Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Does Annie Lennox Bring To Your Relationship?

Stay by me,
And make the moment last.
Please take these lips,
Even if I have been kissed
A million times.....

Way back in a previous existence, I absolutely loved this song. Unfortuntely for this song, I still love it, but I now filter it through too many years of reading Roissy, The Spearhead and a bookshelf full of dead trees.

I recently sorted out my cds and put them into folders rather than having several boxes of them stashed in a corner of my bedroom.

Now I can just pick a folder of discs to put under the car seat and I've got even more choice on wheels.

While this is nice - I've got Bach and Vivaldi there - it has also re-exposed me to music I've not listened to in years.

Annie Lennox being a case in point.

Lyn87 has written on The Spearhead today about something he calls "Transactional Relationship Value", or TRV for short.

Basically, it's what do you and your potential new life partner bring to the table. (That's my reading of it).

It's quite a timely article as he posits that feminism has lowered the TRV for modern women, so men should be somewhat more wary when engaging with them.

Why timely? Well, over the last month or so, I've had several of my female friends telling me that feminism and feminists have made it all so much harder for women in general to meet a decent man to settle down with.

The men who have been feminised (emasculated?) at this current stage of our society often don't have respect for women, or they are considered wimps and boys - not men - by women in their lives.

However... there is a recent trend of my friends laying the blame where it deserves to be laid.

That is with 40-odd years of feminism.

The idea that gender is a social construct* rather than a physiological characteristic.

The idea that men and women are "equal", and should be treated the same, when in fact they are physiologically quite different.

The idea that children can get their (male) role models from teachers, Scout leaders, coaches, rather than biologically related men. (Civitas dealt with that one a decade ago.)

The problem with all these ideas is, of course, that they don't work.

All you have to do is look at the complaints about gender-raunch, the over-sexualisation of childhood, and girls behaving badly.

Songs like Annie Lennox's, when you deconstruct them, continue to promote the idea that women can behave any way they choose, and it'll all be okay.

Please take these lips,
Even if I have been kissed,
A million times.

Looking at where feminism has brought us; a time where women are more objectified than ever before and loving it, where women are rarely punished for heinous transgressions, my response now to those lines is:


Why would a bloke want to hang stay with a woman who is asks him to accept that she's been running around kissing every man and his dog?

What does she bring to the partnership? Can she cook? Iron? Change a fanbelt? Does she see things the same way as he does (within reason, biology willing lol)?
And can he be sure that if she gets bored or falls out of love with him she'll try to work it through rather than just run out?

If her lips have been kissed a million times, longevity doesn't seem to be her strong suit.

*please follow this link especially and read the post there. Then read the comments.


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