Thursday, June 23, 2011

Of Capping And Clubbing. "Racists" In The House.

Vlad Tepes posted this video earlier, but it bears revisiting.

I'm a member of the Australian Defence League group on facebook, and the poster mentioned, Australia IsDying happens to likewise be a member. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at this news report, but I honestly found it rather ho-hum.

Those involved with the counterjihad - regardless of what form - get called a racist sooner rather than later purely because of the opinions they express. It doesn't matter if there are facts, and reports, and personal experience to back up these opinions, we're still racist.

Just for the record, islam is not a race!

And so, many people continue to hang back and watch from the sidelines. After all, why get involved when you're only going to get abused?

This is how a fascist state begins, with the silencing of the People.

With legislation here in Australia being remarkably restrictive in terms of public discourse (and even private discourse - ref Andrew Bolt and the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act, the Racial Hatred Act, and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilites Act in the state of Victoria), it's amazing that any opposing views are allowed at all.

Oh how silly of me, they're not, and so 40 people can stand in a public space and say, "By the way, we don't want sharia in our country", and be vilified for it.

Who wants to be on the receiving end of that?

I don't, and I do get tired of being called a fascist, nazi, neo-nazi (which could split the sides of the real hardcore neo-nazi I met a few years back), racist, ignorant bogan. So I just agree with it and then say, "okay, so what's your argument?" Usually there is no argument.

It's not that there's some gigantic conspiracy happening, it's that there are lots of little people who have an unrealised yearning for control. They have very little meaning in their lives, so they find it in groups like the Socialist Alliance, the Unions, the university groups who get out and protest at the drop of a hat rather than studying, and all over facebook.

Sure there will always be undesirable elements in every group -- especially on facebook where you can hide behind anonymity. You can only see what's available there for you to see, unless you go into hacker mode and try to get behind every profile there.

Who has time for that?

Not the politicians. They've got their portfolios to run, their constituents to work for out in the real world. Tehy don't have time to hang out in cyberspace; they have more worthy things to do.

And as for for comments on the ADL facebook group being racist/evil/discriminatory/whatevah - most people don't actually agree with those sort of comments.

Most people also don't comment on facebook groups either. They just look in and see what's happening.

There are a lot of people who do, however, and they are not supportive of Australian culture at all. They would be quite happy, for example, to tattoo 'climate change denier' on the arms or forehead of those who don't agree with AGW, or drag an Andrew Bolt to court because he hurt their feelings, or indeed, wave a screen cap of a mainly anonymous facebook group as a club to your opponents in State parliament when you should be doing the business of the government.

"Racist" has lost its efficacy. Sure it's having the intended chilling effect on some people, but others like myself just say, "yeah and?" It means that real examples of discrimination and abuse based purely upon race are not accorded the attention they deserve, and many, many regular Australians learn that their views are not respected.

All this does is lead to civil unrest of the kind we had at the ADL Melbourne demo when 40 people were surrounded and abused by several hundred opponents while the police effectively did nothing.

Police re-inforcements were requested when it started getting hairy, but they never arrived until it was over.

Two older ladies were physically struck, but that's okay - they're racists, and they obviously deserve it.

Just like politicians in the New South Wales legislature deserve to be pilloried for being "friends" on facebook with someone hiding behind a pseudonym.

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At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Merilyn said...

Good news nilk on Geert Wilders.

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Winston said...

Yes Nilk, I also found it quite disconcerting when the coppers failed to stop the two oldsters from being pushed around. This was the most serious revelation of the day - the police will stand by and let ferals knock around citizens. This inaction can only be politically motivated, so it is obvious we are in a state where the viewpoint of the citizen defines their rights.


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