as hired goons for islamic supremicists all over the english speaking world? I've seen it in NYC first hand and at all those EDL demos.

The ADL needs to confront those leftists and union folks thru the media over the fact that they are behaving like hired pinkertons for people who are as right wing as it is possible to be.

I don't know about the union movent in Australia but the Pinkertons were a security company in the US that was hired by capitalists to bust unions using violence.

You could remind them that after the Islamists in Iran got what they wanted from the leftists they immediately imprisoned and executed them.

At 12:01 AM, Blogger binks said...

Fabulous stuff! Wish I'd discovered you folk earlier!

Cheers, Binks

(also in Melby).

At 5:51 AM, Blogger Nilk said...

Hi, Binks, yes it is indeed fabulous. People are waking up all over to the fact that there's a lot that is not quite right going on and want to take a stand.

The ADL as such is no longer in operation, but we have the Q Society, and the new political party, (Australian Christians are also prepared to make a stand on issues regarding our values and things that are against them. Like Sharia.

At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Mohammed Bin Saeed said...

I praise Allah


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